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  1. Good Morning Parkvale & rory32, Thanks for your advice. I sent a letter without prejudice asking for 2/3rds of my claim - to avoid paying the court fee as I did check and the fee is £80 & I would have to pay. I gave them 14 days to re-credit the account or I would commence proceedings. Now its just a waiting game. Thanks again and will keep you posted!
  2. Update - I declined their offer on 17/07/07 and gave them another 14 days to reply.
  3. Hi there - I seem to be on full flow! I've had charges refunded from Lloyds Mastercard, an offer of half charges from Sainsburys Visa so I'm going for it with the above also. I've just sent my first letter requesting refund of charges today totalling approx. £300 Littlewoods seem quite difficult to deal with on this forum- will keep this one uptodate!
  4. Hi - I am in the process of trying to reclaim charges from Sainsburys Visa. I have a DMP and any refund will be used to reduce the o/s debt but the sequence of events are as follows: October 2005 realised I was in trouble and sent out budget sheets & offers per National Debtline. All my other creditors except Sainsburys accepted my offer. They started to charge fees which total £525.00 and were continualling calling me at home and at work. I wrote to the OFT and had to change my telephone number. I was worried about reclaiming them in case it affected the DMP and that they would started calling me again, but I sent out my first letter to them on 28/02/07 They responded with a letter dated 5/03/07 received on 20/03/07 stating the charges were lawful and no refund was applicable. I sent out a second letter (21/03/07) giving them 14 days or I would commence court proceedings. Letter received Sainsburys dated 11/04/07 saying they will refund half as a gesture of goodwill but I have to sign a full & final settlement form? Is this wise? Can I decline this offer, and ask more? I really don't want to take them to court as I cannot afford the £80 I'm new to all this
  5. Hi there - sorry I haven't replied earlier - I have had a full refund of charges to my cc account with LloydsTSB and have sent of a second letter to Sainsburys Visa
  6. Morning, sorry didn;t reply - went home!! I'm thinking of applying to Lloydstsb Credit Card & Sainsburys bank credit cards - Have a DMP and was wondering whether this would affect the arrangement ?
  7. Hi - thanks for your advice - I love your signature!!!
  8. Thanks for your reply. This site looks realy helpful and once I start my claim I will start a thread! Thanks and well done on your victory!!
  9. Hi there everyone - just joined but have been loking at this site for a while. Hopefully i will be able to reclaim some credit card charges!!
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