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  1. Hi - I am waiting for a response from the court - he completed all the forms including the finance one and sent them in the post. Lucky he had a copy and I sent that one special delivery. He pleaded guilty though. I'll update this when we get a response.
  2. Thank you - I will pass this info on to him! Lets hope he learns his lesson!
  3. Hi - thanks for the replies - he is a silly sod! It states on the summons contrary to Bye Law No 18(2) or the Railway Byelaws made under Section 219 of teh TRansport Act 200 by the Strategic Rail Authroity and confirmed under scedule 20 of the Transport Act 2000 How did you know the nature of the disputed coversation...... The docs say teh fare outstanding is £4 and £105 for prosecution costs.
  4. Hi, My (stupid) 18yr old son has received a court summons for fare evasion (date of offence in Jan 11) at my address. This a bit confusing as he wants to please guilty but the evidence sheet submitted from the train inspector has incorrect/conflicting information contained within it. Basically my son left the family home to live with his father in July last year and has just moved back with me this month. Because of elections/council tax etc. I made sure the relevant authorities (including electoral roll) etc. had his new address details straight away, and any post that came for him to my address I wrote the new address on and put back in the mail. - My son says he lost the penalty notice, and has not received any other documentation. - The evidence sheet has some negative comments on it that he is alleged to have said he disputes this - The inspectors confirms she checked his address and confirmed my address (he only moved back at the begnning of this month and I informed ctax and electoral roll at the begining of last week) - any records should have him at his dad's house - He says he gave my address because he was not getting any mail at his dad's house but didn't tell me about the fare evasion until it came in the post on Friday.. Is there any point in attending a court date to dispute info in the evidence sheet - the main offence is fare evasion and he is unfortunately guilty of this - can we enter this disputed info on the evidence sheet, and the reasons for evasion in the mitigating curcumstances? Its £4 for the ticket and £105 fine - can he pay this before the court date - would this avoid prosecution... He is unemployed at the moment and starting college in September, Any advice would be appreciated. C BTW it was his last day of college and lost his travelcard, he was having probs at his father which is why he has come back home (and is a lot more appreciative now)
  5. Just found out that they are closing the following branches with effect 27/5/10 Blackheath Catford Greenwich Lewisham Peckham Walworth Road Woolwich Thats the majority of South East London .... people who have accounts will have to go to Bromley, Beckenham & Bexleyheath Just for info
  6. I have received a letter from my bank stating that they cannot refund any charges incurred because of a date I say a payment was applied is incorrect. I have received a letter from Asda stating they requested a 'holding' payment and did not request the actual payment until the day of the delivery. ..how do banks know what is a holding payment or an actual payment - it is clear that the payment was applied for on the day before delivery. Any ideas . I will write to Asda again and re-iterate I want the fees refunded back to me .. or do i just get legal advice....
  7. Hi I just started a thread and wondered whether you could clear somthing up - I had an order with Asda and they took the payment the day before the delivery - has this ever happened to anyone on here? Thanks, C
  8. Hi All, I recently did an order from Asda and on their website it clearly states payment will be debited on the day of delivery. So I placed an order for a specific date/ Asda reqested payment to my bank on the day before. I received a text message from them at 10 am on the day before the planned delivery saying that the payment had not gone through - I tried to call them but got no answer (I had to work late that day). I managed to get through on the planned delivery date and they said the payment had gone though - food delivered all ok (day after the text)!Shopping was delivered the next day as ordered. Now I've been hit by £35 fee from Nat West, and another £70 cumulative as other payments I had made had taken me over my limit because of the £35 fee. They confirm the payment was requested on the day before the delivery was due. In fact the charge states the date of the payment request as the day before the delivery. I only use my Nat west acc for internet & shopping so am always ensure there is enough funds - I do not normally pay any charges except int. on my OD. Natwest have refused to refund the charges as they say it is not their error. Asda are stating they took the payment on on the delivery date, and only applied a holding fee of £1. It clearly states on Asda's webpage that payment will be deducted on delivery date. Any ideas where I stand legally here? By the way I've got screen shots of asda's t&c's & the charges from Natwest. Thanks C
  9. Thanks Sidewinder, So my job offer letter which includes a start date, annual sal & increase after 3mths pp, and annual leave, notice during pp and after pp & working times constitues a legal contract? If nothing has been said or advised after my pp ends then I have passed pp by default? they should honour their letter re pay increase? during pp I have to give 2 weeks notice, if they do not honour their letter after pp i can still give them 2 weeks notice rather than 1 calendar month? I appreciate your help - just need to be clear
  10. Hi thanks I suppose I will have to give then the 2 weeks notice also?
  11. Hi there - could anyone help me the following queries: 1) If the period has passed without comment - have you passed your probation? 2) Can this (offer letter) be used in a dispute or tribunal before 12 months employment i.e. without employee rights? 3) Is confirmation job offer including salary & working hours - legal without a contract? 4) If you leave employment in your pp are you entitled to holiday pay - leave accrued not taken? I have just started employment and am under a 3 month pp, which once passed I will recieve an increase in annual salary? this is confirmed in my offer letter but have not recieved a contract - been there 7 weeks now. A current colleague has advised me that she was on similar terms, (offer letter) and when she passed her pp date she asked them 3 days after about her pay increase - they organised a meeting and 1 week later told her she had not passed, extended her pp, and since then have not advised her if she has passed it - she has now been employed for over 12 months - is she entitled to her pay increase now? I am concerned by the above - they may try the same thing with me and also I do believe after working with this girl for 2 months that she is clearly capable of her role! In my offer letter it also states 2 weeks notice either side - I have been offered another job elsewhere and am inclined to take this - would I legally have to give them 2 or 1 weeks notice? Any advice/information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lost24
  12. Have amended it as follows: - Regarding the above mentioned account, I hereby formally request under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 you provide me with copy of the alleged agreement and a statement of account to date substantiate your data. Please therefore supply me with a true copy of the original agreement, and a statement of account. You will appreciate that this is my right and your legal obligation under the legislation contained within section 77 (1) and section 78 (1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. This is a statutory obligation under section 189 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Please find enclosed my £1 statutory fee, this fee is not to be offset against any alleged debt. I look forward to receipt of the above items within 12 working days.
  13. How about this: - I am presently striving to organise my personal information and despite having sent 6 request letters you have not responded with the requested information.. Please therefore supply me with a true copy of the original agreement. You will appreciate that this is my right and your legal obligation under the legislation contained within section 77 (1) and section 78 (1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I also understand that it is your obligation to provide me with a statement of account and I look forward to receiving that as well. Again, this is you will appreciate a statutory obligation under section 189 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Please find enclosed my £1 statutory fee, this fee is not to be offset against any alleged debt. I look forward to hearing from you within 12 working days. What do you think?
  14. Hi thanks 42man! Two questions though 1) Why shouldn't I sign it? 2) The debt is being paid by my DMP direct to Halifax, no DCA involved - shall I just delete the referring paragraph? Thanks
  15. Hi I have a loan with the above which was due to finish last year, I am on a DMP and as it was up for its annual review & I had to write to my creditors to ensure payments were received & get an uptodate balance. Halifax are being difficult - I first wrote to them on 1st June 2007 and todate have not received an adequate reply - they kept sending an automated letter whcih had 2 amounts on it totalling more than I actually owe so I wrote asking for clarification. Their reply asked for a large amount of oney within 28 days or they would issue a DN against my credit file. Which letter can I send can which gives them the least time to reply, and the balance of my account. I think it may be CCA request but am unsure - if anyone knows could they post a link?? Thanks,
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