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  1. Wrote to thr YB threatening court action within 7 days. Had a reply today as follows: I refer to your recent letter and as requested I have reopened the complaint and a further review is being undertaken. My understanding of the further issues you have raised are as follows: • initial complaint not fully investigated • no refund of charges levied to the account I hope to respond to your complaint shortly, at the latest within the next four weeks once I have had the opportunity to review the above. Please be assured that every effort is being made to bring your c
  2. thanks Zebbydog. You would have thought that the YB would have learned that they are not going to win and save themselves some time and money by just paying up.
  3. Hi All, Just started to try and recover my back charges from the YB totaling £1577.10 including statutory interest. Wrote to them asking for the money back and have recieved a prompt reply from them, they wrote back within 3 days of my inital letter. A standard looking letter, that outlines their terms and conditions, points out that the charges are fair, gives details of ther internal complaints procedures, threatens a counter claim should I proceed with court action and tells me they are unwilling to pay back my charges. I'm about to write back threatening court action if I do not
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