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  1. Oh, BtW, there isn't a conf clause on it. It simply says that I should understand that it is unlikely that I would be awarded a further sum even if the test case indicates that I could e entitled to larger amount. That is what was causing me concern... that I would unwittingly agree to the full claim being settled. Thanks again.
  2. That's fab, cheers mate, I feel like I should be payin yer!!!
  3. Hey there, With ref to above, I have prepared a letter accepting partial settlement and would like to know what you think: NatWest Customer Response Services Unit, The Cornerstone, 60 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh. EH12 9WF. 11th August 2007 Sort Code: xxxxxx Acct No: xxxxxxxxx Dear Mr Higley, Thank you for your correspondence related to the above account. In response, I would like to accept your goodwill offer, the sum representing the full amount of the claim on the account xxxxxxxx, your ref xxxxxxxx. Accordingly, I enclose the settlement form and trust
  4. Yes, but they keep responding separately to each account.On one account they have offered a full settlement but on the other they have only offered About 25%. In the terms of acceptance, (i.e. box 1) they state; "I understand that acceptance means that it is unlikely that I/we would be awarded a further sum even if the test case indicate that I/we could be entitled to a potentially larger amount." As I have rec'd this form for both accounts I'm tempted to accept the offer for the full amount of one and amend my claim. However, I'm worried that ticking box 1 would mean that I'm fore
  5. Does that mean that I reduce the amount of my claim to the charges for just the one account?
  6. Hey there. Can I run something by you... I am running two accounts with the Natwest and when i recieve correspondance from them I get it twice; once for each account. In this case I have rec'd two goodwill offers, one for each account. One of them is for the full amount, the other for a paltry sum. Could I accept the offer on the first account and continue to pursue the other? I presume in this case I would need to inform the court and complete an amendment form. What do you think of this as an idea?
  7. Morning everyone, I have today rec'd a letter from NATWEST offering me a settlement of £1300, (my case is for £2300 inc fees). This is the second time this has been offered. The letter includes the following: "We have asked the FSA to suspend the normal timetable for dealing with bank charges complaints, and the FSA has agreed to this request subject to conditions that proect your rights." It goes on to make the offer, then at the end it says; "Once the legal proceedings between the OFT and the banks finish, we will resolve your complaint as quickly as possible and apply the (
  8. thanks everyone. will wait it out and prepare for the hearing - its a bit like LA law... except they were all lawyers and I'm not.
  9. you too. I've spotted a few people contacting the banks to see if they'll settle prior to the hearing. There are a few suggested letters about. What do you think?
  10. Hi Steven, I've also noticed that others in the same position are approaching the banks to try to force settlement prior to the prelim hearing. Is this worth a go? There are some suggested letters on the site along the lines of saving the court time etc. Waddya think? Thanks for all yer help BtW. Feels very scary without it!!!
  11. Hi Steven, Its a prelim hearing. I got a "AQ should be dispensed with..." response from the transferring court and have rec'd this prelim hearing date. I have the "Got a court date? later stages" thread to help me. However, other threads seem to indicate that I should be filing a draft directions thingy and possibly ringing the court to offer to pay £100. Is the money to pay for allocation to small claims and do I need to pay it? I'm a bit confused suddenly...
  12. Hi Glensorie, Nice to see another Duki resident batting for the little guy! I'm up on Yew Tree lane. I have also rec'd a hearing date for 21st Sept. I didn't respond to the order and got the hearing response anyway. I see that your hearing is at 10.00... mine is at 2pm, maybe you could let me know how it went. My thread is linked here... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/96430-iainlinsdell-natwest.html
  13. Hi everyone, Very interesting to read about the success in Hull. Really brilliant news for the 'strikeout' claims. Also, the info supplied by zootscoot was good reading, but its put me in a bit of a quandry... I have followed procedure as per the site and am now awaiting my day in court, (21st Sept). cobbetts filed a defence which picked holes in my POC and I responded by clarifying my position to them and the court by sending them both a more detailed schedule. There has been no news from the court about a stay pending the test case. My quandry is whether I need to amend my POC in light of
  14. Hi everyone, Can I ask you if I have missed a cobblers trick? Along with their defence they sent me a CPR18 request which I have responded to by telling them that I don't need to respond and also sending a letter to the court re vexatious litigation etc. Howerver, upon closer reading it says; CPR18 in accordance with CPR 27.3... what is this "27.3" and does this mean any different response was required? I haven't rec'd a court date yet but the deadline Cobblers set for resonse was the 5th July. any thoughts...?
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