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  1. in the post today i gt a letter telling me they are settling the smaller claim, the one i got paid for yesterday, AND the large 4900 + interest & costs! 6300 should be paid into my account later next week!!!!! the letter states on purley commercial terms, and without liability!! if you have sent all your letters correctly, and issued your claim form right (i thought i had done mine wrong, but they have taken my figures off my letters before action) then you shouldnt have any problems. email me privately if you need any copies.... ASH
  2. yes, i had issued a claim on 2 accounts, one 3rd Jan, one 5th jan which were due to expire on the 22nd and 24th respectively. they initially acknowledged both on the 15th, claiming that they were going to defend, giving them until the 2nd feb to do so. checked my accoutn balance today (as i got paid) and low and behold, paymetn on the 2nd claim, including 8% interest, and 120 mcol fee! i cocked up i think on the bigger claim (4900) as i didnt include the interest on my MCol claim form (over a grand) so if they do pay up, that will peeve me slightly, but i will be chuffed to get 5
  3. smaller of the 2 claims paid today - no letter, just bank credit! hurray, now, lets wait for the other...
  4. hi y'all, i have two calims running against our friends HBOS, one claim issued for £4900 2/1/7 the other claim issued for £1010 3/1/7 they have acknowledged both calims, and have stated tehy intend to defend the claim in full. Does anyone have any experience of them defending? i have our company barrister on my side, so hopefully they will see sense! any words of wisdom will help! ash
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