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  1. hi again reading last post, so i write to bt asking for dpa statements and with moorcroft, should i ask for a breakdown af account first to see what the ammount was when they first recieved this debt and also the ammount i have paid since? or should i just wait for the statements from bt first??? i am really sorry for sounding stupid!!!!!!
  2. hello after reading a few of the posts i am still a little confused lwith bt for a while until change of job ect, etc and so couldnt afford to pay my bill and so it was passed on to moorcroft after ignoring a couple of letter ( naughty me!!!! ) i have now got a moorcroft collector knocking on for the money the ammount moorcroft are collecting is £507 and i pay them £5 a week the problem i have now is i have found a bt bill with the sum of £406 and at the side of this bill it says that this is my final bill and that any charges from previous bill s is included upto the closing date of acco
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