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  1. hello can anyone help!!!! im just in the process of filing n1 form against argos but my problem is moorcroft my first letter to them was to tell them that my argos account was in dispute with the issue of penalty charges and that i was in the process of getting statements (well i was just waiting for my last one before my n1) I never heard anything from them until 3 weeks later when i recieved a notice of intended litigation letteri then replied back to them with a copy of my last letter to them plus updating them with the fact that i had recieved statements in question and then told th
  2. can anybody help please with previous questions!!!?????
  3. hello just wondering if anyone can help with my questions with the last post i wrote??????????? how do i word that i would like to be paid by cheque in my 14 day lba?????? any help would be grateful!!!!!
  4. hello im just about to sort out my lba letter to RBoS, i just want some advice on (if possible?) if i can say that i would like to be paid by a cheque and not to the account which i still owe just over £2000. And if that IS possible how would i word it in the lba letter????? :confused: i had been paying a dca money every month to gradually clear this debt but since putting the account in dispute the dca has now passed it back to RBoS and so when sorted i would like to continue with this payment plan that i had previously. would love some help and advice with this please!! also
  5. hello can someone help answer my question. i am in the process of claiming back penalty charges (just waiting on statements) and as i looked throw my file of letters i came across my capital one letters and one of the letters says 'Thank you for your interest in our pp insurance' now i dont ever remeber enquiring about this ppi , to be honest i didnt even relise i had agreed to this or even asked about it plus i only know what this is now that i have read things on this web site!!!!! And so my question are :- can i stop this policy?? :confused: Can
  6. hello just a couple of questions!!! i have sent prelim letter asking for charges back, if your account is with their debt management team and they (let say!!!!) agree to refund charges can u request for the payment to be sent to you by cheque or would it be used to reduce your debt with them?????? do we have any say in the matter???? i did pay a debt collecting company and had been paying them for a couple of years until i put the account into dispute (in which the dca company wrote back telling me that they had returned the debt to the rbos) and so can i s
  7. hello im interested in the same as you i have a thread about this as well (moorcroft adding £12 to send a letter) and i to is questioning whether we can claim these back i am sending a cca request to moorcroft also getting a final statement for argos (as thats who mine is with) to see if these 12 pounds have been added on to my account and if so i am gonna try and claim these back along with late charges penalties and also overlimit charges,
  8. i know moorcroft buys debts because they bought another one of my debts from bt.i know this as i phoned bt who confirmed the ammount of my final bill plus told me that moorcroft had bought the debt i am querring the ammount they are asking as my last final bt bill was £400 and when moorcroft wrote to me it was just over £500 :???:
  9. sorry i dont think that they have bought the debt from the company as at the top of the letter it says ' we are agents of Argos and work with them to collect payment against uncleared accounts' so do you think i should still send a cca request to them ???i have not paid any thing to them yet but made a payment straight to argos
  10. well i was just thinking about charges, i recieved a letter from moorcroft and now at the bottom of my letter it says 'please note that we have had to resort to sending this letter and as per the terms and conditions of your agreement we have added £12 to the above balance' i have had previous letters from them that never said that until recently !!!!!!!! so what is this all about are they unlawful penalties from the dca????????/ any more help or views on this subject would be helpful
  11. hello and sorry to sneak into this post!!!!!! but is this true??? that you can claim your charges that you get from the debt collecting agencies?????? i have been charged in the past some big charges and some small charges ex: moorcroft add £12 pound each time they send a letter!! so if this is really true could i claim these £12 charges back????????????
  12. i put halifax plc trinity road address as the defendants is that the right address??????? when i took the 3 copies of n1 forms in the lady at small claims kept all 3 was that right?? also what do i do now thanks
  13. can anybody help i have typed up my form now it may sound silly but in the part of particulars of claim 5a do i enter the total ammount in which i am claiming????? 5. Accordingly the Claimant claims: a) the return of the amounts debited in respect of charges in the sum of £ ??????????? (here) and any interest charged thereon; thanks
  14. hello can anybody help!!! i am just about to claim back my charges from RBoS and as it went to debt collectors i am unsure which chgs i can claim now i know that i can include unpaid items plus card misuse plus refferal charges but looking on one of my statements i have an 'IBP Card recovery' in which they have charged me £125.00 . now my problem is do i include this or not. also i have chg that say 'Chg to 12 feb £20.00' etc am i right in deducting the £5.00 royalties charge away from this and how would i show this in my breakdown of charges form to the bank any help would be mos
  15. so , IF, i was to phone how and what would i say not hopeless at starting the conversation
  16. has any body else tried phoning up before going to the court to claim?????
  17. hello just been reading a few posts and a few people have phoned up the halifax just before thay apply to the courts for there charges back!!! i have sent my lba letter on the 21st december i got a reply back yesterday the usual letter 'sorry to to hear unhappy with charges ,etc,etc' the 14 days are up on the 5th january and thats when im going to send the n1 form to courts, My question is has any body else tried this procedure of phoning the bank before going to the courts with the n1 for charges ???? and if so what do you have to do and say???????? And what was the out
  18. just to check is a 'S A R' request the same as a data protection letter??? Sorry might be a daft question!!!! does anybody know the correct address do i send it to littlewoods finance company 100 old hall street liverpool l701ab or the kershaw avenue crosby l/pool l72 8sl
  19. hello can any body help??? i had an index store card and have recieved letters from moorcroft wanting the money now im in the process of sending them a cca letter saying that i dont acknowledge the debt until they send me all relievent info (signed agreement etc) but what do i do next do i send index card a dpa letter or does my cca letter cover that i have read other threads but still confused can any one tell me right the step by step guide for the right proceedure and am i doing right by sending moorcroft a cca letter anybody????????? thanks
  20. can anybody help with last question?????? thanks
  21. hello again ive had no reply as of yet with moorcroft over account but ive been thinking , about my letter i sent them should i just wait now for a reply or should i send them a cca letter with a postal order of a pound as i never actually said in my letter that i require the deed of assignment (ithink that is what its called ) when moorcroft bought the debt from bt?????? Just worried i have not covered all my options !!!!!! also im sending off for all my bills from bt as well to check charges have i done it right any body help
  22. hi whats this about dca companys ??? i dont understand what its about!!! is it that the companyies arent registered and so then they cant go after you for debt????
  23. thanks for advice no one has come knocking tonight which is strange but then again there is always tomorrow!!!!!! i sent the letter before the last reply but did change it slightly again before sending, just another quick question that has been playing on my is that i know moorcroft they bought the debt from bt! should moorcroft send me some kind of letter etc to say that they had bought the debt and if so then would i of neededd to have a new contract of somekind with the actual debt company like i did with bt?, i have read some more of the threads but is quite confusing!!!!!!!! an
  24. I have wrote a letter to dca (moorcroft) about disputing the ammount can anybaody please check this to see if i have included all the right information please Moorcroft group PO Box 17 2 Spring Gardens Stockport Cheshire SK1 4AJ 21st December 2006 Dear Sir/Madam MOORCROFT REF ACCOUNT NUMBER: 005 CUSTOMER ACCOUNT REF: MR 1234 BT DISPUTE AMMOUNT OF DEBT OF £507.43 I am writing to inform The Moorcroft group, that I am disputing the amount of debt with the above account, the reason for putting this account into dispute are because I believe the
  25. update i have just phoned bt who confirmed that moorcroft has bought the debt of them and that the final bill from bt was definatly £406 and so i know definatly that moorcroft has added £101 pounds to my debt so know do i write a letter to moorcroft asking them for my SAR request , what else should i do or need to do?????????? anybody with any advice please on my next stage!!!!!! thanks
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