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  1. hello reddeath i hope you dont mind me jumping in your post, first of all congrats on your win!!!! i am about to prepare my court action and after reading your thread, i would like to ask for admin costs with all the hours of work i have put into this claim but i am unsure exactly what i can claim for and exactly how much i could claim back? and also i see you claimed compensation of £100 !! and was wondering could i claim back this for all the stress etc for cap one adding these charges and all the hassel it has caused? When did you add these costs on was it in your lba letter
  2. hi sorry its me , just to answer the question, i got my statements for free, i rang up customer services who then sent out my statements some were missing but the lady on the phone knew this and said she would contact help desk and then send them to me , hope this helps
  3. hi bp Was just finding out all the info, because as money is tight at the moment i know the court costs arent the cheapest so now i will have to start saving up for the fees, lol for the n1 cost and looks like the AQ cost aswell:o :o :o :o
  4. hi in the end i just used vamps spreadsheet 13 and didnt bother with thr interest on the charges if you get what i mean i dent letter today, so we will see soon see how they reply!!!
  5. hello sent off my prelim letter and got standard reply then sent off my lba letter, and got 2 more standard letter saying they still looking in to the complaint, the 14 days are up on friday! What is the standard procedure with abbey national, do they always take it to the end or should i say close to the end before paying out???? Has anybody won without filing in court or is this standard way to win I have read lots of threads in which people file in court and then they defend , then have to file in AQ's and prepare court bundle and then just before court date , abbey giv
  6. hello hope you dont mind me jumping in your post!!! im just in the process of sending my claim to them, i recieved my statements from kathryn cross and some was missing but with my statements there was a letter saying that she has requested missing statements from there helpdesk???? can ask how much your claiming from them and if that includes cc interest as im considering whether to claim this aswell my claim is only a little one in which the charges are £59 upto now from the statements ive got, from 2001 until it closed in2004??
  7. Has Anyone Won Their Claim With Contractual Compound Interest??????? If So, Please Feel Free To Share The News!!!! Alot Of Us On Here I See (me Especially!!!) Are Wondering How People Have Got On Plus It Would Just Be Helpful If People Could See These All In One Place!!! If That Is Possible Thanks
  8. hello im just about ready to send my prelim letter, could anyone check that it is ok to send!!!!! Here is my prelim letter My request I am writing to ask you to refund to me the charges which you have levied from my account since May 2004. I now understand that the regime of fees which you have been applying to my account in relation to Late payments, exceeding overdraft limits and so forth are unlawful at Common Law, Statute and recent consumer regulations. If you say that they are not, then will you please demonstrate this by letting me have a full breakdown of the costs
  9. hello im just having a quick play around on vamps spreadsheet 16 now where it says 'statement balance' (G16), is that the final balance after everything has been taken out?? or is it the balance before everything has been taken??? also if my card has a limit of £200.00 but my balance says £213.20 how would i enter the ammount in G16, would it be £213.20 or -£13.20?????? Also where it says 'Amount of balance paid during the subsequent month' is that what i HAVE paid upto statement date or is it the ammount i have paid the following month??? which spreadsheet are you using kash
  10. How Do I Work Out What Interest I Have Paid That Month, Do I Just Get The Penalty Charge And Then Add 2.207 % E.g Statement Date 11th Nov 2004 6th Nov 2004 Pen Chg £20.00 Monthly Purchase Charge Is 2.207% And So Monthly Interest Would Be £0.44 On That Pen Charge Am I Right By Doing It That Way ???????? I Have Got All My Statements But I Cant Work Out How To Use Vamps Spreadsheet 16!!!!!!! Just Want To Make Sense Of All This Interest Thing Before Startin My Claim With Cap One!!!!!!! Because If I Cant Work Out The Ammount I Come To Then There Is No Point
  11. Thanks For The Letter!!! Would You Be Able To Check My Spread Sheet For Me Please!!!!!!!! ALSO WAS IT CONTRACRUAL COMPOUND INTEREST YOU CHARGED???
  12. hello can some one please explain the difference between the contractual interest and the contractual compound interest please??? The more i read the more confused i become!!!!!!! How do i Find out the ammount of interest on my penalties charged???? I have used vamps no.13 spreadsheet which i beleive is compound interest anybody any help
  13. :-? hello can anyone please check my spreadsheet please??? And if anyone can help how do i send it to them???:-? :-? :-? have i filled it out properly, etc I have used vamps 13 template to work out my penalty charges plus 29.94% interest that was quoted on my aggreement, is that right?? my charges start from nov 2004 until present day charges £252.00 plus 29.94% interest £95.43 = ££347.43 sorry for all the questions just want to make sure im doing this contractual interest thing right!!!:-? :-? thanks
  14. hello sorry to join in but is there a prelim letter that i could use with my claim against cap one with contractual interest??? im not sure how to word the letter!!!! or may pinch the words you used on your prelim letter!!!! Any help would be greatful, thanks!!
  15. hello thanks for the reply reidnet, ok i have got all the ppi payments down on my spreadsheet so i know need to add the correct interest to each payments is that right??? At the moment i have used vamps spreadsheet 13 and changed the interest part to 29.94% ???????? I have been on the cap one web site for there interst rate and it says 34.94% but on my credit agreement it only states 29.94% under the purchase and balance transfer under the heading _ 'financial and related particulars' so would i be right in thinking that i am right in using 29.94% or should it be 34.94% ??????
  16. well finally got capital card statements etc etc today and noticed on the aggreement that there is no mention of a ticked box for ppi ??? but like i said in a previous message i did get a letter saying thank you for your request!!!! I wrote to cap one and cancelled my ppi the same time i sent the sar (well i put this letter in the same envelope and they cancelled it straight away) so where would i go from here????? ????? :???: :???:
  17. hello im helping my brother with his claim against abbey and he was wondering if he could request being paid by cheque if he win the claim???? could he put it in his poc part of the n1 form ???? He has been paying a debt collector £50 a month to clear this debt and so i asked him to phone abbey to ask if they still owned the debt or have moorcroft (who he is paying back!) had bought it and the lady from abbey replied 'well sort of!!!!????????' and couldnt tell him anything else!! how else can he find out this info?? sorry for all the questions and any help most appre
  18. i got the same letter!!!!!! then i got another letter a few days later saying that theydont have the cca on this ocassion and passed the debt back to the original company!!!!!
  19. UPDATE Moorcroft sent another letter days later saying that in this instance they are unable to produce cca and have now returned the debt to original company (meaning BT!!) so what will happen now???
  20. hello im just in the process of starting my credit card claim and was just wondering what the repayment cover fee is ?????? is it the same as PPI but just a different name and if so can you cancel these 'repayment cover' fees?????? Any help greatful!!!!!!!!!!
  21. hello After sending RBoS my prelim letter and my 14 day letter i recieved an off of just over £900 just over £100 short of of the £1100 charges. My question is my debt with them is just under £2500 and with this offer would make it roughly £1600 as i am having financial dificulites, how am i best trying to get this debt wiped (if posible!!!!)or getting them to realise that it would take forever to repay, as after doing my financial statement leaves me with about £2.50 per week to pay to them and accept my offer of £2.50. What would be my best plan of action with this?? shoul
  22. albbyswife


    Hello ive just filed my claim against argos and was wondering if anybody else hasclaimed against argos and what was the outcome of thier claim????? Also what is the procees order in the way argos deal with these claims?? All information will be greatly appreciated!!!!! thanks
  23. recieved a reply from moorcroft to my cca saying that they will contact their client and ask for the information as quickly as possible and then the letter continues with that :- ''they think it would be of assistant to all parties if we also take this opportunity to ensure that any potential areas of dispute are addressed prior to any possible court action or further investiagation. please could you give an indication of the information you will be providing, when giving evidence to the court or providing information to the relevant statutory authorities in relation to the alleged subje
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