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  1. does anybody know of halifax customer relations email address please???? thanks
  2. hi I cca the both of them moorcroft was mithering for money so i wrote back to them and said i would not pay them any money and that i would pay Argos direct!! I recieved my statements from argos and then claimed back my charges, Took them to court and they paid up easily enough and they payed me by a cheque which was a surprise!!! As i owed them money!!!! I now just pay them £5 a month (straight to Argos) and have had no threatening letter since (touch wood!!) I owed them about £300 pounds and my charges where only about £150
  3. hello does anybody know, if on a business account, i can claim back the refferal charges i have been charged or is it just the d/d and s/o and cheque return charges ???? Also can i claim back FAC Fee RE: overdraft ??
  4. hello Well , I have WON!!!!! I recieved my letter from them on tuesday 19 june saying they have credited my card and will send remainder in a cheque within 14 days!!! My question is how long does it actually take for them to send the cheque??? Are they good with sending them out or will it be a case of chasing them up?? I have not cancelled my court claim yet as I will do that as soon as cheques comes (if it comes!!)
  5. hi everyone Well there was a delay in sending in my n1 form to the courts as it got returned!!! Forgot to check that i had put my full name in also had to do a remission form (i think that was called) to reduced the ammount the i had to pay to the courts So now a little later than planned, it is now underway !!!!!! It was deemed served on the 1st june 07, and the defendant has to reply by the 15th of june. Today i recieved a court letter to say that Capital One has filed an Acknowledgement of service and that they intend to defend all of my claim, My questions is now,
  6. hello just reading threw your thred any more news about ycc?????
  7. hello im not to sure but i think i would use vamps spread sheet number 13, that one is for simple c.i on credit cards and so i would presume that store cards work the exact same way!!!!! hope this is some use for you and good luck
  8. hELLO would you put the refund ammount in the interest coloumn or would you put it in the charges coloumn?????
  9. hi doo I have already told cap one about CI in my prelim and my Lba, and just got to file in court (which i will do today after work!) i just wanted to make sure about adding the SAR and the cost of six letters i have sent to them already and was wondering if i could claim this back?? I was thinking of adding the costs as follows : 6 d) Additional Cost:- SAR payment £10.00, 6 Letters (1st class [email protected]£1.50 £9.00, Total £19.00.
  10. I think if im not mistaken you have to resend your lba letter to state that you would like CCI i dont think you can just apply it to your N1 court claim!! I stated that CCI is what i intend to claim right from the beginning with my Prelim letter and then again with my LBA letter!! Maybe a mod could just clarify this???
  11. thank you doo for your help!!!! How do i Show my part refund?? or do i not put that in my POC??? Can I claim for costs of postage, paper, ink, etc plus can i claim back my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) fee that i paid for my statements???? If so Do i just put 6 d) Additional costs SAR Payment £10.00 Postage £0.00 Ink £0.00 Paper £0.00 Total amount £0.00 :???:
  12. sorry not sure what you would put sorry i cant help you:( !!!!
  13. i used vamps spreadsheet 13 for my cap one claim!!!! which spreadsheet are you trying to fill in??
  14. hello can anybody help me with my N1 court form please not sure on what to put down on the form or if anybody else has claimed against cap one with CI would it be possible to see what they have put down in their form or any advice on how to word my P O C ,please???? Also how i recieved a part payment of a third of the charges and dont know how to enter this on my form!!!! One more question, can i claim back my SAR payment, and postage costs ink and paper costs?????? Sorry for all the question and to sound dumb but my head isnt working very well today!!!!!!!!
  15. hi No the part refund does not cover the charges as it was only a third of the ammount of the charges I sent back a letter to say that i would only accept this ammount as part payment and would continue claim for the remaing ammount
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