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  1. Caz, i think what Robin refers to on closer inspection is the fees that have been added on the 18/06 a fee for attendance plus van call has been charged, this is clearly exessive and not right, you DO have a case here too, hopefully TT will assist you where necessary!
  2. Indeed you are correct its either an attendance fee or a van call fee not both, however as Caz has explained she was never in when bailiffs turned up, also As you rightly say and i agree we only have the bailiffs word for the fact that these visits occured in the first place, however i know all our vehicles do have trackers on them and are checked regularly..
  3. My apologies if you took it that way it was not intentional, Anyway in my opinion it was still good advice one which i still feel you should take, but thats your choice. kind regards Kermit
  4. Caz parking charge fees differ very slightly to council tax fees, ie vat and things come in to it, as for the wording used an attendance fee should mean just that, ie they have been ie first and second visit, attendance to remove equals a ( van call ) As for not going to the CAB fair enough and i know TT's advice is good advice, Is TT going to assist you with a complaint though??
  5. NO IM NOT INVOLVED, i have never come across this case and have NO knowledge of it what so ever!! In fact i rarely venture in to Torquay.
  6. Whats rude about my post, its a perfectly good bit of advice, but hey if you dont want it then fight your own battle and good luck my friend
  7. Caz take the recordings to the CAB and ask their opinion, in some cases the CAB have good solicitors on board that might be prepared to take the case on, the very fact of what the bailiff had to say to you was diabolical and very unprofessional, i would even go as far as to say harrasment. The fees as far as i can see are pretty much statute for parking unless of course these visits were not done, however this would be hard to prove, personally i would just go for the bailiff and try and get his ticket revoked, People like this should not be allowed to represent the councils!! Good luck and please let us know if you go the CAB
  8. Do you honestly think a bailiff would post the WPO through th letterbox for you to examine?????????? Dont be daft, however my advice would be to call the police and have them examine it in your presence, this they would have to do, that way you kill 2 birds in one stone, if its an illegal levy you can make the complaint straight away!!! Good luck
  9. You really are a [EDIT] Silly Billy, TC, oh yeah i forgot your an ex bailiff yourself arn't you, that explains your bullyboy tactics then hey. lol Dont take it personally its said with tongue in cheek Let me assure you TC i know my rights but im not totally infallable afterall i am human and my limited powers so you can sleep tonight safe in that knowledge, happy days oh and by the way i am trying to find out the info about the tools of the trade and the £150 and IF i find im wrong then as an adult i will apologise as afterall im only human and was taught by what i considered one of the best but if i am right then i hope humble pie will be forthcoming from thyself too as we all know things are not quite black and white in the bailiff industry and YES i will admit a lot needs to change!! Now until such times as we prove differently lets try and be amicable and let these good people get their information without having to endure our ramblings, once i know my answer i will start a new thread, how about it TC??? Ball back in your court.
  10. Im quite sure the vehicle should not have been taken on the first visit anyway unless of course you point blank refused to pay????
  11. Oh how you make me larf, but yes im in agreeance with 1 thing lets get this back on track and allow the op to have the board back, happy days
  12. Did they take the car on the first visit or did you have previous correspondence from the bailiffs???
  13. Like i said i DIDN'T imply anything its only because im a bailiff that you lot get the knives out, If i were not to of admitted to being a bailiff your responses to my posts would be much different, you see the trouble here is that SOME of you on here are just as bad the very people you seem to have a problem with and call them bullies, In my honest opinion all most of you on here have done is try to bully me with your ramblings and slanderous remarks just because im a bailiff, however i too am big and enough and ugly enough not to be intimadated so easily Great isn't it Again i repeat you read in to the post what you want it to read and not what it states, some of you are very unwell people. As for the original poster please keep us informed
  14. Exactly why i say its highly unlikely to happen to this poster but as per the norm you choose to ignore that fact!! Hope the poster does get this sorted soonest and im sure the council will get back to you soonest, in the mean time advise the bailiff company what you have done in writing and ask if they can put the account on hold for a while to allow a response from the council, they should oblige!!
  15. Indeed and i too am also only giving the poster FACTS, and i repeat it would be most unlikely for the op to be arrested, again just pointing out what Torbay do in some instances and we all know of one such lady whom was and convicted!!!!!!!!!! Now try and tell me im just scare mongering, IT WAS IN THE NATIONAL PRESS FOR LONG ENOUGH!! Fact not fiction!!!!!!!! The difference being that this poster wants to pay and this clearly goes in their favour!!
  16. There you go again reading in to it what you want to read in to it, you lot are boreing me now!!!!!
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