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  1. As your wife is getting benefits would she not be able to get Legal Aid? I know it's not her that is being made bankrupt but she will most likely have to move if they force the sale of the house. So there no one in your area that does any Pro Bono work? http://www.barprobono.org.uk/
  2. I have been down this road before, had about £30,000 in unsecure debts and I was in a DMP with the CCCS, who were very good at dealing with most of my creditors. I was in the DMP for a total of two and a half years but after one year the Halifax started to demand more money and started to charge the interest and late payment fees again. After a few months all of the money paid into the DMP was basically eaten up by the interest and late fees from the Halifax. My situation got a lot worse at the end of last year so I decided to file for bankruptcy in April of this year. Personally for me this was the best thing I have done and I should have done it a long time ago! Most of the letters demanding money have stopped, I still get the odd one now and again but I haven’t had one in a long while. Nobody has come to my house looking to take anything and the OR has been very good, even let me keep my car as I need it to get to work. The hardest part about filing for bankruptcy is sorting out the paper work and finding the money to pay of it. Going to court is the easiest part! Telling your creditors on the phone that you are bankrupt when they are asking for more money is the best part!
  3. Hi all, I went bankrupt in April of this year and since then I have been on a nil tax code. I have worked out how much tax I should me paying and keeping it aside but no one has contacted me yet to ask for it. Who will be asking for it? How long does it take for them to ask for this tax back? What happens if I’m discharged from the bankruptcy before they ask for it back? Thanks!
  4. I thought that this maybe the case. Does anyone have a reference to this law so that I can quote it to them in my letter? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I was declared bankrupt in April of this year, I wrote to all of my creditors telling them but Halifax just doesn’t seem to get it! They have used all the usual DCA, "Cap Quest", “Blair Oliver and Scott” and “Robinson Way Limited”. I have wrote to each of them each time they send me a letter demanding re-payment, but it just seems that they keep passing the account on to someone else, it seems that the account is now back with the Halifax at the moment. I’m going to write to them again but I was looking to know if they are breaking any laws or banking codes by demanding money from me even though I have notified them that I’m bankrupt. Some nice legal quotes would be nice! Can I, and would it be worth the while, to complain to the FOS or someone? Thanks!
  6. I think the first step you need to take is to contact your creditors, in writing, and explain your situation. You could enter into a DMP with them, even if its just temporary until you decide what to do next. It will give you some breathing room and even allow for you to put some money away to pay for the bankruptcy if you choose to go ahead with it. Do you have any assets? Would your job be effected by going bankrupt?
  7. I was in a DMP with the CCCS for two and half years, never had any problems with them. All of the money I paid them went to my creditors.
  8. It's best that you write to them and explain the situation to them. Tell them what options you are considering and that you need time to seek advice. It maybe a good idea to just send them a token payment each month, usually something small like one pound each. Only communicate in writing and never on the phone. Keep all letters that they send and keep a record of all letter that you send to them.
  9. How long have you had the loans for? You must have paid off some of it, depending on how long you have been paying it. You should write to each creditor and ask them how much is left to pay off if you were to settle early. You maybe surprised by how much is actual left to pay.
  10. IF you have a good credit record then I would strongly advise not to go down the BR road. Have you considered the possibility of re-financing your loans? If you do you a good credit record it might be better to look for a loan with a lower APR than your current loans and pay them off.
  11. Depends on how busy the court is at the time. When I filed at the court for my BR it took about two weeks to get my court date. Once you go to court, and if everything is in order, the judge should adjudge you bankrupt, effective immediately. Do you have an estimate of how much your council tax is? I wouldn't worry about it being 100 percent accurate, just as long is you list it in your SOA. Not to put a dampener on things but even after I have been declared BR'ed I still get the odd phone call and letters from DCA's looking for thier money. One creditor just doesn't seem to give up and accept the situation that I'm BR'ed and keeps on moving the debt around to different DCA's. I don't care because I know that they cannot do anything about it and they are just wasting their time! However, after the last lot of letters that I have sent them things do seem to have gotten quieter. No phone calls from them for over three weeks now!
  12. Have you looked into a DMP or an IVA? The total debt listed is £54,300, so a DMP will take a very long time. An IVA would only work if you have some disposable income, and at the moment that doesn't seem likely. BR might be your best option. Have you contacted your creditors? If you have not done so it would be wise to do so, contact each one of them explaining your situation. In writing only! Do not pay anyone more than you can afford, some of them will be pushy but just hold your ground and don't give any creditor preferential treatment.
  13. Try not to worry about it, the nice people on here will help you. I'm going through the whole bankruptcy thing myself, was adjudged bankrupt in April of this year and I have to say the whole thing is not that scary! Are all of the loans solely in your name? Do you have any joint debts or accounts? Its a good idea to do an income / expenditure list so that you can see what you have coming into the house and what you have left over at the end of the month.
  14. You should be able to get a printed copy of your credit report posted out to for £2 without having to sign up on-line. I see that they brought up the fact that you are a Litigant in Person, why not get legal help from a Solicitor and bill them for it!
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