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  1. He He, you were right. The second letter did indeed have the desired effect. It's amazing that the can do in 3 days what they couldn't do in 40 days. Just gonna sort out the next letter.
  2. Ok then. Letter 2 sent. If by chance they still dont reply and I have to take them to the small claims court, what exactly am I taking them there for. I understand its a breach of the data protection act, so is it to gain copies of my info or what????? confused and excited Keith
  3. Hi guys, I started the ball rolling on the 17th of December, with the Data Protection template. I have had no reply to date. So, today I rang them up and got stuck with some poor lad who didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I informed him of the 40 days they had had to reply and hit him with some of the jargon of the forementioned letter, to which he said someone will call me back. They never. I have just printed the section 7 data protection letter and am readdy to send it. Is this the right course of action? sorry if you have heard this before, but I have been reading a lo
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