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  1. Thanks for your reply, however there are two issues here a) the amount of time as you say b) they have kind of agreed to treat the woodlice however they are not prepared to lift the flooring that I have put down, they keep saying it is the customers responsibility & I have said no I reported less than two weeks prior to taking on the tenancy and you were told I was having furniture and flooring fitted. Do I stand my ground in the fact I get them to lift the flooring as it has been glued down in my sons bedroom and would probably need replacing if lifted and in my bedroom it is carpet and gripper rods which possibly may go back down. I am going to lodge a complaint over the next day or so but I doubt they will respond, I am considering taking them to small claims court as I have am living on floorboards every where else since March. There complaints system is you complete an online form, but do not get a copy, would it be better to put it in writing? I personally would not bother with the Ombudsman as In my opinion the time scale is long and the outcome is never that great. I am thinking of small claims court and for some sort of compensation Thoughts welcome
  2. Got keys to HA property in March - Within 10 days I noticed infestation of Wood Lice Wood Worm (didn't move in until April due to having flooring fitted and furniture delivered Reported to Housing officer 30th March who said that I am liable as I was now the tenant and if the wood lice were coming through a gap I was to block it up (messages kept) Explained that how could I possibly of known there was an infestation when I viewed the property back in January as viewing was very quick less than 5 mins and who goes around looking for Wood Lice, the same as when I got the keys in March. Explained that I wanted to get this sorted as I was having flooring and furniture delivered the following week prior to me actually moving in. I never received a reply Messaged again on 31st to ask if she had received my message again explaining I had furniture & flooring being delivered I never got a reply April 21st Received a reply saying she had spoken to the Rangers and they do not treat Wood Lice June had a Ranger turn up to clear some rubbish and apparently treat the wood lice infestation, on entering the property he said he was not prepared to treat as the problem was to bad and we were insitu and the chemicals are too dangerous. (The whole bungalow needs doing) Plus I have a son with Sensory problems Fast forward to July Has Surveyor around to inspect a wall, while he was here I told him about the Wood Lice and looked around the property and said the property should never of been let with this problem and that he would raise a job to get the work done the time scale was 6 weeks. He also said that I would have to move out while they treat the property. Nothing really happened nobody contacted me, I kept chasing to no avil. October I threatened legal action as I have not put flooring down in any other room other than the my sons and my bedroom due to waiting for the HA to sort the Wood Lice Kept being told that the surveyor had moved to another department and when I contacted him he said it was not his problem now as he was not in that department. Had another manager come around who didn't really say much other than it was still the Surveyors problem. Last week I called and basically told the HA I was going to go Legal as the Woodlice had been seen on my sons bed and enough was enough. I was told could I defer until the end of the week which I did. Now this manager called who said they are not responsible for removing/lifting my flooring. I politely told him the history and that I was not prepared to lift any flooring as this has been ongoing since March. I got a call yesterday (Sunday) asking to come around and inspect the severity. Of course I had to explain that there is flooring bla bla he got of the phone quickly and said he would speak to the manager I get another call today saying can a Carpenter come around and lift the floorboards in the bedroom and treat the infestation. My question is Am I liable to lift the flooring as I gave the HA a chance back in March and they knew full well I was having furniture and flooring fitted but failed to reply And its the whole bungalow not just one room. The flooring in my sons bedroom is stuck down as it is vinyl plus its obviously furninshed I have carpet and gripper rods in my bedroom and obviously its fully furnished My son has special needs too
  3. I rang British Gas straight away and spoke to the lady I has spoken to half hour ago stating that it really was not difficult to to make a phone call to LCS to prove that I was not liable, she kept saying but you didnt ring us until March 18th and you took the keys on March 14th. K tried to explain in simple terms that despite that I did not contact BG until the 18th the actual reading I gave were from the 14th she could not grasp. I also tried saying not everyone calls the utilities the day they move, there is a lot to sort, she then replied with some people do not contact us until a month later. All she kept saying was but you only opened up the account on the March 18 and you had the keys from the 14th. She does not seem to grasp the meter reading are from the day I got the keys. I have copied in the HA the letter that I sent to BG. I am due a call on Monday morning from the same lady at BG as she will hopefully have heard from LCS with the information. Well thats what she tells me. I just did not think anyone can do a credit search I though you had to sign an agreement or verbally agree for a search on a credit reference agency. I will be keeping an eye on my Credit File and if anything appears I will be pursuing a claim in the small claims court plus compensation.
  4. I have been taking notes and names, and today I have copied my HA into the email. Firstly the previous tenant passed away I know who owes the money, it the HA as since January when the tenant passed away the HA had been working in the property putting in a new heating system, sorting asbestos, putting in a new bathroom, so the workmen have been using the gas and electric. I sent LCS my tenancy agreement to prove I have only been a tenant since March 14th and they have said they will pass the information onto British Gas to prove that I am not liable. British Gas have called today in all fairness, and said they have emailed LCS to ask for information where they got my details from ROFL as they claim they have passed the debt to LCS with the "occupier" on. I personally did not think LCS can just accuse me of owing the £78 without any factual evidence All British Gas calls are recorded as are LCS and rest assured I have all names dates and times logged
  5. I have not received any letters yet, I have only just submitted the claim and I need to send Dr's Certificate
  6. After waiting on the phone for 40 mins I have just been disconnected obviously as the lines close at 6pm Can someone please tell me the address of the DWP where I send my sick certificate regarding ESA please. Thank you
  7. Hello I wonder if someone can clear a query up for me please I collected the keys for my HA property on March 14 2017 meter readings of gas and Electric were taken from Housing Officer and I was given a copy. I rang British Gas on March 18 and gave the meter readings Started getting bills addressed to the Occupier for £78 dates were from January 7th until March 17th I rang British Gas several times to be told, ignore anything that comes addressed to the occupier its nothing to do with you. I kept the bills gut instinct Yesterday I received a letter from LCS Credit Management Debt Recovery in my name stating I own £78 Of course I went mad, phoned British gas straight away, I wont bore you with all the details but apparently they passed the debt onto LCS in the name of "the Occupier" I rang LCS and asked them why have they sent me this letter and how did they find me at this address. They told me that they did a Equifax search and because I am registered at this address since March then I was liable. Cut another long story short. Are LCS allowed to just do a random search on an address to see who is registered at that address? What gives LCS the right to assume I am liable and to write to me? The account that the money is owned has meter readings less than the ones I gave and further more the bill is for dates prior to me even having the keys. I am absolutely fuming
  8. Thanks for all your replies, our logs are from a friend whom is having some very large trees cut down for her parents in their garden, ( so nothing illegal here) I would be more than happy to take any council member to our friends house where they can see for themselves where we are getting the logs from but thats irrelevant question to be honest. Our neighbour to the left is friends with the gentleman complaining and funnily he used his chain saw twice last week for 4 hours each time, yet the person complaining to us never butted an eyelid. We have a house being built two doors away the builders are there from 7am today and most weekends using their cement mixer and having deliveries and working until after 6pm yet he does not but an eyelid. As for the incinerator, I looked at the CCTV apart from last year in July when he shouted from his fence we have used it twice. I am not asking him when I can use the chainsaw, not because we are being difficult, but we should not have to ask our neighbour whom is friends with him gets no hassle. But if he wants to complain, that is fine because our CCTV picks up next door whom we get on very well with but the neighbour who is complaining about us is good friends with him but has decided not to say anything to him. Myself and my husband have agreed to use the chainsaw once a week for and hour at a time. If he complains so be it, we have the CCTV as proof and once a week is not unreasonable. Jeeze what would he do if we lived near a housing estate being built he would be suicidal!! We are very reasonable neighbours and I actually asked our neighbour if he thought we used the chainsaw too much, his exact answer was "Simon did not cut wood for long yesterday" when I explained his friend had complained he said what about me I used my chainsaw twice this week for a whole morning one day and a whole afternoon. I just said "you tell me" He will be lng gone before we sell he has had 4 heart attacks in the last 3 months so I am told by my neighbour and is in his very late 70's so no problem with selling plus we are here till death us do part!!
  9. Thanks, The chainsaw, we have is top of the range however we have an excessive e amount of logs to. cut up at the moment. We always try and be reasonable and think of our neighbours and I personally do not think an hour and a half max twice a week is excessive and sometimes it's only once a week. The incinerator is on probably 4 times a year we do live in the country and have CCTV so we can prove times and days to anyone. We could of chose to chainsaw tomorrow or Monday but we thought today,would be the best day this week. I have no reason not other be truthful on here, no point in not posting lies ,you only get false replies in that case. The chainsaw was used from 11.30am until 13.05 just check ked the CCTV
  10. In what way will it change once the council get Involved? I am curious that's all I use my incinerator once a month, my hubby uses the chainsaw max twice a week for an hour n half each time My immediate neighbour uses his not so powerful chainsaw for best part of two days this week The property behind us and the complaining property who's garden backs on to theirs uses a sit on ride lawn mower for two hours a week during starting now We have always kept ourselves to ourselves we are detached and so are all the other properties however our neighbour to the left we speak to over the garden fence but other than that we do not speak to anyone other than good morning. Yet we are the ones this neighbour has decided to man about. Surely its not right and I would be willing to speak to any council employee!!
  11. So, because I am putting a polite note through the gentleman's door just to say we are having our incinerator on at XYZ time that would be deemed as a complaint? I would think its being polite and courteous. You do not have to ask neighbours if you can use your incinerator Im being polite to keep the piece.
  12. I am going to be keeping a log from now on, days and times we use the chainsaw, and I will log my neighbours for comparison, as he must be able to hear theirs too, also the bungalow that sits back and their drive is in between ours and the property that is complaining, uses a sit on ride mower and takes two over two hours to mow their garden as its huge, he never complains about that and his garden backs on to theirs. As for the bonfire I will post a note through his door 24 hours prior to having a bonfire, but to be honest its an incinerator so not exactly a bonfire we use it to burn our personal data for safety reasons. And besides its not that often we use it. I guess if we have BBQ's this ear he wll be complaining about those and the smoke!! I am being totally honest with my above posts on how he complains and writes letters all the time, the poor man that lives opposite that has a garage at the bottom of his long drive and he keeps complaining its ridiculous.
  13. I do understand it is noisy, (hence I only let hubby do it for about an hour to hour n half max once or twice a week max) but its for a limited period, and to be honest, he wanted my hubby to stop chainsawing immediately and at the time he had only been out in the garden chainsawing fro 20 minutes, when I mentioned the bonfire today he said when the wind is blowing away from his house!! as said our neighbour used his chainsaw for two days this week admittedly his chainsaw is not as powerful as or and the man complaining about ours must of heard him but yet did not say boo to a goose. If we had children in the garden playing and screaming he would no doubt complain about them, (thank goodness my kids are grown up). When he used his electric chainsaw last year we never once complained and yes we did hear him, I think he is being unreasonable.
  14. We do take the chainsaw when we collect the wood, and yes we do use it to cut the wood at the site, however it needs to be cut smaller to be able to fit into the log burner. Is using the chainsaw twice a week maximum for maximum for an hour n half excessive? our neighbour whom also collects wood and was chain sawing for virtually two days constant last week and this must of been heard by the neighbour that was complaining about us today, we never complained about our neighbour and neither did he as they are friends. We always keep ourselves to ourselves and are reasonable and I do understand chainsaws are noisy we have quite a powerful one admittedly, but its not as if my hubby uses it every day of the week and at unreasonable times. He is elderly, but it appears he just likes to moan, he moaned tot he guy who lives opposite to him, he has a very long private drive and runs a garage at the bottom so has lorries coming up and down and he moaned about that apparently too, and it did not affect him in the slightest. I personally think he is being unfair and unreasonable. but where do we stand legally. We are not the type of family to aggravate or use the chainsaw more to annoy. He did start to shouting at me, but I just asked him to stop shouting and asked him what he wanted me to do, he said stop the noise. So you think an hour and half twice a week is unreasonable to chainsaw? This is the only time he has complained to us and when we had a bonfire last summer, to burn our personal data, he shouted from his garden, when I say he complains, he seems to complain about anything for example two doors away a house is being built and he did everything he could to stop the build and the same to a guy opposite who again lives down a long drive he wanted to to extend in fact this time he did manage to get the planning declined.
  15. We live in a detached bungalow the next property which is another bungalow is after a private drive, so we are not on top of each other. The person that owns this bungalow seems a constant complainer, we keep ourselves to ourselves, have the occasional bonfire haste to say probably 3 times a year last year admittedly it was quite warm and he shouted out from his garden (to be honest I didnt know who was shouting or where it was coming from as we are not that close and both have 6ft garden fences and as I said there is a long private drive in between our properties. My hubby has a chain saw as we collect wood for our log burner he goes out in the garden about twice a week for a couple of hours and uses his chain saw to cut up the wood. My husband went out today at around 11am to use the chain saw we got a knock on the door from this neighbour to ask my husband to stop the noise its too loud, I said he has been out there less than an hour, he said I want him to stop we want to sit in our conservatory and watch the TV with piece and quite, I said last year when you were using your electric saw to cut your wood we did not complain, he said you couldn't hear me, I said how do I know you were using an electric saw if I did not hear you. My hubby stopped chain sawing after an hour and n half today and will not be out there again until probably middle of next week. He has told me he is going to complain we have a parish council. Not sure if he is going to complain to them or the council. Where do we stand and are we allowed to use the chain saw a couple of times a week for a couple of hours.
  16. Can someone please tell me the cost of taking the NHS to court to see if I can obtain an order to get medical records to which they have with held. There is no reason for them to with hold other than the fact they are hiding something which they have messed up. If someone could tell me what they think the success rate would be and the total cost, would I have to attend? Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciated
  17. The GP is fantastic, in fact he made some strong allegations regarding the consultant last year:-D So the GP would not have been copied in to these emails, or I could get them. I have been onto the school and they have said send a SAR and you can have everything which is good because some of what the school have in way of emails is what CaHms have with held. Its the emails between the 3 professionals that I want, I do have a lot of DATA which the consultant probably regrets releasing now, as she has basically given me hard evidence. We received CaHMs DATA, would you believe it if I told you, that there is telephone notes from one professional to another (there are 3 professionals involved in this case) stating we are not happy, and the CaHms professional has typed up well they can have this diagnosis or this diagnosis, basically giving us the choice!! REALLY, but thank you very much for that evidence!! I am not quite sure how they are going to get out of this as I can prove with factual evidence. It would just be nice to have all the DATA.
  18. The receipt of the emails, has been questioned by us and denied everything, so no an option to ask, I will pursue this even if I have to go to court.
  19. Parents say they discovered NHS cover up over death of their son - ITV News Have a look at this story, they do cover up everything, they lie, and deny everything. http://www.itv.com/news/2015-12-09/parents-discover-nhs-cover-up-over-death-of-their-son/ There has been several reports of late one including the Health Parliamentary Ombudsman which is a great read on how the NHS cover up everything.
  20. Of course we have parental responsibility, Cahms come under a different area of the NHS hence why we had to make 2 separate requests. There are some emails from Cahms that I would like. Will try the letter before action, however I doubt they will budge, as they are hiding information.
  21. We are our sons biological parents, the ICO have told us that even if we go to them and ask them to investigate what they have with held they have no powers to see the DATA and as they are not medical professional they cannot make a decision if the DATA will cause harm and distress. FYI, Cahms have no DATA that would cause distress or harm, they are being difficult, further more the NHS gave us all their DATA which contains the same type of DATA Cahms hold. They know they have been caught out, just trying to cover up by not giveing us the DATA and using the distress option to with hold. My son is a CaHMS for minor problems s nothing drastic, so no reason why I cannot see the DATA.
  22. Yes, given them 14 days but they have with held the information like I have said, on the grounds it will affect my sons therapy cause his distress, however he know nothing about the SAR how many 12 year olds would lol. We as parents have shielded him from the case like most parents would. The ICO have no powers to obtain the information, they have said they are not medical professionals
  23. My son is 12, and yes we have full parental capacity, we have all the Data from the NHS which has revealed the lies and cover ups, full factual evidence I have. But I wanted the Data from Cahms to further support our evidence, however the consultant has tipped Cahms off as we have confronted the consultant and she has denied everything even though she has written it down and we have copes, so therefore Cahms have with held virtually everything. They are worried as they have all been speaking and wont speak to us anymore directly, they say, I didn't give my permission for this to be released and there has been some misunderstanding.
  24. I wonder if anyone can advise on obtaining a court order to obtain with held information from the NHS in request of my SAR for our son. We have found out and have factual proof of lies, however we had to obtain another request for a SAR from Cahms as they come under a different NHS, CaHMs have virtually with held everything, not sure why because the NHS have disclosed everything and I would like CaHms just to add to the case, so its nothing really that I have not heard or seen before. What is the success rate for going to court for the information? and would it be?
  25. Thank you, I think you may be right regarding expert legal advice, however we all know too well how costly solicitors are, and I am not sure even if we get some compensation so to speak that it would be that much. I might just seek a one off appointment and see what they say about the case. We all know no win no fee is a bit of a con unless a case is very clear cut and I am not sure any solicitor would take on a case like this on a no win no fee. Maybe someone on here will have a better knowledge of the legalities of a case like this.
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