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  1. Thanks for reponses. I'll note fiftypence's comments and continue to ignore Lowell since I don't think they deserve my time in responding to them. I had a similar probelem with MacKenzie Hall for over a year (harrassing me for a debt that wasn't mine). I ignored them and they seemed to have given up.
  2. Hi there, For the last few months Lowell Financial have been sending me regular letters chasing me for an apparent Capital One debt that isn't mine and I have this confirmed by Capital One. Lowell also claimed that Experian has linked my name to an address that presumably the alleged debt is attached to. Experian has denied this and confirmed that my name is not linked to the said address in anyway. Because of their harrasing behaviour and down right lies, I have so far ignored Lowell. Their letters have got more threatening recently and the last threated litigation if I don't start paying. Can someone advise if they can start litigation or is this just another desparate attempt to frighten me into handing over money. Cheers
  3. ODC, Has the Meritforce boys called yet ? I've got my letter today telling me to pay up or the Meritforce boys will call. I wouldn't mind so much if I actually owe the debt they claim but I don't.
  4. I like the idea of using Mac Hall's envelopes to send junk mail back to them. Think I'l do the same.
  5. hi sanity_fare I like your style. Those MH cowboys are sending me letters too for a debt that I don't actually owe (they claim to be acting on behalf Barclaycard but I've never had a Barclaycard and Barclaycard confirms this and also confirms they've never heard of MH). So far I've ignored these idiots. Interesting to note that those MH cowboys actually did a credit check on me which shows a clean record and excellent scoring but they are still trying their luck and chasing me for money I don't owe.
  6. Hi Rubynicola, Do you have any case reference number or anything like that for the OFTs case on MH. I'll like to complain about MH to the OFT as well as the trading standards. MH have been sending me letters for months claiming they were chasing up a few grand on behalf of Barclaycard which is a bit strange coz I've never had a Barclaycard and this is confirmed by Barclaycard themselves. Also Barclaycard has never heard of MH so it confirms that MH are a bunch of cowboys trying their luck. So far I've reframed from even talking to them coz I know that I'll only lose my temper with these cowboys.
  7. Hi ghost Town, I'm having similar problems with Mac Hall in that they are chasing me up for debts which I don't actually owe. Not sure at this stage if it is a case of ID theft or something but I haven't decided on what to do with Mac Hall yet. Let me know how you are getting on.
  8. Thanks Angie, I'll search for that thread you mentioned.
  9. Can anyone tell me who these cowboys are. To cut a long story short, they've been sending me letters claiming that they are chasing up monies I owe to Credit Card company X and then more letters claiming I owe exactly the same amount to Mobile phone company Y ! I've never had a credit card or mobile phone from these companies and don't have any outstanding debts. So far I've ignored all the letters sent from these Cowboys but don't know how serious to take their threats of 'seizure of assets, arrestment of wages or Bankruptcy'. Do I contact these cowboys or do I continue ignoring them ?
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