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  1. Sorry meant to say in my last post "if Barclays HAD NOT replied etc... Sorry!!
  2. Just an update following my filing of N225 (req. for Judgement) Spoke to a very nice girl in the cash dept. She said it would be posted to Barclays today and a copy for me. I asked her advice on the follow up and she said if Barclays had replied within a few days, after I'd received my copy, to telephone the Enforcement Office at Cardiff. C.C. and they would advice me of my options. Is this light at the end of the long long dark tunnel?
  3. I've been acting for a friend who lives in Scotlad. Found the Scottish law quite alarmimg. However she seems to be getting a mix of correspondence some from HOB and some from Halifax in Leeds. I'm confused as to who I should deal with. For me its better to deal with the Halifax. Any help much appreciated,
  4. My daughter was driving her beloved Subaru through a country lane in Wales.She encountered a herd of cows, being taken along a country lane for milking. Being a good country girl she pulled into the verge as tight as possible and turned her engine off while the cows filed past. All was well until one of the cows bringing up the rear jumped on her car. At that stage, the farmer said he would pay for the damage. She obtained a quote from a reputable local garage. The car needs a new wing and of course a paint job etc. The quote was for nearly £500.00 My husband telephoned the farmer. His wife was quite rude on the phone and on a subsequent call, said it was only a scratch and they were not going to pay for the damage. We wrote to them and gave them 14 days to respond - no reply from them. Two questions - Surely they must have Public Liabilty for moving stock on a public road? Shall we take it to the small claims court? Any comments would be most helpful.
  5. Does anyone think that with all our applications to have stays lifted that when the OFT reviews this month, that they might change their minds. See also my comments on the Cardiff forum about "special reasons" to have stay lifted.
  6. Hi Smutley They move in wondrous ways their wonders to perform Who knows???? Will look at the other site you mentioned.
  7. Just spoken to Cardiff re stays. No news for me yet. I took my application in on Friday and the girl said she'd only received it today. Mine would probably be a week she said. She also said the Judge would not lift stays on all cases only those that had a "special reason". So possibly those of us that have used the standard arguments, without a particular "hardship" will not have the stay lifted. Has anybody else had a news?
  8. This is the really sickening thing - the banks can go on charging us these disgraceful amounts - while we're all in limbo and struggling Have you looked at Martin's site for best deals. I tried to convert my credit card debt to a loan with Lloyds and it came back as a really bad deal, so like you I've got a couple of 0%,s I still have a £10, 000 credit card debt. My husband & I lived in Spain for three years. We were promised work and it didn't materialise and so we had to live on my CC for a year and pay to get home, when our savings were all gone Lloyds wouldn't help us then and told me just to use my credit card, and we've still got an unsold property out there. I wonder if they will manage to deal with all our "stays" this week?
  9. I thought I would ring the court on Wednesday, I've not only got my Stay paperwork in (Hsbc) but also my request for judgement, because Barclays didn't respond within the14 days. from when the judge granted my request to amend my POC
  10. Hi Tez Maybe I've missed a post of yours. Are you saying that you've done a "Request for Judgement" same as me because your bank hasn't filed a defence. Should I be doing anything now. Did you go back to court to collect paperwork?
  11. Hi everybody No comments from anybody about my previous post?????
  12. Hi all, Just to let you know that Barclays haven't filed a defence so took my N225 to Cardiff CC today. Fingers crossed. Does anyone know roughly how long it takes for Judgement to take place and how soon should Barclays pay up?
  13. Hi all, Just took my paperwork to Cardiff CC today re stay 14th.Nov. I asked the girl if they'd been inundated with these applications. She said, "No actually this is the first one I've seen" Presumably if she's front of house, she may not have seen all the psotal applications. I'm a bit surprised though - do we have any idea of how many people have made an application. Hope its lots
  14. Thanks you all for your support. I'm curious as to the difference between debt collectors Some collect the money on behalf of their client presumably for a percentage and some say they have bought the debt off the OC. Is this true? If so how can they afford to buy up all these debts? Yhey must be worth millions
  15. Please one more question on completing N244 Part C Please find attached Part C Statement Any other supporting evidence Did you list supporting evidence ? i.e. settled cases BBC news item etc. Don't want to make any mistakes!
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