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  1. The AA actually stepped up and sorted the issue out including recovery and repairs needed. Still watch my thread!
  2. Guess what arrived in the post, yet another letter stating they going to call. I am now ready with camera too. Will ask them to wait while i get wallet, on doorstep and call police to have them removed. FOOLISH PEOPLE.
  3. Served MMF with notice to with drawel access and prevent the doorstep collections. There response appears to claim they have the right to ignore it and alleged this is acceptable They state that i implied a creditor could talk to me, so therefore continuing. They then give notice that they will be calling if i don't call them....... Shame the notice i served has already been tested and they on a loser. An alleged debtor can remove right of implied access by serving a notice. This was endorsed by Lord Justice Donaldson in the case of Lambert v Roberts [1981] 72 Cr App R 223 - and placing such a notice is akin to a closed door, but it also prevents a bailiff entering the garden or driveway, Knox v Anderton [1983] Crim LR 115 or R. v Leroy Roberts [2003] EWCA Crim 2753 A person having been told to leave is now under a duty to withdraw from the property with all due reasonable speed and failure to do so he is not thereafter acting in the execution of his duty and becomes a trespasser with any subsequent levy made being invalid and attracts a liability under a claim for damages, Morris v Beardmore [1980] 71 Cr App 256. An alleged debtor cannot be sued if a person enters a property uninvited and injures himself because he had no legal right to enter, Great Central Railway Co v Bates [1921] 3 KB 578 (hope my dogs are not patrolling. out post box is on external wall and gates locked. Sent copy of there letter to cag email to add to the complaint lol.
  4. Halfords have today contacted in relation to the overcharging and mistakes on the invoice. A full refund of these and goodwill gesture has been accepted. This should have been resolved at the centre, however that is something that Halfords will address. The AA have jumped my premium up and this has arrived. Not so good after the service received and unless they match last years premium will find they loose another member to the RAC. (some £100 cheaper too). Enjoy all.
  5. Update: Halfords / AA now have admitted overcharging on this invoice. A refund on the three items I found has been offered. As they do not seem to have checked the other 12 items on the invoice I am now checking these the overage over charge is around 20-40% To add to the insult, my renewal from the AA has also landed, double the premium from last year. The car was adapted for a disabled child and was urgently required back, it would appear that the preferential rates offered by Halfords for AA customers would in fact cost you a lot more. Halfords have not even had the courtesy to offer an apology for the garage staff arguing with me. The car is also not running well with fuel consumption up considerably. but will be back in two weeks for warranty check.
  6. Many thanks for the reply have sent the information to you. Have already spoke to AA customer services seems although they towed car to the recommended repairers and now they deducted the excess it nothing to do with you...... Sadly - I feel as you sorted the garage, paid the garage it has lots to do with the AA. Why are AA members charged more than it would be if i took it in and why have we been double charged excess. Feel there is some serious issues here. Is it because its a car adapted for a disabled person?
  7. I have everything with the aa, roadside relay onward travel and breakdown. Car is serviced regularly too. The car is adapted to carry a ventilated child, thus the reason for the over the top cover. We had to call them on Saturday as we traveled to pick our son up from the hospital, we also had another disabled child in the car. Response time 24 minutes. - Bike AA rider. Nice guy took 3 trips to the shop for parts to fix, Sadly not resolved. 1.5 hours now sat on main dual carriageway with no pavement. Relay arranged and AA gave choice, pay up front with a VAT registered garage or use there repairer they would pay upto £500 per claim and i have to pay £35 excess. There repairer was Halfords Auto Centre. Sorted car for 3 days and they took my car without me to garage. Call back later from garage stating the car may have a blown number one cylinder after thaey ran diagnostics Asked to repair with AA Cover. Intially AA forgot who i was and could not find my car....... mmmmmmmm They they did, car repaired 6 days later. Collected car and was given a bill to pay of 495.00. This was in addition to the payment they claimed from AA. Looked at invoice from Halfords and found the following: Credit AA £465 (£500 - Excess £35.00) The charge from Halfords Insurance Excess £35.00 + VAT (£42.00) charged twice then as AA had also take the £35 excess from there payment........ I then look a little closer at the charges. Diagnostic Charge £49.99 + VAT Online you can submit a quote request giving your registration and garage you want to go too. I did my car that was repaired and named the garage conducting the repair The cost would have been £39.99 Incl. so that's another (VAT and Extra Charge) Fluid top up - Antifreeze £35 - They would charge me £20 if i book it in (Dont forget the VAT) In total I feel they have increased the charges between 15 - 30 % Knowing the car is needed to carry the disabled child, i feel they have done me over knowing i need the car urgently as it is adapted to carry my son ventilator. Complaint with AA - Nothing to do with them, Can i speak to a manager - No was first answer, then i insist, but sadly they not answering there telephone. Halfords had shut ............ Grrrrrrrrrr. Is this a contract breach. HELP
  8. Well is there a way we can make a joint complaint i am happy to use the none compliance of the Court Order
  9. Sadly the ICO and DPA have no real power to exervcise or lack of funds to sort issues out, feel that would be pointless, when CRA can get away with anything even in court as they are not the informaton provider you know the law is stacked in there favour.
  10. Does anyone know a good debt collecting company to visit lowells and ring them repeatedly lol. I would prefer someone from a service in india or china as the labour costs are better??? hehehe
  11. For the hard of reading as it is a scan IT IS ORDERED THAT:- 1. The Judgement against the first defendant be set aside. 2. The First defendant do pay the claimant (ME) the sun of: **** by +++ in full and final settlement of all matters exisiting or capable of existing between the first defendant and the claimant. 3. Upon complaince by the first defendant (Lowell) of paragraph 2 above the claim be discontinued in it entirity againt the first defendant. (they failed to comply with paragraph 2, but want the judgement set aside shame that lol) I am the claimant the first defendant is THE LOWELL GROUP!
  12. Attached this to explain outcome. Sadly they were meant to pay within 14 days and failed too. So now going to see what i should do. (They have had 10 months to make it happen. [ATTACH=CONFIG]21320[/ATTACH]
  13. Yes just working out which is best approach for tribunal service.
  14. Still trying to get my head around all of this - I was elected as the ICE representative - Some staff from the region raised concerns with me over pay and Xmas Leave. As we worked 24/7 356 a year in one section of the organisation and some only work business hours. Xmas leave was always a contentious issue. Previously prior to 2008 all staff were given equal lieu days if other areas were closed for example Head offices shops ect closed) Social staff were given same amount of time back in lieu of working. In 2008 without consultation only social staff were not permitted the additional leave. I was asked formally to raise this. I did to no avail they did not want to discuss the matter and bounced it back with message that it would have to be personal grievance. So i raised it, they did not reply until two months later when i attended the ICE meeting again and i reminded them that it was coming on any other business. I got a letter stating in future would be discussed through ICE. We got to the meeting and the chairman stated that this could not be discussed and i had been misinformed. Yet again I bounced it back, Mean while all social centre staff at manager grade had all overtime stopped with wording added in the handbook - that was not normally there. So again I raised the concern. I had my hand squeezed hard at a photo shoot and told that "Your rather outspoken" This being by the 2nd most senior person in the organisation. A few days later a got a visit from my supervisor. No other reason except he had been told to have a word with me about not pursuing the matters through ICE or grievance as this would have a detrimental affect on me and my centre. Sadly I do not like bullies! I raised this discussion formally at a local event with senior directors. Pursuing the matter. A few weeks later i had numerous inspections 5 in two weeks, work was obstructed, i was mislead about new policies (Had that upheld in grievence) I raised a 20 part grievance. I was required to look at some policies and ensure we worked in an open manner (that is a joke) My supervisor was not happy to initial that he had seen some information, he raised a complaint about me I was invited to an investigation meeting - none upheld one item pending We held a managers conference - 1 week long I was a manager also - During the conference i was grabbed by the arm and frog marched into a corridor and told if i discuss it with any staff I would be dismissed. (Cheif exec) To say i was livid was an understatement. So lots of inspection - stress pressure and no support although requested. Assaulted as i considered it (Grievance answer my word against his) I had two witnesses they never interviewed them or took statements, sadly I have statements now. On complaining about the inspections was informed it was normal process just it had fallen in one time period for me. I didn't believe it. DSAR - ICO confirmed they broke DPA and made them release info. Now the shocker Senior staff held a meeting to look at ways to remove me in Feb 2009, Although told by HR not a good idea. Head of social uk - Stated that some policies may not be written down but are fundemental. - really. Feb 2009 A senior manager says that i operated a thiefdom - (Wikepedia Band of theives) (Yes i was bloody furious) In response Head states looks like we are opening that proverbial can of worms! Same day again My direct line manager in response to not backing down on ICE matter asked for several Audits to "Gauge his reactions" I raised concerns re information that is confidential - Line manager emails others and states "I am not aware of the processes" HR manager emails and tells others she will advise but not officially as she will be involved later (Conspiring she has good hindsight) Feb 2009 Regional HR - Stated he will sort the disciplinary hearing - (Not even investigated anything yet" Line Manager email to others "Do not provide me with anything that will allow me to get of the hook" April - Recommend famous five to resolve this ( as a manager this is the term used for 5 senior persons that sort out dismissal) Investigation Hearing held - Sadly I hoard paper! was ready too. Supervisor - Not happy and expressed personal opinion of process and the biased outcome for me. HR regional - suggests they set up monitoring and aim to make as uncomfortable as possible beyond a couple of weeks (Constructive springs to mind) HR regional in response to line manager - Have him "hanging by a thread" Supervisors wife offers me pay off - in a public meeting when i was having chat with other agency - Told her not to question my integrity and asked how she dare approach me in such a manner, she went and told my line manager i was being deliberate obstructive Line manager emailed HR instantly and stated he wanted me suspended and dealt with as this is the kind of man we are dealing with. HR Regional - Don't worry the processes put in place will now really test him. 6 months later i was suspended - My work was obstructed throughout there is loads more on email - Before you ask all the above is in emails obtained through DSAR June 2010 dismissed - didnt attend hearing as was certified off - opening statement was no contact from SB Yet they had acknowledge my sicknote two weeks earlier for 6 weeks. I also asked them not to contact while signed off with stress as u can imagine It has been hard. Staff were told not to give me essential information, informed they were looking for redundancies yet - when raised they denied this. The new investigation was conducted by my supervisor - Yes the one that doesn't like it being biased and yes the ones that put me under pressure and miss-advised me on policies not once, not twice four times - Yes the one that told everyone two months after suspension i would be back as I was dismissed. He was write I appealed - was too much and left an emotional wreck. Challenged why i wasn't given chance at hearing they stated in minutes no contact but amazingly he then stated he was informed - why did they continue - they wanted me to tell them I defo wasn't going to be there! "So my statement to HR while off sick - Please do not contact as i want time to get myself together and have counselling I will stay in touch with occ health" Hey all my fault i was ill! The final part being - Initial answer to the fact i feel under pressure constantly - He is under no more pressure than anyone else. By the way - I worked for a charity well known to you all!
  15. Some more useful info although on here there is heaps too and you could get bogged down a bit. National Debtline England & Wales | Debt Advice | Factsheet 16 How To Deal With Hire Purchase Debt
  16. Good save your credit report they can add it on at anytime. Give them 28 days to respond then write and inform them as they have failed to acknowledge your complaint and VT request that you are asking the OFT/FSO to investigate. If they don't reply to your DSAR start complaint with ICO. 40 days from receipt. Also write to them something along these lines: As per my request on (DATES you visited and contacted) hereby write and request you collect your car as i have now voluntarily terminated as per the terms and conditions (Date and Time 7 Days) or contact me with a location where this can be dropped off withing reasonable distance. The car is currently in MOT and has road tax, I will take photos of the car when handing over to ensure no damage occurs prior to transfer (inside and out all round) Kind regards Recorded
  17. Whenever dealing with them put it in writing recorded delivery. Write to them advise them all the dates you attempted to VT and also you raising query over the alleged defaulted payment and dispute this. It may be also worth while data subject access requesting them. £10. Best money ever spent do on separate letter recorded again postal order not cheque, that way no dispute on it clearing and it counts as cash save receipt. Track date of delivery and print from royal mail site 40 days start from when they sign for it. Data Protection and Freedom of Information Advice - Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has a template. Everything they hold will be provided I bet there is no default notice.
  18. All these matters and concerns happened after i was warned not to rock the boat or life would be made difficult, one comment by a regional director in writing was "I stand by my words to you-it is your right to make any decisions regarding your own future". Sadly i think they were unaware that they had to give me the information when i dsar'd them. The grievence appeal i had clearly shows they mislead the investigation i raised this and we went to acas, acas pulled out for obvious reasons. Now they refuse to resolve it and say nothing is outstanding - its a joke. They also state i can discuss the acas matter with them as its confidential.
  19. YES it was under ICE regulations and i was elected as the representative for the Yorkshire region. I aim to have legal advice but 10000 costs are a serious concern unless anyone knows a no win no fee.
  20. Sadly CRS'S can do as they like - Dont agree with this but still looking -
  21. Sorry i do look in Lowells settled out of court. They tried to submit late papers - as if!
  22. Where to start - I work for a very well known organisation and have for ten+ years. I was elected as an employee rep and until that point had no issues with my employer. I was asked by staff from across my region to submit concerns around Christmas leave, in contract form we are all employed in London and across sectors. However a decision was taken that was not the one normally undertaken by the organization. They stopped all Christmas additional leave for one sector of the organisation and obviously they were very annoyed. The nuts of it was I challenged it for them, was given a statement in reply to me making a formal grievance to have a regional director then tell me life would become very uncomfortable. I then experienced obstructions and delays at work, staff members were told to withhold information and I had several audits and inspections 5 in total in a two week period. I continued to raise the issues as they arose and also look at some policies that were not adhered to - seeking guidance from the policy manager within the organisation - the information was not clear. I also asked for support on numerous occasions - not provided. Supervision is a myth, reports were written and contain lies - including one that stated i was being investigated for racial abuse added by a director of the organisation - although later he admits its wrong its stays in the report as he is unable to remove it. In the end i submitted a 20 part grievance and they also tried to discipline me, i use the word try ( i also hoard paper and they were unsucessful) The matter got worse in March 2009 - the chief exec of a partner agency (for housing purposes) grabbed me force-ably by the arms at a conference and finger pointing in my face told me if i raised the issues with his staff i would be sacked. I instantly reported the incident to the personnel manager whom was at the venue, and was livid and actually very upset. I also emailed a complaint over. The grievance was a farce - and i appealed. They also said the assault was my word against his although i gave names of two witnesses that have now given statements to confirm what had happened to me. My employers has stated they had a response but were waiting for more information - still not resolved. I also DSAR them - they failed to comply with the 40 day time frame and i ended up reporting them to the ICO - They stated that in there opinion the organisation had broken the DPA and was made to provide documents. These documents were shocking - they clearly showed that a meeting was held to look at ways to sort me. Some nasty comments including stating that i am either a thief or i run a band of thieves (yes in writing from chief exec level). Although there is no concerns in relation to this. Comments form my line manager - "this is the kind of man we are dealing with" Because i take notes and keep track and records. A comment that they have arranged for some additional inspections - followed by "This will test him over the next few weeks" In my grievance they said the inspections had fallen that way. Another comment is "We will have him dangling by a thread" "we don't want him having that so he can get of the hook" and one that was funny - Personal to other director "I will give you a crash course in supervision we don't want him having a room to wiggle out of this" YES ALL IN WRITING We met with ACAS in December - Sadly they pulled out after i showed them the emails and comments, including the meeting with the famous five as identified in emails" 2 weeks later I was suspended. lots more had happened on the run upto that minutes altered reports not a true reflection. I was then dismissed after the first hearing i did not attend as i submitted a sicknote 2 weeks earlier for 6 weeks. The minutes stated i had not been in touch i have email receipt for med 1 When i challenged this at the appeal hearing was told i could have attended still. I wasn't well - Well u should have said, they knew i was off sick. they then explained they had instantly dimissed me for 6 reasons - One was around a policy i have implemented - difficult to explain as will show organisation and i don't want that yet. But they say it was not an appropriate policy. I was suspended in December - the policy is now used by the other manager as it is effective. ( three weeks ago) External agencies were told i was dismissed n feb - Not the case. (I have a statement from them) One week prior to the first meeting i didn't attend i got a nice large box from my employer - with all my personal items in off my desk and pictures that were screwed to the wall in my office. No letter nothing! (mmmmm seems the decision was made) They said that in December i had asked for some personal items so they were now returning them. (I did my wage slips and MP3 player that has not been sent) One of the issues relates back to three years ago, my oldest son had cancer and sadly in early December my daughter died. I was off work and there was an incident at work, a manager was told by me when he called to get on with it. (they consider this gross misconduct) I also asked for help after she died as my deputy had lost his wife and was not going to return - I was told "Its your responsibility to manager a reoccurring comment over the years" Last year I asked for support numerous times - i got it in Feb 2010 one year later. The other item that i heard was relating to 2007 2008 - not doing work in a timely manner - Gross insubordinates. I have never had any written or verbal warnings, It would appear i didn't fill in a fire book then - current reports show them as up to date. The whole meeting was emotive and personally insulting - they even had the cheek to accuse me of leaving a safe open. Sadly they are not the kind that you can leave open if you take the key the door has to be locked. (YES you guess sacked me for misconduct) I was given instant dismissal no notice - ACAS pulled out and they have stated that the grivance is resolved and i am not permitted to discuss acas with them! (IN WRITING) They then say there is no outstanding matter and totally ignoring the concerns i raised. The investigating officer is the one that i raised the grievances against - In an email he states he is not happy that i got off scot free at the first hearing. (But they assure me its not personal) Thats why he told by staff that they face redundancies - yet they didn't He told another staff member not to disclose essential information to me - that came out in an inspection and the emails show how they tried to cover it up. The place of work has been horrid and oppressive with constant threats of job losses - one member of staff supported my line manager - he made a statement - and amazingly his son in law got a job as did his daughter at the centre where they are making people redundant. and finally the asst to the director that has had ago approached me at a public meeting took me to one side and said " we know you are not happy now how much will it take for you to go and i can sort it" The response from the grievance was - " she was acting in a personal capacity and not representing the organization" no way she is an asst director. that is a brief snippet of my year of hell -your thoughts are welcomed!8)
  23. 1. The defendants stopp processing information where by there is a legal dispute currently being investigated by the Information Commisioner, Finanical Ombudsman Service or a Solicitor regulated by the law society. 2 The defendant notify all companies that have accessed the file within the past 6 months 3. Failure to remove that the defendant be summons before District Judge _______ to explain there action and if necessary to be fined or the maximum sentence imposed.
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