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  1. Recieved a letter from them today claiming they had bought a £934 debt from GE capital bank. I have no idea what this debt is. Checked my credit file and have nothing on it that it could be. The only credit i have taken in the last six or seven years is all on the credit file but can find no mention of GE capital or a £934 debt, or any debt that is in default. What should i do now? Do i respond to the letter and ask them what they are on about or should i just ignore it? Thanks
  2. it was the company owner who came round on both occasions and the shed is now errected it just missing a bit of trim.
  3. We had been planning on replaceing our postwar shed with something that didn't leak and wasn't falling apart. Did some research found some local companies that build sheds to order got quotes. Rang up and ordered shed in the middle of April asking specifically for deliver and errection on the 8th of May. Paid a 2£250 deposit and asked fro a 13x8 foot shed with the door in the long side and it had to be 75 inches in from the left with the low side of the pent roof at the front. 8th of may arrives and after waiting in all day the shed doesn't arrive. I ring them up at 4.20pm and they apologies the van isn't back (they have over booked) and it won't be today. They say they'll do it first thing the next day. Next day arrives and at lunchtime there is still no shed. They finally turn up about 5pm with the shed, only there is a problem. the door has been fitted 75cm in to the left thus making the shed in accesable. They go away and leave some of the shed parts here. I ring them the next day and they say the earlist they can sort it out and ome back is saturday (12th in the afternoon). Now they did turn up today and i do now have a shed, but the roof slopes the wrong way and it still isn't finished. Some trim is missing and they need to come out again to sort it out. They tried to make out my children where resonaible for the mising bit of wood! They couldn't give me a recipet (for either payment) and haven't given me an invoice either, nothing has been signed and there is no paper work. Now they asked for full balance (£500) so i gave them a cheque for that amount. I am not actually very happy and intend to write a letter of complaint. I don't actually believe they will be back. I am also quite peeved about having had to take several days of work which have in effect been compeletely wasted. Can i cancel the cheque write a letter of complaint and send it with a new cheque for a bit less? What would be a reasonable deduction? I don't feel i will get anywhere by talking to these people as having tried they where not receptive. What are my options? Cheers
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