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  1. We never responded to any of the letters we recieved, we did check the credit files when we got the first one and there was nothing on them. We don't have any outstanding debts (we do have debt but it all gets paid as it should each month and on time) and my husband has never had a kwickfit card, never had housing benefit and we had never heard of half the companies sending the letters before). He hasn't had a store card for at least ten years (probably more like 15). Clearly they are fishing, but how do i get them to stop and stop sending threatening letters every two weeks. They all are addressed to Mr firstname surname at our address (one of the letters says they found his details from a search of public databases), the reference numbers change, along with the amount they are claiming is owed.
  2. The first letter was dated 20/082007 and came from Thames credit limited with a figure of 923.40 to GE Capital bank. At the time this meant nothign to my husband or me (we had been together five years by this point and i have been running our finances) we checked his credit record and there was nothing on there. Then two more letters from Thames Credit. then three from JB Debt Recovery then 13 from Thames credit. 4 from Buchan clark and well (on thesecond one of these the owner of the debt changes to GE capital global finace ltd KWICKFIT/Overdrive at the begining of 2009 it switched to Scotcall debt collecting services (and became a Aktiv kapital uk limited housing benefit overpayment - never claimed housing benefit!) then from Response credit management (still aktiv capital but the amount changed to £795.14) back to Scotcall for another three there have been another couple of agencys over 2010 and 2011 (i can't find the other pile of paperwork just yet) Todays is from Equidebt Ltd for £2069.36 to Aktiv capital (complete with doorstep threat) I'll go and hunt round for the other letters. As far as we are aware there is no debt. I have run all our family finances for nine years now, i know exactly where every penny goes.
  3. For the last three or four years. My husband has received approximatley every two to three weeks a letter from various differeing debt collection companies all trying to claim a debt he doesn't owe, which has ranged from £800ish pounds up to several thousands. Some times they have a menacing tone, (if you don't contact us we will send people round your house). We have so far not done anything about this but the pile is growing huge and todays is triple the amount they had been claiming and again has the doorstep agent threat mentioned. How do i report (and who do i) report all of this too and how do we get it to stop. whilst we know there is nothing to these letters it is still not nice to be threatened repeatedly in this manner.
  4. Recieved my statement yesturday and at the bottom it says La redoute are rasing the intrest rate on credit account from 26.8 to 29.9 from 01/01/2011. I am not very happy about this what should i do? I got the letter yestuday so they havent given me 30 days. Do the credit card things apply to credit accounts? If so should i reject the rise as not given 30 days and there is no reason for increasing? Or should i close the account at the old rate till i pay it off (irritatingly i cant do it at the moment bad time of year for this). Or put it into dispute and send £1 and my CCA request. I cant find any terms and conditions for this account or a CCA in my papperwork.
  5. In november 2008 we where made an offer from Firstplus over our PPI miselling claim. Firstplus agreed they had misold it, and offered us some cash and to restore our account as if the PPi had never been taken out in the first place. The settlement was supposed to be have the loan restored as if we hadn't taken it out and a refund of £4400 which was a refund of amount over the loan repayments we had made each month. We had a second PPi misselling claim which is now with the obudsman. The ombusdsman rang for details and told me to call FP to check they had done what they said. I rang and discovered we had only been partially refunded. On the £15,000 ppi we had £3,500 taken of the loan account and the rest of the refund consists of the £4,400. Which still doesn't add up and still means we are paying for the blasted PPI. The obudsman says its an admin error and to get in touch with FP to sort it out. The first chap we had spoken to at the obudsman said they would add it to the claim and get it sorted out for us, the current chap says we have to do it ourselves and as they have admitted they missold the PPI and therfore its nothing to do with them. Do i re SAR them or just write to them and take the admin error line (obviously what the told the obudsman) i am really not trusting them as a company at all now
  6. Yesturday i got back to my car and found a PCN even though i had a valid ticket! I have kept hold of the ticket and obviously the PCN, is having the ticket enough proof that i had paid? Should i challenge it or just pay the fine?
  7. I have been saving for ages to get rid of this. Finally i had enough and moved the money into my cahoot current account so i could clear the balance. I sent the cheque of first class on the monday, it showed as paid in on the friday and i kept checking my bank to see when it had gone out. Money left the first account on the monday, and showed up in the cahoot one on wednesday at which point i cleared the balance of loan, bringing the account to zero. Twodays later i log back in to discover a £131.18 has been added as intrest charges on the same day i cleared the account after its at the zero. Can this be right? Am i now still going to be spending money every month to get this cleared? Do i just suck it up or should i be doing something and if so what?
  8. Earlier this year friend signed up for a mobile DD contract with a free laptop in PC World. The DD has been set up though instead of paying 29.99 a month, 2.99 a month is going out of her account. She didn't notice for the first couple of months but her financial situation has now changed and she is wrooried about getting hit for a bill for the difference. What are her rights and whats the best course of action? TIA
  9. Firstplus settled the second claim but not the first (had one lon consolidated into a second later on) on the grounds that they gave us an enhanced rebate when we got a new loan (still over £2,000 short of the total PPI and no intrest). The amount without the 8% intrest comes in just under £5,000 would it be better to go to the small claims court or should we try the ombudsman and if the obmudsman isn't succesful could we then try small claims court? Thanks
  10. Signed up for a subscription craft kit, paid the first sub and was told it had been despatched on the 12th of Jan. The kit hasn't turned up, notified the company who eventually got back to me and pointed me in the direction of there delivery page which reads.... ********** is not liable for any service provided by Royal Mail or any other Courier Service. Similarly, ********** is not liable for any disruption or lack of service by Royal Mail or any other Courier Service. If after 15 days, from the *expected* date of arrival (ie: at least 5 working days from date of collection) your parcel has still not arrived then we will be able to initiate procedures to recover the value of 'Lost or Missing' parcels. Once Royal Mail have received our Lost Parcel Notification, they will contact you and request you to sign a declaration stating that you have not received your goods. You return this form to Royal Mail and then they start their investigation process. It is always possible that your kit may be at your local sorting office - please ring or visit them to check. It is the responsibility of each member to email us in the office in the first instance to notify us of any missing kits, so that we can log and monitor all missing items. Please do not post on any Chat thread, on the Clubhouse or on UKS as these threads move very quickly and it is quite likely that your post may be inadvertently missed. If we have no notifications of any missing or lost kits by the 1st of the following month, any spare kits are put up for sale - therefore it is imperative that you let us know of any missing items. They claim they can't/won't do anything about this until the 4th of feb when they will notify royal mail to claim for the loss. The also have told me that they don't have any kits left so will 'make something up' for me. I'm not happy about the wait or the non advertised kit. Have the DSR or the e-commerce regs changed (i run a mail order business myself) and was under the impression that the vendor was liable until the purchaser had the goods in their hands? I have already paid for the feb kit and am due to pay for the march one in the next couple of days (i was a six month sub) however i am now not sure i am happy dealing with company. there are a couple of other things they say on their site that i am not sure are right either, and i can't find info about cancelling or refunds. Any advice on how to deal with this?
  11. Thanks i kind of used some of your letter as a starting template! Not entirely sure i trust them to come up with the right figures which was why i had wantd a rough idea to start from.
  12. there wasn't a settlement letter as such but i managed to work out what they had used from various other bits of paper they had sent. They didn't (surprise surprise) refund the PPI in full (was about £2,000 light nor did they refund the intrest paid on it). Think i've got the figures sorted out, i'm pretty sure that there where some intrest rate changes during the term of the first loan which they haven't supplied. Though everything else is now in the CAG PPI calculator and it totals a rather staggering amount of money:eek:. Just need to double check it then formulate the letter for the claim and get that sent off this week Is best to go for statutory intrest or use the contractual rate (makes a differnce of about £4,000 to the claim - assuming i have done it right)?
  13. Its a credit card i have had for years. i'm not looking to avoid anything i owe just getting cheesed off with Barclaycard for continuing to put up intrest rates and making it damn near impossible to get the balance to drop. Ideally i'd like to end up with lower payments, or more of the payments actually paying of the balance or even a reduced Full and final settlement figure. Preferably without ruining my credit rating
  14. I CCA requested MBNA/Virgin on the 13th of August and have heard nothing from them. What should the next step be and should i carry on paying them while this is getting sorted out? Its a bit bewildering really. I have been reading up here but i'm still not certain what to do! TIA
  15. I have a long standing account with Barclaycard from 1997. I had been managing fine with the reypayments (and have paid it of numerous times over the years) but am now in a position where the juggling is getting a bit silly. I've claimed back one lot of charges and am probably able to claim back a few more (though it would only be £12 x 5 ) I CCA'd them on 13th August 2008 and have had no response. What do i do now as its been a month and have heard nothing, do i nudge them, should i carry on paying them, should i stop paying them? Is it time to report them for non compliance? Thanks
  16. recieved my SAR and have downloaded the spreadsheet and now trying t make sense of everything and prepare a claim. Though its not terribly straightforward as we havehad two loans with them and the paperwork isn't the most straight forward. Anyone else taken on Firstplus for PPI? Its currnently all looking a bit daunting though i think thats down to the paperwork i'm trying to comprehend
  17. subscribing i just sent MBNA(virgin) a CCA and am witing to see what happens, i've always paid at least the minimum and managed to pay off a grand more so far this year) but they keep upping the rate and baby number three is on route so money gets tighter
  18. i've not returned wine to a supermarket before, but have taken back wine with the strong taste of bananas back to the local corner shop. Most of my wine i buy from laithwaits or virgin wines, and if i get a bad bottle from them ring them and tell them about it and get a credit against my next purchase, without any fuss. If i bought bad wine from a supermarket (hasn't actually happened yet)i would have no hesitatation in taking it to customer services and telling them about it.
  19. Hi Blackbelt, please get the POA sorted soon. My father was too far gone for a POA and i had to go down the guardianship route which took years, was incredibley stressful meant me paying for everything concerning my father till i got it sorted out, its my understnading that POA is far easier.
  20. Hoping someone can advise me of what to do next. Am claiming back a load of overdraft charges from HSBC for a business account that i hold with them. They sent me a letter several months ago telling me they where closing the account though they have not actually closed it. Today i recieved a letter from them in response to my turning down their *generous* offer of £118 (against a claim of over £1000). the letter states: Thankyou for your letter dated 14th january 2008 in which you indicate that you wish to reject our offer of £118.00. As such i confirm that we have added the details of your claim to the database we are holding pending the resolution of the court case between a number of financial instituations on the one hand the office of fair trading on the other dealing with unauthorised overdraft charges on personal current accounts and that your claim will not be prejudiced by it being placed on hold during this period. Yours sincerley Kevin smith claims manager commercial overdrafts It is a business account which i understand means that the OFT case has no baring. WHat should i be sending them as a response? TIA
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