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  1. Update: NatWest sent me junk statements with lots of missing info, so sent a letter demanding another set. Got them, now doing my SOC to send with my letter. No doubt this will get knocked back with a reply at the last minute, Natwest seem to like wasting time! Then I will send the LBA Then N1 - does anyone have an example of Natwest N1 with default removal please? Thanks!!
  2. Thanks!! I've already done my SOC, sent it to Capital One with my letter. Just the N1 to do then Will wait for a reply to my rejection first, no doubt they will offer me the same and tell me they will defend themselves in court Then time to send the N1 - will post updates!
  3. Thanks for the great info, im new to this, what is a SOC and how do i write one/fill one in? i assume I can send the court a cheque for the fee's with the paperwork, dont suppose you have a link to calc the fees do you? Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for the link! So do i just fill this in and register it with a court? How do i do this and can i do it all online? Also out of interest did capital one close peoples accounts after getting charges back? Thanks!
  5. Thanks, i went for principle 4 in the end. The section about their legal obligation to keep the information accurate. As i did not perform/request the search the information is not accurate. Letter sent, lets see what they say?! I guess just remove the search?
  6. Yep got my letter offering difference between the amounts, there only offering me £25 in total! Now doing my LBA. Does anyone have an example of their N1 so i can start work on it? Is there a guide anywhere? Thanks!
  7. If someone could get back to me today that would be great - I want to cancel this asap!
  8. If I took out a loan over the phone and decided I didnt want it, althought they have paid the funds into my account. What are the FSA rules about cooling off period? They want an admin fee if I cancel it? The T&C's say: You will have a right to cancel this Agreement for 14 days, beginning with the day after this Agreement is signed by us. You may exercise this right by giving us notice in writing or any other durable medium accessible to us, MEM Consumer Finance Limited at 4 Minton Place, Victoria Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6QB. Our fax number is . Our emai
  9. My credit file has 2 searches by the same bank when I did NOT authorise the search, mearly made an enquiry about a product. I was not told a search would be done. Any template letter / law I can write to them about to get it removed? Thanks!!
  10. Update: Abbey took it up with Experian, notice of correction added, however Abbey informed Experian info is correct so its staying. Looking into how can take it further? NatWest being very slow and finally sent me info regarding charges / default - now hitting them with letter for charges and default removal. If no joy going fro N1 - is it right to do letter first then N1? Or jsut go for N1 first? Thanks!
  11. Thanks, I got my info eventually! Claim letter now sent and waiting for reply, how long do they have?
  12. ooh its a close one, the default is for £260. Where did you get the 50% figure from? Thanks!
  13. This is also what im trying to do, refund charges but mainly remove the default. My thread is here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/137835-creditcard-charges-default.html Thanks for any help
  14. Anyone done this and got any tips? I couldnt see a template combining refund and default removal. Thanks
  15. Just got my statements and they owe me £126 in charges. Also this credit card defaulted. I would like my £126 back and also the default removed. Whats the best way to get this? Next step to take? Thanks:)
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