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  1. Hi all, Can any one help me please? I sent my first letter askng for £1107 on the 14th of December. I recieved a letter back on the 28th of December offering me £470, I obviously declined. I sent my 2nd letter on the 9th of January declining their offer. I haven't recieved a letter back. Where do I go from here? Where do I start my claim and will I have to appear in court? I would be very grateful for any help, please :-| Thanks
  2. Hi there everyone. Happy New Year to you all! I thought I would start my own thread up about how my claim is progressing as it seems this is what most people are doing. Just to give the details of my claim: My charges incured over the 6 years were £895 The interest on top of this was £212.36 Total: 1107.36 I sent my initial letter off to Barclays and received their reply last week offering me £470 I am not happy with this offer and although if I didn't receive the full amount owed I would like to receive more than they have offered. Can anyone advise on my next action to take please Thanks for your time people tigger_1226
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