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  1. The amount I was claiming was £435, most of which had built up during the last twelve months when the bank knew I was having problems (though I never mentioned that in my correspondance). I've had no letters regarding this payment, it was just credited to my account, so I've shifted the money out. I don't know if it had anything to do with me phoning customer services but it was only after this that the bank started doing anything. Curious...
  2. Hi all, Lloyds have just credited my curent account with the money they owe me, just 2 days after I received a letter stating that they don't agree with my claim. Earlier this year I sent the first 2 template letters and received no response from the bank. I rang customer services last week to find out whether or not they were going to respond to my letters and they had the cheek to tell me that if I needed money they could provide me with a loan instead of trying to claim back bank charges. Got a standard letter 2 days ago saying they don't agree with my claim and suggested I contact t
  3. Hi, I've sent my first two letters to Lloyds and had no response from them at all. Does anyone know who I should contact to find out if they've received the letters? Has anyone else had the same problem? Could this be a delaying tactic? Thanks all
  4. I have also sent the initial two letters to Lloyds TSB but have had no response what-so-ever. Are they snowed under now or just ignoring claimers now? With regard to credit cards, I too have a Lloyds credit card. I applied for another card with M+S and transferred the balance over, just in case.
  5. Hello, Am just starting the process - they owe me about £400. I'll be sending the first letter off tomorrow. Hope you're all doing well.
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