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  1. thanks for reply donkey , the guys have been to dig up the road today , the leak was on the stop-cock , therefore in my eyes , its the utility companies responsibility , will chase them up monday morning
  2. Thanks Rebel for moving the thread , and sorry for posting in wrong section
  3. btw , we had a flood from neighbouring property (other side but same landlord as this issue) 2 years ago , and had to claim off our contents insurance , since that claim , we couldnt afford the premiums , hence no cover now
  4. Hi Guys/Gurls , firstly , sorry if i posted in wrong section , My problem is , we woke this morning to find 2 feet of water in our cellar + blown electric . found the cause of the flood , a leak at stop-cock below pavement outside next doors property. Rang united util , came out and turned off water to next door , (stopped any more water flooding in) awaiting repair team to dig road and repair broken pipe . Spoken to UU and they claim they are not responsible for any costs regarding removing water , electrician callout , damaged goods in cellar (power tools , fridge freezer fishing gear etc) and it is the next door neighbours responsibility as it is not a main water leak . I am now expected to pay for a electrician , possibly fire-brigade to pump water out , as i have no contents insurance , and then clean up the mess , i have looked at http://www.unitedutilities.com/Documents/A_simple_guide_to_water_pipes_drains_and_sewers.pdf and its a bit of a grey area , as the leak is between stop-cock and before next doors garden begins (on public walkway). I know its unlikely , but has anybody had any similar issues , or can offer any advice , as i am really not financially capable of paying out for all this mess , which was no fault of my own , btw , i am sat here with no electric , and a swimming pool for a cellar lol:-x many thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for your reply r+b ,one question please , will this incur any more court charges to the claim , should i take your advise ? many thanks
  6. Hi Guys , thanks for your input , yes it does seem a bit naughty taking me to court for future payments , and no specific dates from when, just upto , form received is a claim form , united utilities claiming £472 in northampton county court , N1CPC FORM , Any advice welcome
  7. Hi Any advice would be most welcome, we have recieved court papers regarding unpaid water charges , £392.42 , on the papers from the court it says for period upto 31/03/2010 . no other info , my wife rang them today to offer full payment if they were willing to wait until 28/10/09 , as a family member is offering to pay it when he returns from a business trip , this was refused by the water company , We are in financial hardship due to severe reduction in income , and as a result we have a debt management plan setup, (payplan). i have emailed the dmp company for advice but not heard nothin yet , and was wondering if any of you guys had any advice, btw , we have recieved no other correspondance regarding this account , other than the court papers , no bills , final reminders , nothing. any advise would be most welcome , as mrs is flapping about losing our house , best regards
  8. Hi Guys ,sorry if posted in wrong section , we have a bit of debt , various credit cards , loans etc , couldnt make payments so had to negotiate a DMP , (via payplan) , some accounts have been passed to DCAs and some are accepting the lower payments , my question is What is the reason for CCA request , Is it purposely to avoid paying the debt , is it suitable for my circumstances ,
  9. hi GuidoT , already sent this as you suggested on monday , however i read in that perticular thread that she made a phone call and they agreed to settle unconditionally , hence my call to SC&M today did ask Jakina who she phoned but she still not replyed , so guessed it was probably SC&M. thanks for your input, regards southpaw
  10. Just rang SC&M to see if they wish to settle unconditionally , SC&M inform me the conditions are nothin to worry about , that i dont have to do them , just sign the form saying i accept . I told him i have sent him a letter stating i will accept full settlement only without conditions , to which he informed me they will only settle if i sign the form , here are the conditions they request i sign ,(but dont have to abide by :? ) Accordingly, the Bank is, without prejudice to the position set out above, willing to pay you the £1170 you are claiming by way of Bank charges and interest if pleaded, plus Court Fee of £120 in full and final settlement of your claim. This will be paid on the following basis 1.The above amounts (£1296.41 in total) will be credited to your account number xxxxxxxxxxx by the Bank. 2 The payment will be in full and final settlement of your claim 3.The terms of this agreement are confidential to the parties and their legal representatives. 4.You agree to maintain your account with the Bank within your agreed limits and in accordance with the terms that govern the account. 5.You can avoid these fees in future if you agree an increase in your overdraft with the Bank before you try and make payments that would take you over any previously agreed limits. If you do not do so, you will again incur these fees. 6.You make contact with your local Lloyds TSB Branch Manager on 0845 3000 000 to arrange a review of your account. The Bank wishes to avoid further situation which give rise to disputes. A review may be useful to consider whether your current banking arrangements are the most appropriate for your needs. 7.You must notify the court immediately once payment has been made and provide a copy of your letter to the court for our records. Please let us know whether you are prepared to settle the matter on these terms. If so, the Bank will arrange to credit the about amount to your account numberXXXXXXXXX if you are willing to settle on this basis please sign a copy of this letter as confirmation that you are bound by its terms, and return it to us as soon as possible. If the account is in Joint names, you must both sign this letter. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest Convenience but no later than Thursday 19 April 2007 Yours faithfully tempted to sign the form as court date is June , any advice ?
  11. sent my Aq back to courts 3 weeks ago , along with new strategy , just received letter this morning saying "district judge McCullagh has allocated the claim to the small claims track" each party shall deliver to all parties all documents he intends to rely on at the hearing , no later than 14 days before the hearing , hearing is scheduled for june 27 th . does this indicate the judge hasnt granted the conditions i requested in the new stategy ? have received offer of full refund from SC&M , however they insisted on various conditions ,i rejected this and requested unconditional settlement , still waiting . thanks court is Birkenhead County Court
  12. Hi Jakena , congrats on your claim being settled , i am a little bit behind you in my claim , received letter offering full amount with various conditions imposed , sent letter as above refusing unless unconditional , I would appreciate if you could tell me which department you phoned , soliciters or bank ? regards southpaw
  13. Hi Barty , still not home and hosed , sent letter today rejecting conditions imposed with there offer , shall continue with court proceedings until cash is in my account , one thing i am certain of , i along with no doubt hundreds of others , wouldnt have come this far without consumer action, and all the Bartys and GuidoT s of this wonderfull website cheers for all your help mate,
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