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  1. Due to a bunch of reasons and their high and frequent charges being one of them I closed my Co-op bank account in 2005. I have moved house since then and not notified them of the change. I have writen my SAR and added a note to say I have moved house and my new address is at the top of the letter, I have stated my old address as well. Reckon thats cause for them not to play ball?
  2. They very nicely sent me all my statements back to account opening (with the current branch) in the early 90s. I start getting hit in the mid 90s and this carries on until about '99 when I temporarily sorted my life out! I moved my main bank account elsewhere for a while int he early 2000s, returning in '04 and "enjoying" a period of bank charges in 05. More than half my "claim" is for pre 2001. I wondered if anyone had tried more than 6 years with Barclays and what the outcome was. While I appreciate the fact that many members of this site are lawyers and accontants I am a simple man and regardless of how well you explain various points of the Limitation act or whatever I'll still be bamboozled. If people have tried it and been knocked back, I won't bother. If people have tried it and been successful I'll go for it. Simple as that really. I have read the thread on limitiation in general but it made my head hurt and I still don't see if I stand a chance or not. If I claim all my chages over 10-11 years and they claim Limitation, does that mean I have to start again or will they continue with just the 6 years worth? Thanks
  3. Thanks, I'll go find that spreadsheet and have a bash at that.
  4. I am concerned about this. I have a fairly substantial overdraft I was hoping to use my reclaimed fees to pay it off and cancel it. I intend to live 100% debt free (oh, except the mortgage) so I don't have any cards to worrry about but I need the OD facility in place until I get my fees back off them.
  5. Hi chaps. I am writing (copying!) the Preliminary Approach for Repayment Letter as I have worked out my schedule of charges. However I am confused. I'm sure I read that you don't add the 8% interest at this point and should hide that column on the spreadsheet (I am using the English simple spreadsheet) However the letter http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/671-2-letter-preliminary-approach.html states that I will be claiming interest and states the ammount. (under the "What I require" section). So do I include the 8% interest at this point or should I edit that bit out of the letter? If I don't add the 8% now what happens in the unlikely event that the bank decides to settle right away? Thanks
  6. I know exactly what you're saying. I kinda agree. We will pay thge banks for our accounts one way or another. Maybe they'll stop punative charging and start charging higher rates of interest to borrowers. Maybe they'll cut the rate of interest they pay to savers. Maybe they'll do what some banks have started announcing which is to charge £15 or so a month unless you deposit £1500 a month in your current account. Fees change with time. Looking over my old statements putting my schedule of charges together I can see when I used to be charged 50p to use an ATM not owned by my bank. Thats stopped now. I used to be charged 50P PER SHEET, per month for my bank statements at one point (I think due to not having enough capital in that account.) I'm sure banks used to charge you to cancel a cheque which they now don't. In the US they typically charge $25 for a cheque book issue. I can see that coming here as cheque books become more of an anacronism. There never has been any such thing as free banking, and there never will. The question is how the banks raise their money. What I dislike about banking charges at the moment is they penalise the poorest people who then subsidise the wealthy and financially stable. In one pay-month my bank hit me with 5 "referal fees" of £25 each. They say they will only take 3 per "financial month" but my pay-month and their financial month are not the same period so I got hit £125 out of one pay packet at a time I could least afford it. And guess what this made me even more overdrawn so they charged me more fees...
  7. Hay all. I had an account with Co-op bank for a couple of years but closed it as I found they were even worse for charges and worse for online services than the bank I'd left to join them. As I ran up a lot of charges when I was there I'd love to be able to claim these back but as I closed my account several years ago I no longer have any account info or cards. I have also moved house since I closed the account. What are the chances of me being able to get a claim started against them? Thanks
  8. Cheers, I've got as far as getting all the back statements. They sent me Micorfiche photocopies of the older ones, right back to when I opened the account at this branch in 1994. Now I'm totting up what I can claim.
  9. oK ignore me I'm just blind and or stupid. Have found them now. Right where I looked first time.
  10. Have I gone mad? I have been looking all over for the spreadheet to tabulate up my bank charges and can't find it anywhere on the site now??? I just want to use the simple one. Can someone post me a link? Thanks.
  11. excellent news. I'm just starting off. Looking at the site it seems 4-5 months is the average to see the money?
  12. Excellent thread. Looking forward to the next installment. I am now in recipet of my statements from Barclays and will be tabbing up what they owe me and getting that out this week. Probably about the same time as you have them in court...
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