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  1. i have also seen this chap I believe on a Irish case where it seems he was up against LPA for a total of 41 properties Also found this if not seen before EMANATING FROM THE FACT OF REGISTRATION LAND LAW [2012], Professor E Cooke, Chapter 3, Page #48 & 49 "... A deed must be executed in order to transfer a legal estate or create a legal interest, but the registration system has taken away the power of the deed. In cases where a deed is necessary, it is no longer sufficient. When that deed is sent to the registry and the register is updated, a legal estate or
  2. givehim my post was nothing to do with the scenario it was to do with the clap-trap apple had just posted up here it is again in red and as you seem to be apples spokes person would you not agree with me that's just what it is ..maybe not Oh I forgot to say.... I didn't add the Borrower into the resolution as such...because the Borrower is already providing a solution....the Borrower is paying the 'mortgage '....the Borrower is paying the Bedroom tax.....bailing out the banks etc etc......after all it was the Borrower who caused the 'austerity' by signing that 'approved form of
  3. apple as a doctor [only kidding ] you really should have a lie down if you believe what you have just posted is for real or should I say based on fact kegi:lol:
  4. apple care to explain to us mere mortals how you arrive at that statement :you surely can't be saying the mortgage goes away kegi
  5. quick question is there anyone on this thread who have a copy of their title deed which shows the lenders name along side theirs in the owners section kegi
  6. apple are you saying that the house i bought which was 30 years old could be classed as a new build i cannot see how that could be right registered for the first time or not .Having said that I should have explained better that we bought it first with a council mortgage and then applied for a mortgage with high street lenders couple of years later so it was registered prior to Abbey in my case kegi
  7. IS IT ME are you saying now that this thread only concerns securitised mortgages and no one else has anything to worry about in relation to the points apple has been making I thought it applied to all mortgages securitised or not ,if so that shines a whole new light on the subject matter and in my view needs clarifying in quick time [ apple] kegi
  8. It certainly does and in language I can understand I won't comment anymore till I re-look at the deeds I have in my keeping thanks kegi
  9. apple like steam I can't get my head round of not being able to charge registered land does there have to be something showing on LR details to prove that this is the case or are you only referring to the charge deed because it says by way of legal mortgage that make it invalid leaving aside the signing of it argument kegi
  10. It doesn't matter to me that you didn't see the point I made because the point I made did not concern you, as to the real estate since when were you made estate manager this is an open forum in case you've forgot already only site team have a say in who can walk on this estate.You can also if you wish explain to me what was the point in your last few posts other than to up your score or score a point whichever. Feel free also to ask apple to fill you in with any more details of my point and maybe just maybe she will also point you in the directions of IMS21 REQUESTS that she refers other
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