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  1. Hello, I have seen your post that you had a claim with parcel 2 go, I already gave a letter before action but they stated that I am welcome to make a claim because I agreed to their terms and conditions and I did not get the insurance. Can you please give details how did you made a claim (on what grounds, what amount you were claiming for) and wether they refunded all the legal costs (court fees) and value of the parcels that got missing once they received court documents? I am claiming breach of contract because of non delivery of goods that gone missing with dpd and negligence when they failed to provide reasonable duty of care with my parcel. Thank you for your answer it will help me a lot 

    1. just_jue


      Hi, do you have a post you have posted regarding to your problem?



    2. gret


      Hi, no I haven't, just saw your message and wanted to reach out. My case is quite simple, they lost my 2 parcels that included all my expensive personal belongings. after a month and a half DPD (the courier parcel2go used announced that my parcels are missing and cannot be found). I did not buy the insurance and incorrectly evaluated my luggages (2.000 pounds instead of 4x times what it is actually worth) because I didi it fast not even expecting the can go completely missing and cannot be returned to me. 





      I have this same issue.


      How have you managed to start the process. I am about to start mine and unsure whether to claim the full value or the value declared which is way less than what it should be.


      It is so frustrating :(

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