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  1. Thanks guys! I have just sent away for a request for data from my bank. I have spent all day reading this website, it's fantastic! Fingers crossed it all works out! Thanks again!
  2. Hi there, I have been looking around on the website - which is awesome by the way!!! But I kind of get the impression that this is more for people who have been paying penalty fees for years. I've been in the UK only 5 months, but have already been charged hundreds of pounds in fees. I am just discovering that this is totally wrong, and I'm glad there are other people that this has happened to not just me! I contacted the bank personally a couple of months ago when the first lot of EXCESSIVE fees came out, and pretty much was told "Tough Luck - Go Away!" in less nicer words! My question is? Am I eligible to make a claim? I have just this morning transfered my account to another bank, and the account manager at my new bank directed me to this site - which is very nice of him (as he is making a claim against the bank too!) Any advice for a new-comer, not only to this website - but to the UK???
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