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  1. Wow, what a shock I didn't meet Martin in person, but we had many conversations here on CAG and also exchanged private messages. A very knowledgeable and helpful guy, his advice was always spot on, and he was very supportive. After a fairly long absence from CAG I had to return just to show my respect for Martin and offer condolences to his family, friends and all who knew him. R.I.P Martin3030
  2. Seems unlikely, but if you were previously UK resident there is such a thing as GAIN, (gone away information network), which keeps records of your last known whereabouts and I think that includes overseas too. DCA's pay a subscription to use the service in an attempt to find people who have 'disappeared' - but all too often it's a bit pointless unless it's a sizeable debt, the person still has property in the UK, and/or a CCJ is still in force.
  3. You need a current UK address, one that can be verified as your home address either with electoral roll or by credit card, bank details, utilities... It's not so much the address, they have to be 100% sure of your identity too or else they would be forever sending peoples details to Amsterdam, Nigeria etc, etc, If you have an EU identity card or UK passport they might accept that as proof but you'd probably have to go to the Consulate to get it verified and it costs a pretty penny depending on where you are. No harm in getting in touch and asking them how to go about it, but i suspect they will only send it within the UK to someone who can be 100% verified.
  4. Oh Yes, I can relate to this... YouTube - Armstrong and Miller The Train Song
  5. It doesn't get much better than this YouTube - The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe
  6. ...and one for the oldies. YouTube - Andrews Sisters - Song & Dance - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
  7. Well. it's just... YouTube - Time To Say Goodbye Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.flv
  8. You're absolutely right. The rich get richer.......at the expense of ordinary working people. The only solution that works now is to just not pay the b......ds if the conditions are unfair or unrealistic, - because somebody didn't have the sense to realise that empowering or unregulating the bankers will not necessarily result in social upward mobility, it will result in the 'working class' being milked dry. Well, I'm dry and pist off too. I think it was better when a few made money from the masses, rather than the current situation where anyone with a few votes can poop on us all.
  9. The bottom line.......and by far the most effective method to get a debt problem resolved. If they can take you to court, they will, but even then you'll probably come out of it better off. It's statute barred. Ignore them.
  10. That's a small, but significant error in the sense that they can still 'ask' you to pay the debt, assuming the debt is actually yours to pay. They have to be 100% sure that you are who they think you are (i.e the debtor) before they 'ask' - they are not permitted to offer/threaten a court resolution to the matter - and all collection activity must cease once they have been informed and are aware that you will not/can not pay and the debt is statute barred. If they continue to call and/or write, you should keep records and report them. They will say it's an 'administrative oversight' or a 'computer generated letter', or something along those lines, but as the recent British Gas case established, they can not use that as a defence to the fact they are unlawfully pursuing you. A formal complaint will go a long way toward to laying the foundation for a counter-claim, should it become possible.
  11. I think this is the one that rang a bell for me. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/88437-debt-collector-agreed-pay.html It may not be on exactly the same lines but it makes for an interesting read anyway. Bon Courage.
  12. I can vaguely remember something like that. I think the idea that was because calls are recorded for 'training purposes' the poster (Gingerheid?? forgive me if I'm wrong....) advised the DCA he was going to start making a charge for the 'training' he was providing by dealing with their letters and calls. Because he had been offered/threatened a court hearing and had effectively accepted, he had a basic right to charge for any further 'training' he was giving to their operatives if contact continued. I'm not 100% sure of the final outcome but as you say, I'm fairly certain that against expectations things went in his favour. Apologies in advance if I'm wrong There was a post on here recently about an American guy who makes a living out of DCA's by taking them to court when they lie in letters and recorded phone calls. Sounds like easy money to me, guaranteed steady income!!!!!
  13. Toccato have a new trading address - and they've just filed their accounts. I bet they will be interesting. Now, I would hazard a guess this is the pooh being unloaded under a name which those in the dark would not link to Lowell. Those who are really curious will now have an opportunity to look at Toccato (Lowell) accounts in some detail. Number 05069843 Name TOCATTO LTD Registered Address Interchange 3 Apex View Leeds LS11 9BH Trading Address LEVEL 1 EXCHANGE HOUSE PRIMROSE EPPING CM16 7LX
  14. No worries Lowell have just gained themselves a couple of CCJ's too. Their credit risk score has been a bit 'tarnished' in the business world so you might want to think twice about lending them money to buy more debt, they are not considered as safe as they were this time last year. Funny how some of these companies change names and shuffle around as the end of the tax year approaches............
  15. Just popped in to warn everyone, in case it hasn't already been posted, that our old friends at Lowell are now using the name "TOCATTO LTD". The name change season has begun, so be careful out there!!! Company Details Name & Registered Office: TOCATTO LTD INTERCHANGE 3 APEX VIEW LEEDS LS11 9BH Company No. 05069843 Status: Active Date of Incorporation: 10/03/2004 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Company Type: Private Limited Company Nature of Business (SIC(03)): 7499 - Non-trading company Accounting Reference Date: 31/08 Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/08/2008 (FULL) Next Accounts Due: 31/05/2010 Last Return Made Up To: 10/03/2009 Next Return Due: 07/04/2010 Last Members List: 10/03/2009 Previous Names:Date of changePrevious Name07/05/2004PRECIS (2414) LIMITED24/06/2004KYTE SPV LIMITED12/03/2010LOWELL PORTFOLIO II LTDUK Establishment Details There are no UK Establishments associated with this company.Oversea Company Info
  16. Why doesn't she do this?? She still can!!! Where do your loyalties lie??
  17. With all due respect, there's no need to. They do not offer credit in the first instance, and can be safely ignored. It's up to the original creditor to decide if renegotiated terms are acceptable or not. They have employed these 'people' to act on their behalf, but they have no legal right impose - unless you invite them to intervene. The sooner these DCA's and purchasers are cut out completely, the better it will be for ordinary folk.
  18. In all honesty Ronnie, you'd have been far better off just ignoring them in the first place. Equidebt do not offer credit - they did not give you the (alleged) credit in the first instance, they are a third party interloper on your contract with your original creditor. Although I find myself in the minority, I'm still waiting for someone to explain why anyone in financial difficulty feels the need to start paying, or even acknowledge the existence of some turd who didn't lend them the money in the first place. CCA request from the tube driver who takes you to work each day?? - Why?? - because HE says so??? If your original creditor cuts you adrift, it's because they can't be bothered to chase spare money they invested and lent without risk, and was underwritten anyway.
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