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  1. Had standard, 'sorry your not happy' letter through today, with a added bit by Abbey that they are not liable to pay for solicitors fees, etc, which seems like a new one, anyway, so things are moving on slowly.. Edd
  2. If the charges may be leaving you short for the month you could do what I did and call Abbey and ask for them to be removed, I did, and they did remove £80 of £100 which I believe is fair, means I wont be another £80 short this month. Just my 2pence Edd
  3. Now this may be old news but I have just finished a conversation with someone from Abbey as I was seeking that they refund some recent charges, which I might add they did, £80 of £100, which I believe is fair. Anyway we were talking about the charges, etc and she said Abbey's charges are actually at the moment under review, and the way she said it appeared that they were under review due to the amount of media coverage, people claiming charges back, etc. She said there would still be a few months for the review to be made and so carefull account managing was still required. Is
  4. I think this attitude is typical of us British, we dont want to cause to much fuss, shouldn't claim the higher rate because its too much. Come on if Yankeeruinx is entitiled to it he has the right to claim it. I believe we have a better chance of claiming the higher rate, as thats what the banks charge us, and their charges are unlawful, the end amount claimed is immaterial, if your entitiled to it, claim it. Lets stop being easy on the banks, its our money, our contracts, our right to claim the higher interest. I have a fairly large overdraft facility with my bank, which I believe
  5. Yes my fears exactly... But I cant see how it can really effect the economy, if it is (the money from charges) not in the hands of the banks then it will be in the hands of its customers, who will then have more expendable funds to feed the economy with anyway...? If it was any other industry that was flouting the law they probably would have been held to account long ago, but as it is our banks, it would seem we are left to fight this one on our own...one by one. Well I for one am not going to let them keep their greedy hands on my money! Oh plus interest.... Edd
  6. No, its simpler than that...money...banks have lots of it and so it makes them powerful and this is why trading standards or other statutory body's are so unwilling to take action against them, maybe they are afraid or the banks tell them that a ruling such as a injunction for them to remove the unfair condition would create a crash in profits that have a larger effect on the economy as a whole. I guess it seems large international finance organisations can be above the law, as no one it would seem (apart from the average person here) is willing to stand up the them and challenge these un
  7. I would like to know who these consumer associations are, as they are one of the 'qualifying body's' that can take legal action... why arent they taking legal action?
  8. Now forgive me if I am being niave but I have just been reading through the The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regs. 1999 and here it mentions the condtions that may be regarded as unfair, and which we are now I would imagine all aware. (e) requiring any consumer who fails to fulfil his obligation to pay a disproportionately high sum in compensation; (schedule 2, regulation 5.5) The act also states: - 'The Regulations maintain the obligation on the Director General of Fair Trading (contained in the 1994 Regulations) to consider any complaint made to him about the
  9. Thanks Lucid, probably should have mentioned I'm with the Abbey hence the 28.7%, sorry:o. But the question was a general one and not just aimed at my bank Abbey so you have still managed to answer my question. I am also claiming the higher rate of CI and so am watching your thread with great interest.... keep at it, and best of luck Edd
  10. I too am claiming CI at 28.7% on £1605 of charges, and have just sent my LBA, I have a question for you Mindzai/Lucid hope I'm not highjacking your thread but I am seriously considering moving my monthly payment of wages into my parachute account as I am afraid my bank are suddenly going to take my O/D facility away, I think you have had a simialr experience? If I keep my money where it is the bank could withdraw my O/D facility and I might be up s**t street or I move it to another account and they start demanding the repayment of my o/d facilty, it seems a bit of a catch 22 situation. S
  11. Ha, 3 months, we will see....I'll get back to you on that one, prepared to eat humble pie if I have to....but I wont..
  12. I dont see it taking any longer myself, infact things should go quicker, which is my whole point. I guess like you say we will see, I hope to show you I'm right, hehe, but then I would say that wouldn't I. To be honest Im more worried about the contractual interest and if I can make it stick... I see Abbey fighting that one with more vigour than 14days. Just my 2cents.. Edd
  13. Well LBA sent today asking for £2562.90 which includes £1605.00 in charges plus compounded contractual interest at 28.7% of £957.90. Im giving Abbey 14 days to return the above amount or I will be starting court action. I know some of you think I should give another extra 14 days but I have been told its unnessesary, so I'm not. Apparently 7 days would be sufficient... This obviously doesn't mean we should all stop using the guidlines of CAG. I very much appreciate the help available here without it it would certainly be much harder claiming these charges back. A big thank you to all tho
  14. Thanks for your comments guys I thought it might cause a stir but I personally dont see there's an issue here. When I sent Abbey my SAR I also outlined my intention to seek the refunding of my penalty charges, I told them after I had worked out the amount I would be sending them a letter demanding the refund or I would go to court after 14 days. Abbey were sent the SAR on the 13th December 2005, I think they will have had ample time and notice by the time this might go to court. Abbey have had plenty of time to work out how much they owe me since i sent the SAR and do not really need me t
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