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  1. Have taken today off work to prepapre for case on Monday. Thanks for the tip re Bongobaz Gizmo - i'll research that one. Enron has also kindly given me a copy of the statement he used to support his case in court so will use this as a start point in preparing my own statement.
  2. Dont think there is any difference in costs. MCOL is more difficult to properly complete your claim in my opinion as there is limited space to key in your Particulars of Claim. I found the manual N1 process very straightforward. Citi are tough though - you should expect to go to court but you'll get plenty of support from CAG.
  3. I'm well Kenny but disappointed to see the Gers result tonite. I'm in Scotland but letter is lightly different as below. If I were you then I'd be very interested in the FOS route. Personally, I lodged mine with the FOS 2 weeks before the test case was announced so it will be interesting to see how it pans out. "The FSA requires us to ensure that any bank charge complaint will not be adversely affected by the delay in dealing with it. Customers for whom Scotland is the most likely jurisdiction, should be aware of the following; - you may choose to take your complaint to the FOS or the courts in Scotland - your right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service will not be affected. The FOS provides a convenient alternative to the courts and is free for consumers. However, as already explained the FOS has at our request decided not to determine these cases for the time being until the test case is resolved - However if you nonetheless wish to continue your claim through the courts in Scotland, you may wish to seek advice on making a claim now to protect your rights in prescription although you will have to pay a fee. You should be aware that if you do this the bank will immediately apply to the court to have put the case put on hold"
  4. when a cheque is bounced it is sent back to the payee who can then represent it by paying it back in again. In the "old days" the payee could then pay in by "special presentation" which means that the cheque would be posted to your branch at Nationwide and the funds taken from your account that day then the cash would be sent by bank giro to the payees account to arrive a few days later. I dont know if this process is still in existence but it could explain the timescales in your case.
  5. My letter says that I can go to the FOS but they will not determine the complaint until the test case is concluded.
  6. I very much doubt that they will still be in business in 2 years time. Write to the bank to tell them that they no longer have your authority to disclose info to these jokers.
  7. Its 8 weeks from the date of your very first letter. You could complain to FSA but doubt it would get you any further forward.
  8. Had a flexible ticket from British Airways to get from Heathrow to Aberdeen. Turned up to catch the last flight home and it was cancelled due to "adverse weather" - left stranded at Heathrow overnight and BA refused to compensate (per EU rules) as adverse weather is outwith their control. Adverse weather was a little wind and rain with a British Midland flight leaving without incident 30 mins after the scheduled BA departure.
  9. Capital One removed £2k default info following court action for refund of bank charges - whole balance comprised charges and interest thereon(they settled one week before court). First Direct removed £1.5k default info following court action for £600 charges refund (they settled day before court). RBS "discharged my debt" after a CCA request - they have no agreement. They are refusing to remove the default so court action coming soon. HSBC Visa also have no agreement but are trying to chase me for the debt and refusing to remove the default.
  10. FC - I think where you are going with this is that if no notice of the securitisation has been given to the cardholder then the debt is unenforceable. There are some flaws though; 1. the banks typically dont securitise their whole lending book only a portion of it so how would an individual cardholder know that their loan had been part of the securitisation. 2. I dont think a lot of credit card debt will have been securitised because it is unsecured and therefore the Bond Notes will have poor ratings 9ie. from Moodys, S&P, Fitch) - securitisations work best when the ratings are strong (ie. mortgages and large corporate real estate loans). 3. if this was a major flaw and you took legal action then the bond holders would simply refinance your debt out of the securitisation and replace it with someone else.
  11. Received the court bundle from Citi this morning (9 days before court date - it was supposed to arrive 2 weeks before). The skeleton arguments look fairly standard but there is a copy of a judgement granted in their favour at Salford Court on 6th June this year -Timothy Potter v Citifinancial. Does anyone have any knowledge of this case ?
  12. Thanks - Alice Rose. Give me a shout if you need any help with your claim.
  13. Any updte Danny - did you manage to speak to them ?
  14. Nice one Enron but why oh why do the courts keep giving these jokers so much extra time - 10 days would surely have been long enough.
  15. Very best wishes and good luck ! I'm in court with them on the 10th and wouldnt mind a wee look at your statement if you are prepared to share it. Cheers
  16. Danny Would love to know what happened as I also have credit card in against them. Cheers
  17. I wouldnt be so sure - my employer (in financial sector) doesnt give out references (positive or negative) for fear of being sued by the reference subject. Also how many employers go to the expense of checking criminal records. My guess is that she'll lie low for a while (possibly in prison) then when the furore has died down she'll get a job somewhere.
  18. I remeber that one too - difference was he advised the Bank and they said it was definitely correct and cash was his from an overseas transfer. I think the bank eventually changed their mind and asked for it back.
  19. ...and how many of the banks have been charged with theft ?
  20. That was Royal Bank - completely separate from Bank of Scotland. I dont condone what she did but surely charging her with theft is a bit harsh.
  21. The problem with this would be that OFT say £12 is fair and we all get refunds of the charges applied less £12 whereas now we are getting full refunds.
  22. I'm in court 10th august v citicards (credit card).
  23. After several successes and with what I thought was another £10k on its way, I had also promised myself a holiday. Gutted.
  24. That could well be an insight into their strategy going forward. I wouldnt be surprised if the banks do start completing a LOT of extra work and checks when someone goes over limit so that they can try and justify the £30 charge as part of the trial case.
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