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  1. About 12 months back I arranged a second mortgage through brokers Loanline - I was financially in a pickle and pretty desperate so took their first offer of £25k loan taking me to 85%LTV but whopping rate of 15%. Last week I arranged a "near prime" remortgage at 90% LTV at 1% over base rate (6.75%). I can prove there is no difference in my credit rating between last year and this year. Have just written to the MD of Loanline seeking repayment of the finders fee I had to pay them of £2k.
  2. Maybe if you could prove that you were mis-sold the mortgage because you could have obtained a prime loan then you would have an argument to claim back some of the interest paid. The FSA have recently reviewed the practices of a number of sub prime brokers and found problems.
  3. I agree it would be good to remove the CCJ if you at all can. If you need a good broker then i can highly recommend [edited]
  4. Saw ryan giggs at manchester airport in late June - he looked harrassed by his young kids.
  5. there are 3 main credit reference agencies in UK; experian, equifax and call credit. All 3 will have this info.
  6. For each credit account reported to equifax or experian there is a monthly payment mark covering the last 6 years. If you pay the account when due then you get a "0" if you are a month late then you get a "1" if you are two months late you get a "2" and so on. Therefore for each account it may have a history something like 000000000000001100000001230000000000000000001000100000010 etc When you are credit scored the system will take into account the above history and various other factors.
  7. I may be wrong but i think some of the banks report a late payment mark if you have gone over limit in the month or they have bounced a dd.
  8. Phoned Morpeth Court today to see if I could apply for judgement but First Direct filed AQ yesterday - bar stewards. Apparently they also requested a Stay with the AQ. I have submitted the standard objection to the Stay and the judge will be considering matters tomorrow or Friday. Fingers crossed.
  9. Camdenite - stick to the info on this site and you cant go wrong. I wrongly though that there would be no stay application as mine was a credit card claim but luckily had internet access with me and could look up the key points re objecting. Take the objection info with you and it argues itself admirably.
  10. Full story is here ; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/citicards/91232-stornoway-citicards-incl-contractual-3.html#post1075473 Citi's lawyer was pretty gutted - she obviously thought it was a slam dunk. The other cases were against Barclays Bank and Lloyds. Barclays cases were stayed to October 2008 and Lloyds to January 2008. One of the Barcays claimants was offered £3k on a £5k claim in April but had refused and was now gutted (the Barclays lawyer said that three weeks ago he would have wriiten him a £5k cheque on the spot). My judge had heard the two Barclays cases before me and it was a different judge hearing the Lloyds case. My Judge did joke that the refusal of the stay in my case was showing inconsistency and not simply across the court system but across the rulings of a single judge in a single day !!
  11. Was ta Morpeth today. Four cases all heard individually. Three were stayed but I managed to successfully argue against it using the objections posted elsewheree on CAG. Judge particularly liked the impact on my Human Rights under the EC Human Rights Act to a free and speedy trial.
  12. PS: Three other MSE claimants had stays granted ifo the banks.
  13. I was in court today at Morpeth (Judge Kramer) v citicards who tried to apply for stay on the basis that the underlying arguments are the same in credit card and overdraft charges. I managed to look at the CAG doc for appealing stays and read this out in court. The stay was refused with judge seeming particularly interested in Human Rights Act and the fact that Citi can still charge me.
  14. What a waste of a day. Was eventually called at 4.30pm - judge asked me to give very brief outline of claim which I did. He then asked for Citi to comment. Citi asked for a stay quoting the OFT test case. Lots of ums and aahs from the judge then he asked me for my views to which I highlighted that ; 1. test case was for overdraft charges not credit cards 2. OFT had already reported on credit cards 3. FOS are continiuing credit card claims and have only stayed c/a claims 4. a delay would infring my rights to a speedy trial under Human Rights Act 5. there is no status quo as Citi can continue to charge There was some toing and froing including Citi arguing that the underlying issues are the same in overdraft and credit card claims but judge particularly commented on points 3,4 and 5 above. Citi said that if I proceeded and won they would appeal and timescales are then similar to the test case. Judge mentioned that a delay is also against CPR Over-riding Objectives rules and even if there was an appeal it would still be concluded before the test. STAY WAS NOT GRANTED. Out of the 4 bank charge claimants I was the only one to appeal the Stay successfully and incidentally I was the only one who used CAG (incidentally the judge stayed two claims heard imnmediately in front of me). On the downside it is now to go to trial in 6 to 8 weeks (I thought this was why we were there today) so another 200 mile+ round trip coming but it does give me more time to prepare. I had tried last week to ask for full cost disclosure but response was that "judge was not minded to grant but asked defendant to note points raised". With hindsight I should have asked again today but the Stay application threw me completely off guard.
  15. Thanks for all the good luck wishes - in court at the moment and still waiting to be called (was supposed to be 2pm). Citicard lawyer has introduced herself and advised that she fully expects all 4 bank charge being heard today to be stayed - I suspect I am about to be stitched. So frustrating - especially given 2 days holiday taken to prepare for and attend court plus the 200 mile round trip to get here.
  16. By way of an update, the credit card claim was settled but in the current account claim, I tried to file for judgement but HSBC got in there before me and filed a defence which the judge accepted. They then failed to file an AQ and and now have been granted a two week extension to 15th August to do so. In the meantime DG Sols have writtent to say that they have asked for a stay and I have therefore snet in a letter of objection.
  17. LACORS is the representative body of the various Trading Standards offices in the UK. LACORS have written to the Information Commissioner (earlier this year) to say that they dont agree with the stance taken by IC on this issue and asking them to reconsider. IC current stance is that they are considering the matter and will revert within a few months.
  18. Interested to see how you get on - the lost my CCA but are still refusing to remove default.
  19. I had horrendous problems with Newman and Amex - they are the pits. Newman charged me best part of £1000 after my card defaulted but I managed to get it fully refunded after I asked them to justify how the charge was made up - ie in the same way as penalty charges it should reflect their actual costs only. I also made a formal complaint after they threatened to make me bankrupt in an english court - they cant as I live in Scotland and unreasonable threats like this are outwith the FSA guidelines for debt collection. You should fight them and take back the initiative with the support of CAG.
  20. Hi, could you let us know WHY this is the case (I'm in Scotland and have a FOS case on hold with BoS). thanks
  21. I submitted Barclaycard complaint 2 months ago and its still in their backlog. I tried to complain and they say that they aim to resolve complaints within 6 to 9 months. They also tried to put my BOS Credit Card claims on hold pending the test case.
  22. I tried to get the court to order Disclosure but suspect that I was simply too late with the case being heard on Monday (I had also tried at AQ stage but was ignored). Have accordingly today received correspondence from court regarding my claim with "the Court is not minded to Order any further disclosure but invites the defendant to note the points raised". Hopefully this will mean that the Judge is minded to take on board my argument re costs in the hearing on monday.
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