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  1. I'm surprised at this - have you claimed charges from them before ? Can you give us more details of their letter ? Cheers
  2. i'm not sure whether you can claim together or not but if you did claim together then it might be very complicated to work out the fees and interest you are reclaiming ? I'm in a similar situation with FD and i'll probably do it separately (i'm waiting on my statements coming through at the moment). Good luck !
  3. Hi Go to the template section then Vampiress's Chambers for copies of spreadsheets which you can use. I've just started my first claim and I'm claiming ; 1. the charges 2. daily interest on the charges (i.e. the amount of interest I have been charged since they were incurred - 22.49% in my case). 3. contractual interest (i.e. they have had my money over the last 6 years so i'm charging them interest at 22.49% for having use of my money). The interest more than doubles the total claim !
  4. As I understand it they are saying that if you are charged in the future and claim again then they may close your account. If you simply incur charges and accept them then you are OK. Halifax has the same policy.
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