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  1. Hey there's no point in twisting my words ....I'm only advising you to be careful. You do what you think is best.
  2. PS: Bookworm, congratulations on reaching a round 9,000 posts - what a feat !
  3. I have a bit of a selfish attitude here in that I'd rather wait until my own claims are successful before promoting to others - I'm just scared that if too many claims go in to the banks they will eventually reach a tipping point and decide its time to fight back.
  4. My view is that you should keep the claim as simple as possible to cover the unlikely event that you have to explain any calcs to a judge. I'm therefore claiming; 1. the charges 2. the interest I have paid on the charges (i.e. on my credit card I am being charged 19.9% on the outstanding balance so I have been paying 19.9% interest on the charges since they were applied) 3. contractual interest at 19.9% (i.e. they have had the use of my cash so i am charging them the same rate that they would charge me if I had "borrowed" the cash from them). If it goes to court then this interest is instead of the statutory 8%. The above rationale would apply to both your current account and your credit card. On your bank account with no o/d I would charge the deposit rate at point 2 (the interest rate you get for having cash in your account) and the unauthorised o/d rate at point 3.
  5. Does seem worrying ....Suposse it depends if they can prove how long the staff were on the screen for and that they were actually doing work - you could log onto a screen then go for lunch....Will be interested to see other views on this.
  6. Well done ! Is the £1500 purely charges or do you ask for refund of interest as well ?
  7. The OFT are due to publish their findings on bank charges in the same way that they did for credit card charges. Its reasonable to assume that some of the bank's will be waiting on the outcome of the OFT report but; 1) its difficult to see how the OFT can say anything other than what they said in their report on credit cards (i.e. they would take action if charges of more than £12 were levied) 2) no matter what the OFT say on the level of fees they are still illegal.
  8. the process is based on where you live - you file claim at the nearest court to where you live.
  9. I dont want to be a scaremonger but you should get some professional advice - do you have a union or have you paid for legal protection cover under your home or car insurance ?
  10. Maroon Was this a current account or a credit card you were claiming on ?
  11. I've just had a response from Mrs Carpenter, Data Protection Officer at the Southend On Sea address. Might save time to address request to her.
  12. Same rules apply. I'm got my hands full at the moment with other claims but I'm going after them soon.
  13. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legalities/24013-defaults-proposed-method-removal.html The above is a link to an interesting thread on this topic but default removals look like they are hard work ! With only 1 relatively old default you should speak to a mortgage broker as I'm sure you'lll get a mortgage from someone.
  14. Also....if you claim in one go then you'll probably get to keep your accounts. Claim more than once and they'll likely close your account. Not sure how important this is to you......
  15. I'm not sure on this but ....if you cant get it set aside then does this count as a CCJ with all the horrendous implications for your credit file ? If it does it might be worth thinking about paying the £630 to the court asap (presumably if you pay this within 1 month then the CCJ isnt registered).
  16. I'm in a similar but slightly better position. First direct withdrew my current account facilities (nil balance at the time) and transferred my credit card balance to my current account before passing to a DCA. I'm claiming charges (including interest) on the current account of more than the credit card balance so very hopeful of getting default removed.
  17. Good luck ! I'm one step ahead having posted my SAR in December. They will write back to you requesting ID - might be worth enclosing that now to save time. They wanted a photocopy of my driving licence and a copy utility bill. Cheers
  18. I'm in the same position and really not sure whether to go for it or not, would love to know if anyone else has been successful......
  19. Sainsbury's Bank is a 51/49 JV between Sainsbury's and HBOS (parent company of halifax). As far as I know Halifax run the operational side of the business. HTH
  20. No worries, PM your address and i'll send through.
  21. Bill I have created a MS works spreadsheet that has ability to have refund interest claim at one rate and contractual interest at another rate. Happy to send through if you want it. Cheers
  22. My understanding is that they wont close your account unless you claim for charges a second time - sounds like an over zealous call centre space cadet. Re legal action there are a few threads about how you can complain to the banking ombudsman if the are deemed to be taking retalitory action to your claim.
  23. Unbelievable.....Do you think MBNA is aware of the tone and arrogance of this guy's letters. I don't know if he is right or wrong but if it waa me I'd either be getting specialist legal advice (from this site or elsewhere) or trying to claim from one of the other banks in your IVA first and leaving these guys until you are more confident in your chances of success ? Good luck with the claim.
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