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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Ok thanks, just one more thing... since sending my prelim request letter, i have incurred more charges, do you think it would be acceptable to include these in my LBA or would i have to start a seperate claim?
  3. Hi Jonni2bad, My charges were 25 quid a time, sometimes 75 quid in one month when the amount i exceeded my overdraft has most often been less than the charge applied to my account (that's what has always made it seem so unreasonable even though i didn't know they weren't really allowed to do it!!!) When it comes down to it i still don't know for sure that default notices have been issued so i'd have to find that out before i could continue with my claim and i really just want to get on with it now so, although your advice is appreciated, I'm dropping that part of my LBA... which i st
  4. Thanks, I think I'll leave the default thing as it's definitely been my fault on some occasions for going over my limit! LBA will be sent recorded delivery first thing in the morning!
  5. Can anyone out there offer any advice please? I'm really not sure what to do about the default notice thing!
  6. My case so far.... 27th March - sent DPA letter 29th March - received acknowledgement letter with 'what do you mean by manual intervention?' tactic, and giving me back my cheque (but asking for it back for the extra info!) 19th April - sent letter clarifying 'manual intervention', enclosing cheque "I would think that it is quite clear what is meant by the term “manual intervention”. However, to clarify my request, in addition to the details of transactions and charges applied to my account (including individual dates and amounts) since March 2000, I would also ask for any evide
  7. I had a similar letter but without this bit... For the avoidance of doubt, the fact that we do not generally rrcord information in a way that ois caught by the provisions of the DPA, is in no way an admission that there was no such manual intervention. I sent the tenner and got a huge pile of around 400 sheets of info regarding my account, all personal stuff, cheque books and paying in books requested, and much more, much of which in a language very difficult to make sense of! I have poured through the info and found nothing relating to manual intervention except a 'notepad entry' ab
  8. I'm there now! I've just been looking around again and found the answer to my question, I think I confused myself by reading too much before! I'm a little daunted by what I'm reading about Barclays determination to leave it to the bitter end! Please stick to 1 thread!
  9. Thanks for your reply, but I also wondered if i wouldn't be able to claim it later if I didn't include it in the preliminary letter, does that not matter? If not great, I'll send it tomorrow!
  10. OK, I'm not daft, I've been through the FAQ's, read posts til my brain buzzed and my eyes watered but I still need clarification on this one! I have got to the point where i'm ready to send off my request that Barclays refund my charges, I've calculated the total amount to be 450 quid on one account and 25 on another so i'm going to ask for this back. My confusion lies with whether or not i should add the interest on now or wait til i threaten action... I keep reading on peoples threads advice to wait before adding the interest yet the preliminary request for repayment template inclu
  11. Thanks for that guys, I'm determined to get my money back off this Wunch of Bankers!!! (Cheers Rooster-UK, made me )
  12. I too had my cheque for 10 pounds returned...I forgot to include it with my DPA letter so sent a duplicate with the cheque the following morning. 2 days later i received 2 letters from Barclays, one returning my cheque and another stating i hadn't enclosed one but that my ''request for copy statements was underway and these will be provided shortly and without charge on this occasion'' but as happened to you, they requested a 10 pound fee for the 'data subject access request' in the same letter!!! Arrrgh!!!!
  13. I sent my DPA letter on 27th March and received a reply a few days later. "...As regards your mention of "manual intervention" could you please explain what you mean by this term and in consequence which records you believe may be of interest to you..." this was my reply... "...I would think that it is quite clear what is meant by the term 'manual intervention'. However, to clarify my request, in addition to the details of transactions and charges applied to my account (including individualu dates and amounts) since xxxx, i would also ask for any evidence that shows when an emp
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