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  1. Yeah - I agree, if you stick the patches on your eyes you can't find your fags! Enough sillyness, CONGRATS!! My Mrs and I also succeeded using the patches, best choice ever!
  2. I love the fact you keep at stopping. I gave up a 40 a day habit and have not smoked for almost 5 months now. I fell off the wagon once and it made me sick as a dog. Stick at it - you will win!!
  3. My Mrs and I quit together on July 13th 2010. I have had one cigarette since, about a month ago and it made me as sick as hell. As I sit here now we're well on our way to 5 months but I still crave the silly things. I know I wont smoke again, but giving up a 40 a day habit was not an easy thing to do. Anyone thinking of doing it - best thing you'll ever do. Get support - it's FREE and available everywhere around you. You just have to WANT to Stop.
  4. So - a development today....... We went to court.......... Cobblers had an application to dismiss our claim for contractual interest on grounds that they had settled the claim in full. We got to the court ad Cobblers "Rather New looking Lawyer" introduced himself. He handed us a bit of paper and said "This is the case I will be using for my arguement today". said - "Oh - That's nice, shame it wasn't sent to us 14 days ago as per CPR" - Silence from the Newbie! We appeared and so did Cobblers. We entered the court and the Judge started proceedings. Judge gave the solicitor a bollocking for not having an attendance register ready One thing lead to another and the Cobblers lawyer stared argueing his case. He pleaded the entire lot, and the judge looked at us and asked for our response........ Well, it's like this...... we are accepting full and final settlement as offered by the defendant, but the chq they have sent us is crossed for a closed account, and therefore - we can't bank it. We find this as unreasonable behaviour by the defendant and request judgement and payment in full in an alternate form. Judgement Granted! Judge says - Mr Cobblers, anything else?? Mr Cobblers Noob says "Yes, I'd like to apply for my costs" Mr Judge says - Don't push it son - you've just lost the case. Mr Judge says - Mrs Martinix - anything else? We says "Thank You, but we're happy to act reasonably and not claim the costs we know we are entitled to" Judge says - "Mr Cobblers, maybe you can take some lessons from the Litigant in persons"! Job done - they have 14 days to pay in full - by means of EFT to our chosen account at ANOTHER BANK!
  5. Best of luck. My Mrs is in court Friday.
  6. Jade, I used Vamps spreadsheet and claimed compounded contractual. We filed N1 at court and AQ is due in a week. Cap One have written and offered all if we withdraw our claims. My Mrs claim is a bit more complicated, so we have rejected their settlement offer, and will take it to the wire if we need to. They have however closed my account and sent me a chq for the credit balance, which may just be the next battle I have with them.
  7. I have just WON using the Contractual Purchase Interest rate. My Mrs has also had the same offer letter refunding all charges and Purchase Interest on top.
  8. I am really not going to fight it too hard, as I was going to close the account anyways as part of our "Debt Free" 2 year plan! BUT - If the account gets closed, it is because I have asked for it to be done and not the bank forcing it to happen. I wonder what the OFT and FSA will have to say about it? All the balance that was on the card (£768.00) was refunded in charges and a chq for £318.00 was also posted as the credit balance. I suppose if I still owed them a few hundred they would not have closed it? I did also notice today that they have disappeared from my credit profile. Not mentioned as settled, but totally vanished. All I asked for was the removal of the default.
  9. I have recently filed a claim against Capital One and have received a settlement offer letter. It has offered the full refund and interest claimed via the county court. I need to write to the Court to inform them of my discontinuance, but decided to check the balance and rang Cap One. I was informed that the balance was Zero and a chq for the credit balance was in the post to me. The agent at the call center also advised me that the account was no closed. I was a bit amazed by this action, as none of the correspondence has mentioned account closure to me. I have also not asked for it to be closed after settlement. Anyone else had this? Is there anything I can do?
  10. Lynne, Glad to see things are moving smoothly. They will file a defence and after they that, you will receive the letter we did this morning. We have cleared your balance and are sending you a chq in the next 14 days for the balance. It's just a matter of time now...
  11. Got a cheque today for the total amount claimed for the non-compliance. I have also received the Subject Access Request - originally from January 02nd. Now I can begin the process of claiming my charges.
  12. I did not start the thread at the SAR stage, but I did go through the whole process since the 15th of December when I started. SAR Prelim LBA Settlement Offer 40% - Rejection sent N1 Filed AQ - This is the stage they settled in full. Claim + Contractual
  13. Duke, The best thing to do is send a SAR and get your statements. This will show you the charges applied to your account within the 6 year section. Anything beyond the 6 years is going to be a struggle, but read through the forums, there are some people that are claiming beyond 6 years. Good luck with your claim.
  14. Just completed the survey and when the funds have cleared my parachute account, I will definately be making a donation. Thank you to this site, I have reclaimed the right!!
  15. Now settled. Full claim + contractual interest + court costs.
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