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  1. hi everyone, here is the situation my partner was looking at buying into a public house, there were two people interested her and another man, she was told by the current lease holder that who ever could get her £6000 deposit first then the pub would be held for them, so my partner off she went to the bank and got the money paid the deposit to the landlady got a recipt all witnessed by various people i think it was 4. no problems so far, well here is where is all goes wrong the total amount to be paid was £25000 but we wanted to look at books and profit loss acounts etc before anything was signed or any further monies paid the current landlady said "i dont have to show you my books" well that seemed a little odd as we needed to know what the running day to day costs were and the monies coming in, this went on for nearly 4weeks and still not being given any figures. So my partner stated that she wantes to pull out of the deal as it all seemed a little dodgy with her not alowing to see the books for previous years etc, the landlandy said ok she will return the £6000 to my partner and thats is, well so far another 4weeks down the line we have had nothing from her and are thinking about going the legal route to obtain the funds back, only dont know where to start, i have sent her a letter informing her that we will tak legal action to recover the money but dont know where else to go from here, so all help appreciated. many thanks miike
  2. thanks, can he get the PPI stopped for the last few months of the payments as this would drop his costs down by £50 a month
  3. hi there can anyone help with this, my dad had a car from Yes Car Credit, and has got 7months left to pay of the agreement, thos was all dated back from 2005, and he has been paying PPI that was sold to him from the beginning. the last payment being due on the 21/7/2009 he is paying £219.31 a month to them in total and a total amount of £10526.88 the car price on his agreement was £5950.00 he took the GAP and the PPI as he was made to believe that he had to do this i was there with him while they were doing the sell on the cars etc in the single room bit etc i am sure any others who have been to YES will know what i am on about, well here is the bit, back in 06/06/2006 he was given 219.31 as a ppi credit due to him being in hospital, can he still claim any of the PPI moneys paid to date, or because he has made a claim is it all void, also he traded his old car which they paid £200 for and this was called TOTAL DOWN PAYMENT, TO BE APPLIED TOWARDS ANY OPTIONAL INSURANCES, I have been led to believe that this is a practice that is not allowed to be done, i have all the figures here is there is anyone out there that can spare me the time i can go onto msn or something like that and send the figures so i can see if he can get anything back from these i can only describe as thieves. huge thanks Utterchaos Mike
  4. hi i am just getting started on this for my dad, he had a car from YCC 41 months ago, he has got 7 months left to pay, where do i start with getting some of his PPI stuff back, his old car was also taken off the insurances and not the new car loan thanks
  5. ok i will let her know, i thought she had to fill something in, and send it to them, but if she can phone then it will be easier
  6. hi all my sister got her money back from nationwide, it was done with the n1 route not the mcol, what does she have to do now? with regards to the court action, as now they have refunded her it does not need to goto court how does she tell the court or will nationwide do that for her?
  7. the complete wording is Alough we have refunded charges to your account on this occasion, we are unable to provide you with a current account that is completely free of all charges if you breach the terms and conditions of that account. We Will, therefore, expect you to comply with the terms and conditions of the account, in future. If you are unable to do this, it may be appropriate for you to make alternative banking arrangements as it may be necessayr for us to give you 30 days notice to close you account if further breaches of the terms and conditions arise. was sent from a Jeanette Mazzotta Customer Service manager
  8. both payments into her account on the 6th about an hour between each of them
  9. mad i got a letter from nationwide my self this morning telling me that they have paid 151.00 into my account and 30 in court fee and 5.03 in interest, and it says at the bottom that they are unable to provide me with an account thats completely free of charge, and if i breach the terms and conditions of that account, in the future i should make alternative banking arrangements, as it may be necessary for them to give me 30days notice, does this mean they are closing the account or i can keep it open. another point there has been a payment of 149 into the account, but thats not the amount they have said they paid back, do i have to tell the court the money has been given back to me, this was only a claim for just under 200 not my main claim on my other account, going on there figures they say they have credited 151.00 8%interest of 5.03 and 30 court costs,
  10. my sister just got £1334.21 which was paid as £999 and £335.21 this is the charges in full, and overdraft interest but not got the 8% interest or the court fee, her claim was started request 8th Jan LBA 22nd Jan action 5th Feb 1334.21 so she just waiting for the court cost of 120 and 105.02 in the interest, so should all be done for her soon, this how nationwide payout then in this order
  11. just checked a full statement, and it states refund of interest charge of £151.44, so must be pat of the main payout then as the interest was more than that, but i have to separate claims as the amount was over 5000.
  12. well i had a "correction" payment into my account today for £151.44 so i guess they are starting to pay me so seems good so far a little short of the £9252.67 lol but seems they want to pay me
  13. lol i still waiting along with you mate
  14. maybe worth you reading up on the AQ stuff, just incase you do get sent one, i have heard nothing from them since the claim was defended on the 15th, so i am in the same position as you
  15. i got that on the 14th, not had a aq thing yet, hope i dont have to lol
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