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  1. Just received all charges back . Started trying to claim back in October, wrote a letter to head office in Edinburgh, they replied saying that their charges were fair and they were not paying out, blah blah so i wrote the same letter again but handed it into my local branch (saves on postage). Received a reply about 5 weeks ago apologising for the delay and they were looking into my case. Last week i received an a letter from them, i assumed it would be the same 'our charges are fair' rubbish. They said they believed their charges are fair but out of 'goodwill' they are willing to pay all £2230 i was claiming. Thanks to all the support from consumer action group, couldn't have done it without you all. Now on to claiming from the credit card!!!
  2. Hi there, just joined up today, already partly through my claim but thought i'd join up for some moral support. Got statments and i've already sent first letter. 14 days is up a week tomorrow so got my next letter prepared, spoke to a solicitor today about an ordinary action (trying to claim £2353) so i'm quite excited . Studying law at uni so at least i can put it into practice!! Claiming in Scotland so if anyone has any particular advice it would be much appreciated. Wish me luck .
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