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  1. Sorry to thread jump but where can I find the deed of assignment template letter?
  2. I am considering whether to approach Capquest who I am already paying( debt they have from RBS). What is the standard letter I send to them requesting the DOA(date of assignment?) A CCA(???) I believe and where can I find it.
  3. Oh yes and I haven't a clue how much I owe. I am currently claiming from the Halifax(only just started) and this is a seperate issue.
  4. To answer GG ?. I am already paying back Capquest so therefore I have assumed resposibility. I presume I owe on both the loan and the account. Although as stated with the loan I would have been protected by payment insurance and I'm sure the claim could be sorted out.
  5. I have sent my SAR to my present bank today due to excesive charges. However my query relates to a bank account I operated some years ago(not used or know the status of since 2002) from RBS. I should imagine I amassed a tidy sum in charges towards the end due to no monies being credited and for a short period DD's etc. being honoured. I thought I had just been forgotten(wishful thinking!!) until August 2006 when I received correspondence from Capquest claiming that they were recovering a RBS debt. However I am unsure as to whether this relates to the current account or a loan I had taken out with RBS(this will have been covered by payment protection but I do not recall ever claiming). HGow should I proceed?? If I request a SAR and this becomes messy and I owe thousands would it be better to continue 'hiding'. At one point I contemplated declaring myself bankrupt, however, debts have turned up in dribs and drabs and I have just paid or made arrangements. Within these amounts I am sure I have had lots of extra charges levied. Would it be wise to obtain a breakdown from everyone I am currently paying?? Many thanks in advance
  6. I have started and sent my 2 initial subject access requests to Halifax, my prime bankers at present. I envisage their charges will total hundreds and are not particularly excessive. I am claiming merely on principle, eg. being charged £30 for going overdrawn by £1.24. However I require advice about proceedings with the Royal Bank of Scotland with whom I had an account some years previously. I basically disappeared(had a lengthy period of ill health and "forgot" my account). This was in 2002, in 2006 I received communication from an independent company reclaiming monies on behalf of a debt with RBS. Now I am unclear as to whether this corresponds to the current account or a loan I had with them(this would have been coverd by insurance anyway). I am worried that if I send a SAR to RBS they may uncover further debts I have with them(ie the loan and I am currently paying off account debts). If it is that I am paying the loan off already then the current account will only be in debt due to charges that they have continued to apply whilst I was 'persona non grata'
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