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  1. Hi all, Just a bit of advice required my mother is getting letters and calls, most recent from PRA over my sons debt but he has not lived in the UK for over 2 years and lives in Riga, she has ignored the calls and returned the letters back to the collectors but some are failing to stop harrasing her. Even his credit report shows his address in Riga but they are still bugging a 75 year old woman who has none of the debts to her name. Any advice greatly appreciated
  2. Wondering if anybody can help, our house was bought in my wifes and her mothers names, it is fully paid off, (no mortgage etc) but my wifes mother recently passed away and we dont know how to change the ownership, we were told to just use land registry but cant find anything on there that fits the bill any help appreciated
  3. In court in January, they argue the actual cost is £19, if that were true you would charge £19 as you could prove in court thats what it costs rather than take a £7 loss on every charge. Idiots
  4. By the way, this has gone to Court as they would not refund the only charge ever made on this account totaling £12 this is an account operated for 3 years default free even the banks and the C/C's would haver paid back one charge in 3 years. Hideous people
  5. Heres part of their bundle for court, they did an "independent" calculation of the actual costs of a default fee, according to them they are losing £7 per default fee, it really is quite laughable, they also say the cost for their staff @ £10.71 per hour (mmm think not) goes towards SAR costs, strange one that as we actually have to pay £10 to get one! Apparently its Legally privileged and confidential - not any more!
  6. Its not from a DCA but in a live chat the operator said it was with CCM but then said it was with their in-house collections but letter from voda received today says "may instruct a specialist collector etc you will have to pay upto 25% extra on bill upto max £100 No not spoken to Lee
  7. I have an issue with Vodafone, they have sent me a letter saying i owe £401 as my contract was cancelled, the contract was cancelled because they did not set up the direct debit, I have paid them £245.21 since march 14 asked on their "chat" if i could make a plan to repay the rest @£61.83 per mth for 6 months told "phone collections" I do not want to converse with people on the phone and felt harrased by the way the chat rep was refusing to give me any other option of contact, they have threatened me with collectors and a further £100 charges to cover this, why cant a company of their size make a decision to accept or refuse my offer without all this harrasment and stress?
  8. Hello, Ive got a claim in against thomson/first choice, at allocation I filed "litigant in person, home court, not have resources of company" etc Thomsons argued in their allocation to move to luton to allow for the witness to attend. I received notification it was transfered to Liverpool (my local court) but today received letter from Liverpool saying judge decided to give thomsons until 17th Sep to give reasons as the judge has stated this is not my "home" court. Purposes of considering CPR part 30.3(2)(b) subject to CPR part 3.3, 1.4,3.1 as well as 30.3 I live in Liverpool so cannot see how this cannot be my home court. Any advice appreciated.
  9. Can you forward this so it gets some attention as only 2 days till court cheers
  10. The witness statement says at the end that the honourable judge should dismiss this case for abuse of process! I was under the impression that witness statements were only to give facts of their knowledge of the case not to give their opinions on legal matters, also says primo facie (legal latin), not something I would expect a Halifax line manager to know.
  11. They filed their defence and received their court bundle today, claim is approx £75 in total.
  12. In court next weds 11th with HBOS over £12 charges refund any help appreciated
  13. Hi all, I worked on a claim against RBS for a relative, and had a judgement passed against them back in September, I am trying to follow up the claim as it has not been satisfied but unfortunately I had all the judgement info on an old Sony laptop which has packed in working! I have the judgement number but not my log-in details so cannot print a copy off. Does anybody know how to access the database to find passed judgements? Thanks in advance.
  14. Take them to court, don't let them have the charges you have already paid, they will ignore you for ages and then say no to your request, sue them for all charges plus statutory interest l, its the only thing S/D understand, they are the lowest of all the rats around
  15. Hi, He refused to have it removed, said they will send account back to Lowells and I need to SAR them for £10
  16. Yes nothing bad in email just the facts of the situation Ta Brig
  17. Ive emailed robert sands at mackenzie hall, i'll give him a day or 2 to respond and then send out a complaint cheers
  18. But in my case I never denied where I lived or who I was to Lowells so what would be the point of a search? I didn't need to be searched for as they already had all my valid contact details as I had spoken to them many times asking them to take it to court as I was totaly comfortable with my position so any search has been solely to leave a mark on the file as one last hoorah for these idiots.
  19. I agree totally David, its their last chance to do something to you as they know there is no chance of legal recovery so try and hit you with this for another 2 years
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