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    This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks for this Mimijane, I did send this letter back twice! as they sent me an offer and then they sent me the same offer with a cheque. Now my claime has been acknowledged and I have received their defence. So lets see where we go from there.
  3. Hi All I stuck to my timetable as you said Livelylad (thanks for the advice.) So I filed my moneyclaim and it stands at issued as of 26th April. However, I got home today and I had a letter from them saying that they would pay me £286 out of the £1060 I am claiming. The letter stated that this refund was based on the difference between £12 and the full charge. (I think other people have received the same letter.) I am not going to accept as the offer is so low. I need to write a letter declining their offer but i'm not sure what to write. Does any one have any suggestions? Any help gratfully received.
  4. Hi All I am new to the A & L forum. I successfully claimed back a little over £2000 from HSBC in May of last year and now I am starting with Alliance and Leicester. I am finding them to be completly different to HSBC with the way they do things. I have sent my Prelim and my LBA, the 14 days since I sent my LBA are up on the 25th April. I did not receive a response to my prelim and the only response to my LBA was a letter I received on Friday stating that they were sorry I had a complaint and they would look into it. Does anyone think I need to reply to this stating that I will still be going ahead with the MCOL or should I just ignore it and go ahead anyway? Any help much appreciated!
  5. Thanks for your advice Maverik I have already got an account open and I have decided to use it anyway so that part isn't a problem. I will read Spiceskulls post as you suggest.
  6. My money was refunded to my account a few days ago which is great. So today I rang HSBC to try and get them to refund the charges applied to my 2 accounts in June and to stop the pending charges in July. I had a 17 minute debate with the man on the other end telling me that the charges were fair and justified. I explained that I had already successfully claimed against HSBC and I have no problem with doing that again. He said that he was sorry but they were unable to refund charges over the phone. So I am going to have to think about where to go now. I know it sounds silly as I have just had my money refunded but I just can't afford the charges coming out in July. My husband has not worked since last November so every penny is vital. What a nightmare!
  7. I posted my letter back to DG solicitors on Friday with the confidentiality agreement crossed out and received a letter this morning saying that my money will be paid into my bank account in the next few days. WOOHOO!!!!
  8. Sweety83

    Nb Vs Hsbc

    Good luck with your claim. HSBC did the same to me they ignored my prelim and then sent me an offer of just over half after I sent my LBA. So just keep going you'll get your money in the end.
  9. Sweety83


    Good luck with your claim. I waited about two weeks before my statements started arriving, which they did over a period of about a week and totalled about 50 separate envelopes. They responded beforehand with the standard letter that most people have received waiving the £10 fee.
  10. Wishing you tons of luck (which you probably won't need) I look forward to reading you progress.
  11. Thats really terrible I feel for you. Keep your chin up. Sweety x
  12. I think I will ring the bank and if they don't refund the charges then I will send a preliminary letter. I am a little worried that by denying them confidentiality and then hassleing them about more charges that they will withdraw there offer. So I am going to wait until the money hits my bank account before ringing them to ask about the charges applied since I filed my moneyclaim.
  13. I have crossed out the confidentiality clause on the letter and I'm going to send the letter back today. I just hope they don't withdraw their offer!!
  14. Good Luck!! Not long to go ibefore you get your money back!
  15. Congratulations on your letter, I got mine today to!! I have said that you will receive your letter soon in my thread but I obviously didn't need to. Well done you!
  16. Well what do you know. I got home from work today and found a letter from DG solicitors waiting for me offering me the full amount!!!!! Wahay I do however have a couple of questions. 1) My letter states 'i accept the sum of £2121.59 in full and final settlement of my claim against HSBC. I agree to keep the fact of my claim and HSBC's ex gratia payment strictly confidential.' I don't want to keep it confidential I don't see why I should. If I just cross out this section will I still get my money? 2) I had another £125 of charges withdrawn from my account yesterday and another £125 is due to come out on the 25th. Can I ask to have these refunded in the letter or should I ring up HSBC when my money comes through. I know it seems ridiculous to still be being charged after all this but my husband was made redundant last year and still doesn't have a job. HSBC withdrew charges making me over my overdraft limit and I just don't have the money to pay the excess back. Hence the continual charges. I want to thank everyone for their help I couldn't have done it without your support. Good luck Sopsps I know your letter will be here soon!!!
  17. I am still waiting for a reply from DG Solicitors. Since my claim was acknowledged on the 13th June I have heard nothing more. There doesn't seem to be a difinitive time scale for receiving an offer or defence. A number of people who have had their claim acknowledged after me have received their money back already. Do you think it depends on the amount you are claiming or do you think that they are stringing it out to p**s me off?
  18. Good luck with your moneyclaim, I hope they don't try to drag it out any longer!!
  19. I am really glad this has all worked out for you. Reading your post has given me a little boost as I felt was starting to flag as the finishing line draws near. Congratulations on your success!
  20. I know it seems ridiculous doesn't it! In my mind no matter what they say offering a partial payment means that they know that they were in the wrong. I don't see it as them doing me a favour. I am keeping all my letters that i've sent, all the letters they have sent, all recorded delivery slips and copies off the internet of the signature of the people that signed for my letters all in a folder. I've also produced a breakdown of the dates that all letters were sent by me and received by HSBC, the dates I have received correspondence from them all in relation to the deadlines that were provided. I also have all the statements for both the accounts I am claiming for in two separate ring binders in date order. (From this you can probably tell why my friends say I'm anally retentive!!) So I have all the information to hand.
  21. I received a letter from the court on the 14th June (Dated the 13th) indicating that HSBC were intending to defend the full amount of my claim. Since then I have not heard anything else. How long has it been for others before they received either details of defence or an offer? Any help appreciated!
  22. I put in a claim for the full amount including the 8% interest which I worked out using the spreadsheet provided in the templates. It has since been acknowledged by HSBC but I'm still waiting for either a letter indicating their defence or an offer.
  23. I did exactly the same accepted their offer as part payment. They didn't reply so I filed my claim. I then received a letter from them dated the day they received my claim indicating that they were sorry I didn't accept and they were withdrawing their offer. I hope that you here something by tommorrow offering you ALL your money.
  24. A big congratulations!!! Good job well done.
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