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  1. It doesnt matter, hes been dead for over two years, I will just leave the jpeg up if its a concern.
  2. Hi, Thanks for your response. I have converted to PDF. We have already written back to the 1st tier adjudicator once rejecting their first decision. The same adjudicator has now written back a second time (good 7-months later) including various documents Halifax have sent, including the certificate of insurance with all the various terms and conditions missing. They have said that neither us nor Halifax have been able to show that the policy wasn't valid for a self-employed person/ was valid for a self employed person and therefore have found in favor of Hali
  3. Hi all, Currently have a claim in with the FOS over a mortgage PPI claim back in 1987. This in on behalf of my father (who was alive 2-years ago when he submitted the claim) but has now died. I am continuing it on behalf of my mother. I have today received a rejection letter from the FOS stating that they don't think the policy was miss sold and that it was suitable for my father who was self employed. When we made the claim my Farher distinctly recalled that he was told he had to have the policy otherwise he wouldn't get the endowment mortgage when
  4. I seem to recall that if you do call a witness in this fashion, they are only obliged to answer yes or no to questions that are asked by you/ your representation.
  5. Keep in minde that if your rent day is different than your tenancy start date, then you will need to serve notice on the start date rather than the rent date. So if your contract started on the 15th of the month but you pay rent on the 28th of the month, the 15th of the month would be the correct date for serving notices not the 28th.
  6. Link to all out of time Employment Appeal Tribunal Cases http://www.employmentappeals.gov.uk/Public/results.aspx concerning outt of time claims. Select Timelimits and reasonable practicability if it takes you to the search page rather than the results.
  7. Yes you can. You will need to get it typed-up into a proper transcript.
  8. The breakclause seems pretty straight forward to me and is in fact worded in your favour (assuming you have written it as worded). Its clear that if you and the landlords cant agree that the temperature is acceptabe then you can serve one months notice. From what you have written, you and the landlords (agents) cant agree that the temperature is acceptable, therefore you have given one months notice. The fact that the agents think the temerature is acceptable is neither here nor there because the breakcaluse doesnt require their agreement, only their disagreement with you.
  9. Hi all. CMD done and dusted. Tribunal pencilled in for later this year. I have to produce a list of documents which I am going to use at the tribunal and send this to the respondents who have been directed to prepare the bundle. Is there any specific format this list of documents should take? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, As the title says I have submitted my ET1 and the othersides solicitor has responded with their ET3. I would like to say that the ET3 is full of misunderstandings or inaccuracies, but in fact its full of blatent lies! The ET have penciled in a date for a case management discussion. My question is therefore one of strategy - I am wondering if I should write to the ET pointing out the various porkies (along with documentation to prove they are porkies) or wait until the case management discussion or wait until the actual ET hearing and point them out then? I am concerned
  11. Hi all, seeking views on this. I have left my employment owing 5 days annual leave - fair enough. My last full monthly wage was paid in August and in September I have only worked 5 days. Now, I was expecting to recieve a wage slip stating my gross pay for those 5 days, the tax, NI, Student Loan and pension deductions and then the deductions they have taken for the 5-days too much leave I had taken. Leaving £0 - with a letter asking me to make up the difference. Instead what they have done is just sent me a P45 - no wage slip. Checking the tax and gross pay details on th
  12. If you have signed a tenancy agreement and moved in, then you have already agreed to pay rent - they are under no requirement to remind you on a monthly basis that rent is due - you would be better off paying what you owe and subtracting your parking expenses and await their response.
  13. I am on to the Appeal now. We sat doen in the grievance meeting and read the large number of comments with me pointing out (although it wasnt necessary!) what I found offensive. I made it very clear that I was deeply upset by it all etc etc - hence the granted weeks special leave.
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