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  1. Damn right. Got 2 letters today - both dated 7th Jan. Letter 1: FIELD AGENT VISIT. Holy crap!! Jack Bauer is coming to kick my a**!!! Oh wait, they are sending it over to Scotcall, not CTU. Letter 2: Notice of intention to preceed Litigation Section blah blah County Court blah blah 10 days to offer payment blah blah Failure MAY result in a CCJ, Attachment of Earnings registered against my property..... like to see how when I own no properties and have no assets linked to me!! I'm more than happy to go to court so I can explain how they have failed to fulfill a CCA
  2. I didn't mention it to them at the time - you always have 20:20 vision in hindsight!! I'm glad I didn't now......not that she'd have even know the difference!
  3. Hello, I'm having some "fun" with Marlin at the moment. I can't remember exact dates as I don't have all the documentation to hand but I'll try and explain. I had a car through British Credit Trust and I fell behind with repayments in 2004. BCT registered a default on my credit file (I don't remember ever getting one but it was a long time ago) and Marlin picked this debt up approx 31/2 years ago. BCT then changed the default to settled. I was happily paying them each month but they wanted more money.... I couldn't afford the original so why would I be paying Marlin more??
  4. I had EXACTLY the same response when I asked them to remove an incorrectly added default by Wescot. Strange that Wescot dont reply to Equifax on the query and as such Equifax remove the default, yet they respond to Experian saying that the default is to remain on the file. I contacted the ICO, who took 7 months to respond and they advised Wescot to remove the entry immediately. I didn't find this out until after 12 months of chasing the ICO who were told by Wescot that they had done it! I pointed out that they hadn't and it was finally removed. Now I'm in a similar situation - de
  5. By "they" do you mean the DCA? In which case no. I'll probably write to them to remind them of their unfulfilled obligations in regards to the CCA request for April 2007 and see what they do. If you could dig out so links for me that would be helpful. Thanks Pete
  6. Hi Guys, A quick question. I had an account go into default and my credit file got updated. It was passed to a DCA who then starting taking the mickey so I CCA'd them (in April 2007) and subsequently they failed to comply and I've heard nothing more from them. Today I had an alert from Equifax saying I had a new credit agreement on my file... the original default is now showing as "satisfied" and the DCA has setup a new account and marked it as defaulted. I thought I read that there can only be 1 reference to a debt, ie the creditor and the DCA can't both show it as defa
  7. I was sure linked addresses were 6 years too so when an old linked address from late 1996 (which was linked to in June 2002) did not drop off I prompted Experian as I normally have do to have it removed. I got this response: Dear [PeteT] Thank you for your email, which we received on 21 August 2008. Linked address information can be retained for up to eight years. Each request to consider a linked address entry that is over 6 years old is dealt with on a case by case basis. At this time I am unable to remove the linked address entry dated 02/06/02. Please bear in
  8. Postcodes for PO Box usually relate to the physical location of where the PO Box is, not who hold them.
  9. Sounds familiar. I received a series of letters from Capquest in regards to an alledged EON debt - Name is similar to mine and is not a mistype. I contacted Capquest and advised them that I've never been a customer of EON/Powergen or ANY Gas/Water/Electric company as the bills have always been in my partners or the property owners name. Prior to starting their letters they did search my credit files for my current and previous address, however this debt relates to neither of these properties, and when I pointed out that unless they can get the correct name / address and some sor
  10. I can say that in 2 cases, one with DLC and 1 with Wescot. I asked DLC to simply remove the default until such time that they comply with my CCA request (which is 18 months old now) and they removed it. Wescot stood firm (despite completley failing to comply with CCA in any way shape or form for the last 18 months) and refused so I approached all 3 CRA and 2 of them didn't hear back from Wescot so they removed it. Experian stated that they received proof that not only that the debt existed that it is enforcable. I contacted the ICO and although it took 6 months to get anywhere
  11. That is assault - report it to the local Police force. The police would only get involved if there is a potential for a breach of the peace. I do not think a baliff would be stupid enough to lie to get a police assistance when they have no right of entry to your property (I could be wrong tho as I've heard of som really dumb baliffs!!!) Yes, they can make peaceful entry only and once they have made peaceful entry they can return at any time and force entry if they need to. However, they can can sneaky and ask to use your phone, or toilet. Don't be fooled as that const
  12. I had Rossendales knocking on my door for an unpaid Council Tax Bill from a property I'd lived in 5 years ago. I had genuinely overlooked the final amount and dealt with the Council to get the amount correct, but they kept pushing me towards Rossendale for payment plans. I wrote to the council and suggested £30 a month payment for 11 month and the £18-odd pound balance in month 12. This was from advice from another site, but they said make it over 2 or 3 years if the amount was a lot. I can cover £30/month so I made it 12 months and sent a cheque for the first amount with the proposal.
  13. It appears that other thread has just been pulled. I hope it's not due to the light hearted comment I made.
  14. Other than they are a useless bunch of ******** that could not organise a p*** up in a brewery!! I reckon I'll wait until it's 1 year out of date and send all the letters over to TS and ICO - lol
  15. For what it's worth I got my 2 monthly letter from Hillsden today, the one saying they have chased the CCA request and will contact me again in 21 days.... as the CCA rapidly approaches 12 months old!
  16. Well DLC shot themselves in the foot not taking the 80% (which was several thousands) and running. Now they get nothing for still not even attempting to fulfill a CCA request from Feb 07 and the money is sat in a high interest account until such time that that do produce the goods!
  17. The bit I dont understand is that I raised another complaint approx 10 days later with regard to another company and had it resolved approx 6 weeks ago (making it about a 6 week turn around!!)
  18. I was hoping for some swift justice.....but I'd still not heard anything from the ICO about Wescot. Just rang the ICO to find that they are processing files from mid June today - gah!!! DMD - If you are planning on taking the the non complicance up with the ICO that you will be prepared to wait!
  19. Is the debt showing as 0 as the debt was re-assigned to DLC/Hillsden? I doubt that would be the case if they offered you a new card! As you have CCA'd them and they have failed to comply I would advise them of the info from Citi and give them some time to remove the default. If that does not work, raise a case with the ICO and send them copies of your CCA request, the response from DLC/HS, the info from Citi, the request to remove the default and the response (if any) - You can do it all online if you have access to a scanner to scan your docs.
  20. Did you blank out your account number on the DOA? If not, it could be for ANY account!! Oh, BTW, I still get updates from DLC/Hillsden every 6-8 weeks saying they are trying to get the credit agreement from their client from a CCA request from February!
  21. CCA them. They are SUPPOSED to provide a statement of account as part of the CCA request. If they fail to, raise a complaint with the ICO (nice and easy to do online - I've done 2 now) and maybe contact Northants Trading Standards too. However, if you have overpaid they might not produce a statement and simply say it's written off hoping you'll leave it....if that happens I would SAR them.
  22. LOL - How hard is it?? They are filed by date, agreement number or surname. Maybe they should a) get a filing system or b) get staff that know how a filing system works or c) don't destroy the agreements to save space in the offices after they sell them on incomplete.
  23. I still getting letter from DLC every 4-5 weeks saying the same thing: "We've requested the information from the original creditor and will let you know when we have it...." Not bad for a CCA request from the 8th Feb 2007
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