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  1. Marlin is one using LinkedIn. I updated my current employer in LinkedIn and within days I start getting automated phone calls on my work mobile from Marlin. They have clearly contacted my employer for my mobile number, so they blatantly know its my work number.
  2. They have kinda shot themselves in the foot. They can't fulfil a CCA request, no agreements means no court action..... just ignore them until it's SB. I CCA'd them 4 years ago, after 3 years of the standard "we are chasing up your request" letters I got one saying "we can't enforce your agreement but please pay us".... that was a year ago.
  3. Well I must be REALLY special as I've had a letter from them today (they searched my credit file in Feb 09 and this is the first I've heard from them) offering me an 80% reduction on a debt that's not even mine! How blooming generous!
  4. Three years here!! I know what they are now so I return them back to them with "YAWN" "TRY AGAIN" "BLAH BLAH BLAH" etc written on the back!
  5. TELL THEM TO JOG ON!!! If they can not fulfill the CCA request then how can they prove their right to be reporting to the CRA's or their right to place a default on your credit file???
  6. Hi, I have a quick couple of questions. I understand that you can not have 2 defaults for a single debt, but what if a company defaults you (assume correctly for now) and then sell the debt to a DCA. They subsequently mark the default as satisfied and then the DCA adds another default? a) Can they add another default if the first is still present, or does it not matter as it's shown as satified b) Can they add a default without another default notice? Thanks Pete
  7. For what it's worth.... I get the same letter every couple of months from a CCA request in Feb 2007!! I simply contacted the CRAs and asked them to remove the entry as DLC (as they were calling themselves back then) had placed the default on my account without any proof that the alledged debt even existed. I got letters back from the CRA saying they'd get in touch with DLC....who 21 days later hadn't gotten back to them so they all removed the entry immediately. Worth a shot.
  8. When was the last payment made on the account? Was it prior to 2003? If so, the debt could well be statue barred. I think Aktiv Krapital have bought up a lot of dubious debt recently as I've had a letter asking for the £7k+ I owe Barclays Bank. Slight problem is that whilst I was a customer for 11 years, I have not banked with them in 14 years....as the account I opened was a Supersaver account I opened when I was 7 and closed on my 18th birthday. Can't see them giving me a loan / overdraft / credit card / an other type of credit on a junior savings account under the age of 18....ca
  9. 32 months after I CCA'd these numpties I STILL get a letter every 3 weeks stating they are requesting the paperwork.... from themselves! I've started sending them a response ever 3 weeks telling them how many days they have been in breach! LOL
  10. I was asked for a copy of my report when I got in touch with the ICO about Wescott.
  11. Do nothing. CCA 1974 Section 78 (6) If the creditor under an agreement fails to comply with subsection (1)— (a) he is not entitled, while the default continues, to enforce the agreement. Why would you offer a payment proposal for an unenforceable debt? DLC are spineless - simply stand up to them and show that you know where you stand and they run off crying.
  12. To be clear, you CCA'd them about 7 weeks ago?? Also, is the agreement enforceable? Does it contain all the prescribed terms?
  13. Experian have always used a standard letter to me when I've queried inaccuracies that say along the line of "we've contacted the organisation who added the entry and they advise it's correct". Funny how this has happened 3 times now for 3 different companies, yet Call Credit and Equifax both get no response from all 3 companies. Smells of something brown to me.
  14. It's the creditor that has to prove the debt exists. I'd ask them to prove that the money was received, and they'll have a hard time doing so as they didn't release any funds.
  15. Nothing - they are probably trying it on hoping you don't know where you stand. They will soon back down.
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