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  1. . Would the time frame for trying to claim irresponsible lending be the standard 6 years from the date when the loan was taken out ...(in which case 11 years ago) or as account Is still being paid, would it still be classed as current ... Hope that makes sense Trying to work out if worth pursuing this avenue .........
  2. Further to all the cases of irresponsible lending for payday loans ...... I know it's completely different, but - being subprime and catering for applicants with less than good credit history ... Is it possible that some of these loans could have been loaned irresponsibly? Would a full SAR show the criteria that should have been met for the loan to have been approved? Just a thought. ???? Hi, we all know GE MONEY (and others) charge £40 per month in admin fees when accounts are in arrears. I know it's totally different ... But. ........ Following all of the claims for irresponsible lending against payday loan companies ..... Is it possible that - whilst catering for the subprime market - and obviously customers with less than good credit history - these companies knowingly loan to people they know will default so they can then add on these excessive charges ?? Could / would this be classed as irresponsible ?? Would a full SAR show the lending criteria and the checks carried out when deciding to approve a loan?? This is just something I've been mulling over for some time and wondered what others thought .......
  3. What should I do if they haven't responded to the subject access request ?? Is it worth writing to them - again??
  4. Hi Ploddertom, I've not reminded them. I do have proof that letter was signed for by them on 20 October. Is it worth just reminding them that I expect a full reply by 29 November?
  5. 40 days almost up, and still no reply from Equita ....... let's see what the post brings in the next few days........
  6. That's the words I was looking for NOTICE OF SEIZURE. I knew if they'd ever levied anything that I should've had some paperwork .... I've nothing, and as they've not done a levy, I'd be interested to see their paperwork Looking forward to getting my teeth into this one ..... ... I'll update as soon as I get a response II'd counted up payments wrong and was actually charged approx £200 in extra fees not £400 as I typed but even so, a lot of money to pull out for the sake of lining their pockets!!!
  7. Hi Ploddertom Thank you for your reply. I've certainly never seen any copy of any levy, nor have I ever signed anything and confirm that they never set foot in the house to perform a levy. I will write again .. As no dates were given. I'll also ask the question regarding the other fees and post back again when I get another reply. i got a breakdown from the council of the payments Equita made to them and they are a good time after I made the payments to Equita ... They obviously hold onto your money as long as possible
  8. Ok, reply received this morning from Equita Fees are. 1st visit. £24.50 2nd visit. £18.00 Levy fee. £45.00 Enforcement fee. £100.00 Giro book fee. £11.64 Card payment fee. £3.00 back in 2013, under the old fee regime, am I correct in thinking the levy could only be charged if they actually visited your home and entered and did a walking possession order?. Also what would the enforcement fee have been for back in 2013.. Could they charge an enforcement fee if they hadn't done a levy?? That certainly never happened. I think the £45 and £100 were "pre-loaded" charges?? They go on to say for any further queries need to be directed back to their client, ie the council? any thoughts?????
  9. thanks Ploddertom, I now have reference number and date the council passed to equita so will write to them and update post when I receive a response.
  10. thanks Ploddertom. I will write as suggested and see what they come back with.. It was only the one .. As detailed above, but when looking back at how much I paid .. It was extortionate
  11. Looking through old papers ........ Back in 2013, council passed liability order of £642 to equita. I paid Equita £1039 within 3 months. I understand this was when they pre-loaded costs to the account. The repayments were arranged and paid for over the phone. By they did say they MAY Send someone out to do what was then the walking possession order ...... But that never happened. Ilooking back, I paid almost £400 in fees/charges I just wanted the debt cleared. Would I be able to challenge those charges .... Or is it best just forgotten ...... As always any thoughts / comments most welcome
  12. A related question ...... Can marstons charge the £190 plus Vat (£228)fee for delivering a letter or are they only allowed to charge this sum if they have been into your property and carried out the inventory for taking control of goods??
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