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  1. Appreciate any help anyone can offer. Its 3 coil springs that are snapped but the garage did advise to have 4 new ones as it may affect the balance....hope that clears that bit up.
  2. Unfortnately yes.....I never thought it would turn out like this otherwise I would have taken precaution and at least recorded the calls :-| I have witnesses to my phonecalls as some were made from work but thats about it.
  3. Hi folks, Im hoping someone can give me their honest opinion on the problem I have...it's pretty longwinded but I will try to keep the post as brief as I can and if anyone needs any further info then please ler me know. Basically....I purchased a car from a 2nd hand dealer in April 09 and managed to wangle a 6 month warranty out of them (me thinking this was a bonus!) After driving it for a few days, there were numerous issues and I had to take it back to the garage. Main issues were as follows: Car shaking over 60 mph Brakes juddering (if thats a word) An ir
  4. Esio - The prob here is that most benefit departments have backlogs....sad but true and this is probably why they are saying they wont assess it till July...they usually deal with claims in date order...but because there is a NOSP involved it should be classed as priority.
  5. Yes you can claim HB even if you don take on Income Support. Is it a council property? If so, you can ask the rent dept to contact HB and to speed up the application as you have a NOSP (notice of seeking possession) If they wont speed it up, just contact your local MP and they will contact the HB dept and then trust me....your claim will be processed asap
  6. Bump Does anyone have the specific wording regarding self employment from the Lloyds PPI loan policy?
  7. Hi Unfortunately I dont have time to read all of your posts at the mo but Im conscious you are looking for some help so can you tell me the following. What is your income at present and What date did you put your new HB claim in? If you have a notice of seeking possession, the benefits department should be putting your claim through quicker.....or has it already been processed?
  8. I know I can CCA etc but just wondered if anyone already has a copy of these along with the T&Cs for 2002. Cheers
  9. I had this same paragraph in a letter for my OH: You have stated you were a self employed customer at the start date of the policy. A self employed customer is eligible for the policy and dependant on his circumstances at point of claim would be covered for all of the benefits under the policy. This includes the unemployment benefit,accident & sickness benefit,critical illness cover & life cover together with positive job solutions. The definition of employed under Lloyds TSB policies includes a person who is self employed Now Im trying to find the PPI policy etc for Lloyds
  10. Hiya, As spice says...you must contact them and ask that they send you full breakdowns of how the overpayment etc has been calculated. If it is down to their error, you can appeal against the overpayment and they have the power to write it off. If it is not an error then some repayment agreement can be arranged with them. They will go through your income and outgoings and see how much you can afford to repay on a weekly/monthly basis.
  11. Fairplay There is a helpline to claim Pension credit and they are really helpful. They will even fill in the form for you over the phone and then send it out to you to be signed. Depends on any backlogs on how long it takes to get processed but it will be backdated. Council Tax arrears are dealt with by the Local Authority and this person should contact them to make an arrangement to pay the arrears. They can also tell them they are waiting to hear about Pension Credit and the council may be more understanding than you think....as long as they have been put in the picture.
  12. I dont understand why you have to do threats of court! Giving a tenant notice is enough providing you have adhered to the terms in the tenancy agreement. Give her exact notice of when she has to be out by and the council will have to give her accomodation if she cant find anywhere else. She should start looking for any other private rented accomodation though.
  13. In that case Ida....you should appeal against the overpayment. You need to be quick about it though as you only have a certain time limit to appeal. You did everything you should have done and the Overpayment is done to their error of not inputting it. YOu have good grounds for an appeal on this. If they refuse the appeal then you appeal to a tribunal and I bet it wont get that far and then they write the debt off.
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