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  1. Hi It seems there is nothing to suggest that this is their final offer, so I will do as you said and write asking for confirmation of this. When i receive a final offer is the FOS the best way to go about things.
  2. Their latter states the following "Our investigation has identified that London personal loans was not party to any discussion concerning the sale of the loan or PPI. The responsibility of the sale rests with the company who introduced you tp london personal loans. we must therefore refer you back to the broker. please note the brokeris not an agent of london personal loans, we are sorry but we are not able to uphold your complaint, if we have not heard from you within 21 days we will close your file."
  3. Already done that and they are refusing to accept liability, should I fill out the form on the FOS website or should I try asking southern pacific again. Andrew
  4. Hi DX I have already written to Southern Pacific,( Now acenden). They say that I need to make the complaint to the broker. I am unable to do this as Piccadilly finance are no longer trading. It was picadilly finance who sold the policies, but southern pacific who provided the finance, for the premium. The premium was paid via a loan attatched to the original loan(what a mug I was). Where do I go from here
  5. Hello I have taken a fewPPI policies out with piccadilly finance over the last 10 yrs, I believe they have all been mis sold, My problem is that Piccadilly Finance appear to have gone out of business, I contacted southern pacific who the loan was with and they said that they did not sell me the policy. Who do I make the claims to. Any advice will be much appreciated. Andrew
  6. Hello I have a default registered by Black Horse Finance, I beleive it was incorectly issued due to some Mis sold PPI. The PPI has been refunded but the default was issued in 2007 and showed 2 months arrears Totalling £600.00. The payments were then bought up to date and then I started action and sucsesfully reclaimed the PPI which I had been paying for 2 yrs up to the point of default. I have worked it out and at the time of the default I was actually in credit to to the fact I had paid them £850.for the PPI. MY question is this " How do I commence court action to have the default
  7. Hi I received a letter from Red stating that I owed £1847.00 0n a capital one credit card, and that if I dont pay within 7 days they would issue Court proceedings, I called them About this and they immediatly offered a £250 discount if I settled immediatly, this prompted me to see how far I could push them so I offered £600.00( I told them I would have to beg steal and borow to obtain this) First of all he said the offer was to low but eventually they accepted the offer and confirmed that they would mark my CRA as satisfied. After reading this thread about Red I am wondering whether I should
  8. Hi I have been following your advice in this forum, all is going well I received an offer after sending my LBA for about half the amount being claimed. I rejected this offer using the template letter. I then sent the court summons off using Moneyclaim. I have now had an offer of the full amount requested, this must have been posted by Hfc after the deadline and before they received the summons. Now I would happily accept this amount but what about the £120.00 court costs , am i better to let the court case carry on and hold out for the full amount with interest ??? Any Ideas A
  9. Hi All Im New to this forum but have already asked for my Data Protection Act statements from HSBC. My problem is this I had a HSBC account from 1997 up till November 2000 when it went into Default and the account was closed by HSBC. I heard nothing from them for almost 6 years, now they have sold the debt on to another company. I know that this debt should be statute barred but they say i made a payment of £30 3 yrs ago. Anyway i sent off the request for my DPA statements along with a cheque for £10.00 They have returned my cheque with a letter stating that HSBC only holds in
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