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  1. Hi valhala, You will most probably receive a letter saying you are not entitled to a refund but keep an eye on your account and you will be paid.I also received a refund of charges pending so you might get that back as well. Keep the faith.
  2. Hi everyone, Received two letters from Nationwide dated 17th April from different departments saying they couldn't agree to charges being refunded.On the 19th April the amount of my claim was paid into my account.£3500.They have also cancelled pending charges to my account to the sum of £288. I received a letter dated 18th with their version of the charges breakdown. They did state that if I didn't comply with the terms and conditions they would close the account. I contacted Northhampton Court and asked them to remove the case as I had received payment. I have now received a letter dated 18th April but posted on 23rd April that the case has been transferred to my local court with the allocation questionaire dispensed with. Has anyone else had this and if so did you contact Northampton or their local court?
  3. hi rorksdrift Congratulations on your offer from first direct.In my case I received the standard go away letters and no response to my lBA at all from NW.
  4. hi banksgonemad, My claim must have been served at the same time as yours.The 28 days are up today ignoring the bank holiday.It seems NW like to play a waiting game when its money they owe you.
  5. The 28 days for my claim are up today ignoring the Bank holiday.I have not heard a thing either.Perhaps its due to hopefully a big backlog.
  6. Hi Eden, Best of luck.I have entered my claim by MCOL so if I can be of any help feel free. Read lots of threads.THere is a wealth of information on this site and plenty of help..
  7. Hi Tractor girl, I couldnt find one but if you click on sb8 "Letter to defendants Solicitor "from yesterday there is an example there.
  8. Hi Tractorgirl, Send a copy to Mr.Bacon (see contact details for full address) when you receive an acknowledgement letter that your claim has been received by NW.
  9. Megellan, I don't know wether you sent it recorded delivery but if you do you can track the receipt date on the royal mail web site.
  10. Hi Tractor Girl, In my case I received a letter from MCOL stating acknowledgement by nationwide and that they are contesting the claim.This gives them 28 days to form a defence.In other threads the average time to be paid out is approx.21 days.Have you sent a copy of your charges to Mr.Bacon as well?You should do this when you receive the acknowledgement.Mark all correspondence with your claim number.Good luck.
  11. Hi, I think you will find that if you have already stated in the main section you are claiming the 8% you click the box stating you are claiming interest but do not use the popup.It only repeats what you have stated. I added everything together.
  12. Hi Janinem, I am at the same stage as you and have received the same acknowledgement of service.I think the reply by Wobbles is found to be similar to other cases.
  13. Hi, I have just sent my claim to Mr.Bacon and i put at the end of the letter that I do not require my account to be closed.So I am waiting to see what happens.It would be wise to open a parachute account just in case.lol
  14. Following Nationwide ignoring my LBA (Letter before action) allowing the requisite minimum 14 days I have filed my claim with MCOL (Money Claim on Line) paid £120 as claim is now nearly 4K with interest.Have posted copies of spreadsheets including 8% interest to the Court Manager.Will follow up with a copy to Mr.Bacon now I have notification the claim has been issued.
  15. Sorry,left out a dash and dot.Its okay now
  16. I can't see where you claim the interest charged on unpaid dd's etc.Try this spread sheet which I found easier http://www.zen122856.zen.co.uk/CompoundSheet_v1.9.xls
  17. You must decide what interest you are going to charge.I chose the 8% as it seemed easier but if you claim the contractual interest you must submit that with your prelim. letter.You do not apply the 8% interest at this stage.You claim this at the court stage.Send your letter and spreadsheet recorded delivery.That way you can track it by the royal mail website.it will show when it has been signed for.Allow 14 days after that to send your lba. I hope i havent confused you.Re-question anything you are not sure of but please read as much of other peoples threads as you can.
  18. Hi, you need to send your preliminary letter with a copy of charges.Have you used one of the spreadsheets to work out what you are owed? I used the one from Mandzai which I found straightforward.I am at the MCOL stage so if I can help.Please read as much as you can on this website.The stage by stage guide as suggested is very good.
  19. Sent off my preliminary letter with the spreadsheet (courtesy of Mindzai) recorded delivery on 31st January.Letter signed for on 2nd February using Post Office tracking.Received the standard reply after 7 days that other people have received ie."open and transparent charges etc." basically go away.Added recent charges levied on my account to my spreadsheet and sent off the LBA letter recorded delivery after 14 days had elapsed.Claim is now over £3K.I added that I want my account left open.See what happens with that.Have another account open with someone else anyway. Watch this space. Quality;)
  20. I just made mine out to Nationwide Building Society.They then sent me last 6 years statements Quality
  21. Hi, Received last six years statements on 12/01/07. Have completed the Excel spread sheet downloaded from CAG member and have £2622 in penalty charges and £221 in interest charges. I have decided to claim the 8% at the court stage as this seems simpler. Before I submit this with my preliminary letter can I ask if anyone has claimed back a card misuse fee of £21.50 or is this down to my control of the overdraft? Quality:confused:
  22. Hi, Just like to wish everyone a prosperous new year and update the progress of my claim. 28/12/06 Posted SAR (Subject action request) 30/12/06 Notified of delivery by recorded delivery 6/1/07 Received letter from Nationwide confirming receipt and requesting duplicate statements. I made the mistake of sending my SAR to Swindon,they then forwarded it to Northampton so if you read this follow the contact details posted on this site. I have another contact name which doesn't appear on your list.If you need another please let me know where to post it. Regards Quality
  23. Rooster, Please find below a transcript of the letter I received.The rest seems a standard response thats in other posts. Regards Quality Thank you for your recent request regarding charges on your Flexaccount. The systems we use are mainly automated and are unable to change the way charges are made your account or split them over a period of time. I would like to explain the rationale behind our charging policy.As you know if we allow itemsto be paid and it means you go overdrawn or exceed your agreed overdraft or we have to return an item unpaid on your account then we will make a charge in accordance with the terms conditions. Details of our tariffs are contained within our 'Flex Account Interest Rates and Charges' leaflet, freely available in branches and provided when opening an account and to by yourself when you sign in acceptance of these terms when signing the application forms. Nationwide believes it is open and transparent about charges and members are pre-notified prior to charges being debited via their monthly statements. If, at any time, we make changes to the tariff, account holders are always informed. I hope that this has helped to clarify our position and you will appreciate why I am unable to refund any charges on your account. However, it is possible to avoid all charges and Nationwide will always try to assist where they are experiencing difficulties, subject to you meeting our lending conditions. If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me on 01793 576760 between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.
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