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  1. Thanks Cerberusalert, that's a relief! I want to keep them at bay with minimal repayments until I have enough cash to offer a lump sum. Sounds like they don't have a choice going by what you've said. For the PPI, I would love to reclaim it but want to get the repayment issue sorted first. I'll look into it. Thanks again!
  2. Hi all, I'm a brit who grew up in France but who moved back to the mother country for uni and then work. I had a good thing going on in London but was made redundant in April 2009. I had quite a reckless approach to debt, not helped by the nature of my former work (commission based, you're encouraged to borrow so you'll be more motivated to work!). I left the uk and was unemployed for nearly a year but found a job in France in february last year. My takehome pay was 1014eur pm but has just gone up to 1300 last month, which still isn't a lot compared to the GBP 3-4k I was making back in London. However, I'm much happier living the simple life here and don't want to rejoin the rat race ever again. I took out a couple of 6k loans with Lloyds TSB in 05, which I paid off in full in 2008 thanks to my hard work. I was left with an overdraft and credit card with lloyds which they kindly offered to bundle into a refinance loan end of 08 when repayments started getting difficult. I also had an overdraft and credit card with hsbc. I haven't made any payments to anyone since mid-2009, instead just sticking my head in the sand and ignoring the odd dca letter that would turn up at my parent's house (in France, I gave them the address when I moved back thinking the tough times wouldn't last). I have rent to pay, my girlfriend is unemployed (and will be for a while, we met in London and she has just moved over here) and new my life to get on with and enjoy. My debts are: Lloyds refinance loan - 3537.30 total owed and I'm 345.45 in arrears (5 months payments apparently, although I haven't paid them since 2009) HSBC credit card - 1615.99 HSBC overdraft - 1165.41 I've called DG sollicitors who are "acting on behalf of HSBC" and threatening court action. They have agreed to hold the account until next week so I can make them a full and final offer. The lloyds loans I repayed included PPI which I rememeber being unhappy about at the time (the person managing my application said I would have a better chance of being approved for the loan if I took out PPI!). I'm not sure about the refinance loan. Lloyds collections have offered to work out a "reasonable repayment account plan". I would like to sort out these debts once and for all, although can't afford any large payments. What is the best approach to take with both creditors to arrange small but regular repayments? I reckon I can afford to pay around 30 to each of them per month. I fear they'll say it's too small an amount. Lloyds don't have my parents' address but HSBC do and I'm worried that bailiffs could turn up one day or that a CCJ will be found against me in the UK without me knowing anything about it. I'm off to London tomorrow for the day for work so could drop the appropriate letters in the post. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Henry
  3. I did try to claim back 700gbp of charges a couple of years ago from lloyds but got a letter back that all cases were frozen until the test case was over. Never did anything with the PPI though. That money would come in very handy but I have a lot on the go right now work wise and shouldn't really give myself another project. For now, I would prefer to focus on negotiating a low settlement figure for the outstanding debts. Should I stop making the monthly repayments, let the accounts go into default for a while and then contact them with a full & final offer? I have a French bank account and don't plan on returning to the UK for a very long time (if ever) so I'm not worried about my UK credit rating or not being able to use those accounts. What do the experts think? Cheers
  4. I forgot to mention that I was made redundant in April 2009, then completed a two month contract before leaving the UK, hence the change in circumstances.
  5. Hi all, Great to see this forum is still live and kicking! I left the UK in June 2009 and spent the rest of the year in the US. Since Jan 2010 I have been in France and am now fully resident here (salaried, taxed, buying my first house, etc). A few years ago, I had huge problems with unsecured personal loans (+PPI) from Lloyds, which I managed to pay off in full (15k!) thanks to a lot of hard work and then used a debt consolidation loan from them for the remaining credit card and overdraft. The loan was taken out in Nov 08 to pay off 4600, total amount payable at 7.1%APR is 5801. I have been paying the 69 a month since nov 08, but I still have 63 months left. I also have a 1000 (autorised) overdraft and 1500 on a credit card with HSBC. My UK salary was very good, plus I could earn commission so these amounts weren't a worry back in the day and the HSBC overdraft and card were easy to obtain even with my poor credit score. I've been careful to pay the minimum back on the card every month. Now, although I'm much, much happier, my income is the French min wage. I earn 1042EUR a month, and I'll be paying 670EUR for the mortgage, plus bills. And my brother and girlfriend will be living with me but aren't earning right now (both looking for work). Needless to say, things are going to be tight for the forseeable future. If I'm really careful, I reckon I could save around 1500EUR before november (including selling a lot of old car spares that are gathering dust). I'm not going to do a runner and avoid paying my debts, but I'm already incerdibly stretched financially without debts from my past life weighing down on me. Do you think a Full & Final offer could work in my case? How much should I offer (20,30,50%?)? Thanks Eli
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