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  1. "Dont ya just love it when a plan comes together":D Happy spending
  2. have just got ins and outs of this. Apparently it was open and direct interest free credit for a year, but discount applied if you paid item off in first year. C paid what she assumed to be full item .After year was up she received a letter saying she now had to pay full price as she had not paid the £12.99 delivery charge (which she was not aware that she had to pay to finance company and had never been invoiced for). I know nothing about these kind of things (as my house has **** second hand furniture or "antiques" as my husband has told me)
  3. Does a DCA registered in Republic of Ireland or other EU country have any authority in UK. My colleague has been cuaght out by those lovely people in Creation over a £12.99 delivery charge.Despite numerous phone calls at the time they were unable to provide a final figure for her to settle the outstandingt amount. She has had a letter from a DCA registered in ROI for some £784.82 (made up of penalty fees and interest). Any help appreciated, as am out of my depth with this one.
  4. NOOMILL that is just naming anyone you can think of from Northern Ireland. Who is famous in NEWMILLS (APART from the owner of the VC)
  5. [Henry McColough (sp) (he of Wings guitarist fame) used to live round the corner from my house. But then he moved back home to Northern Ireland, Coleraine I think which is home of Mr James Nesbitt.
  6. It should follow that if they cannot deal with bank charges complaints , because they are not sure about the true legal nature of them, then they can surely not apply these charges (since oh they are not sure of the true legal nature of theM?)
  7. Go for it Iwillgetuback (erm think of shortening that will ya). FOS are very helpful, free to us (costs bank £400.00 per complaint, and oh lets see I have about six of them at the moment). And the now the bank want me to withdraw my PPI claim becuase its not going their way with FOS (WHO HAVE ALREADY OFFERED MY THE WHOLE THING0). Has their solicitor offered me any compensation on top of this? Has he feck.So guess I will let it go all the way with the ombudsman, since it will achieve the same aims and oh loadsa satifaction for me!! :D
  8. oh happy days Glav, enjoy the money. Well done
  9. Have just noticed this thread. Have you got anything in writing which confirms that the member of staff in question has been acting fraudulently? Actually even if you havent I ould be getting straight in touch with the police since these are criminal acts. Do you imagine for one minute, that had it been you mucking about with your mothers accounts like this that they wouldnt have informed the police. As a first step, I would go to her branch and very loudly demand to see the manager about the fraudulent acts that were admmitted to by bank staff last year and why you nor your mother have been kept informed about the process of their internal ivestigation. If they try to bullshXt you, just get louder and louder, and ensure as many customers as possible can hear you. Believe me they will give you somewhere private to" chat" about this. Dont be rude, just loud
  10. Irish Post: Uphill battle to save Tara A wee festival going on next weekend, with funds raised to help the campaign against the development on this heriatge site. Funnily enough on the pefect wee island ye have dreamed of!!1
  11. Apparently even FOS are having trouble getting information from Ulster Bank at the moment..........
  12. nO you have no right to the money.They will be able to trace it and it would be an act of theft to keep the money. Do the right thing, since this is the whole basis of this site i.e the banks have taken money from us which is not lawfully theirs. You really shouldnt have to ask .
  13. OH yes you will since it was just a "goodwill gesture" Got full amount and am planninga trip with the wanes to see Mr M Mouse in Florida!!!!! Good luck with it all
  14. Fos letter on Saturady with full offere from banl for £2837.50.Yippee. First Rust now appear to have opened their lines of communication with Earth and human contact has been made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. God didnt realise it sounded so bad! I was actually thinking of "The Men Behaving Badly" episode where Gary tells Dorothy to go back to sleep, that he will be quick.
  16. It's actually quite common for them to bring the female something, or alternatively, to follow them around at a discreet distance until they catch and eat something - they then take the chance that she's full, and won't want dessert Sounds Like My Husband!!
  17. Well done. I too have had some good news regarding PPI which according to Ombudsman bank have offered to efund as a "gesture of Goodwill". Ah that would be the goodwill that until now they have refused to display. Oh and now for bank charges,mortgage errors, PPI on two old loans. Cant wait to meet Mickey Mouse!
  18. Yes you are aware that a mistake has been made.To keep the money without alerting the bank is an act of theft. Please contact the bank, the moral thing here is that we have all been arguing that we only want what is rightfully ours nothing more. Call them .It may take time for them to sort it out, and hopefully you will be earning some interest on it in the meantime.
  19. I think your employer is actually right, i.e. that your partner was already there. What if I know in advance that the problem is going to arise? The legal right only covers emergencies. If you know beforehand that you’re going to need time off, you may be able to arrange this with your employer by taking another form of leave. If it’s your child that’s involved, you may be entitled to a period of parental leave (see How do I find out more below). How much time can I take off? As long as it takes to deal with the immediate emergency. For example, if your child falls ill you can take enough time off to deal with their initial needs, such as taking them to the doctor and arranging for their care. But you’ll need to make other arrangements if you want to stay off work longer to care for them yourself. Will I be paid? Not necessarily. It depends on your employer or employment contract. There is no legal obligation for your employer to pay you for the time you take off. How much notice do I have to give my employer? You must tell your employer as soon as possible why you are away from work and how long you expect to be off. If you return to work before you’ve had the chance to contact your employer, you must still tell them why you were absent. How do I find out more? This leaflet only gives basic guidance. It doesn’t attempt to be a comprehensive guide and shouldn’t be taken as an authoritative statement of the law. For more detailed information see: Time off for dependants - a guide for employers and employeesor Parental leave: A guide for employers and employees For further advice on this or any other employment law matter contact Acas. In Northern Ireland contact the Labour Relations Agency (LRA). External Links Acas LRA © Crown copyright 2007
  20. Maintenece fees will only apply when you are in overdraft (thus infrequency). If the fees being refundec are only the penalty fees i.e referral items, unpaids and letters then I would accept unless you want to push for interest. They are actually being "reasonable"if they are refunding all these charges. How reasonable it was to take this money in first place is another matter:rolleyes:
  21. Seriously, you do need translation.Then you need to go back to tatooist and ask them to explain themselves in writing. It could be that they have been misled or were having a joke at your expense. Trading Standards at your local council may be able to advise. Sorry thought that you were pulling our leg on this one!!!
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