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  1. Hi everyone I recently joined the site as I am burning with anger for these banks. The fact is I had enough with so called reputable banks ripping hard working people of their treasures. My wife is a loyal Abbey customer, and she has been for the past 10yrs. She had bad relations with her bank for the past two yrs. Last year, she was charged over £400 and stripped of her Debit card, Cheque book and other facilities. She was offered a basic card for 4months as a second class customer... She repaid it without any questions asked, and this year its happened again. They know who the weaker link is within their target orientated organization. We wrote a couple of cheques on a Friday afternoon, to different companies. The fact is that all was banked within that same afternoon to the bank. Now, as we wrote regular cheques to the same two companies for weeks, and their cheques usually took a week to clear... The bank argues that it was automatically requested by the companies that same afternoon when the cheques with written after 2:00pm, but not at the other times???? According to us, if the cheques was banked on Saturday, it should have been cleared on Wednesday, when funds was available; but the bank knew this, and processed the cheques on Tuesday. This resulted in over £300 in charges, and I'm not willing to let the money go like that. Any reply would be welcomed and appreciated Thank You
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