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  1. We received a letter from Npower recently, included was a "final" bill, saying we were £347 in credit. I have no idea why they have sent this now, considering we moved out of the propery 5 years ago ! I have also now received a cheque for the amount owed. Should i complain, do i have grounds for claiming for lost interest or any other reason. I remember they completely messed up our billing for about a year before we moved out, however i thought it had all been settled.
  2. I had a successful claim last against NatWest for a refund of charges amounting to over £3K. I have had a few more charges applied to my account since last year amounting to about £200, whats the best way of starting a new claim? I already have my statements etc. Will the fact I have already had a claim affect the way they deal with me? I tried when each charge was applied to get it refunded over the telephone but they refused. I guess there are notes on my account to say i have had a claim?
  3. Sorry duplicate thread
  4. Thanks for the "advice" and opinion, i have thought long and hard about what you say in your post ( about 1 second ) and can say don't bother next time. Do you work for MBNA? Sounds as though you do. If you do i would suggest you get back to work. Ive already recovered £4 from Nat West of your so called fair charges and there are thousands more examples on this site. @ glav, cheers for the support and im gonna give them a few more days and then send the schedule of charges.
  5. timgttdi

    timtdgti vs mbna

    ok, sent SAR 20/2 , after several reminders, they finally responded 19/4 with a printout of charges, not statements. In the same letter they offered me about half of the charges back as a GOGW. I added the charges up and they come to about £2K, they have offered me £920. I sent back a letter from the templates asking for a full SAR and reminding them of their obligations. That was about 4 weeks ago. What do i do now? I gues i make a complaint to the Information Commissioner.
  6. Yes, i'm going to call them on tuesday and follow up with a letter. surely they must be doing this on purpose, or can they really be that incompetant.
  7. OMFG this week has been unbelievable. After tracking down the data controller at VM, speaking with him on the phone he promised me a letter with my SAR would be in the post this week. I then get a letter from VM saying they cannot comply with my request because i had not enclosed the £10 fee, they neglegted to say that they had sent it back two months ago saying i had not put an account number on the bac of the cheque, DOH!!!!!!! The account number was written on the letter with my full address, dont worry it gets worse.... i get another call on friday from someone else saying they hav
  8. this is the address i sent my request for refund of charges for my bank account and natwest home loans mortgage, i went straight to the top Fred Goodwin Group Chief Executive The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc NatWest PO Box 1000 Edinburgh EH12 1HQ Good luck, i sent mine of last week.
  9. ok, sent S.A.R to the data controller on 27/02/2007, sent reminder on the 18/04/2007. Still waiting for a response so i tracked down the compliance department who gave me the number of the data controllers department. i spoke to a helpful and polite person who said these requests get forwarded to their manchester office and he can only think they have got lost in the internal post. he promised to get back to me today or latest tomorrow. i will publish his contact details when he calls me back.
  10. I submitted a S.A.R request on the 27/02/07, sent 2 reminder letters after the 40 days, the second one notifying intention of court action. Finally got printouts going back to 2001 on the 02/05/07. I am not holding my breath as to how long they will take to respond to my claim, but i will be sticking to the timetable like glue.
  11. Cheers, letter printed and will be sent Recorded delivery.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I will send them an LBA today! I originally did not request a refund of any interest, can i now do this? If so is it 8% or more?
  13. S.A.R sent to Barclaycard on 26/02/2007. Received copy statements on the 09/03/2007. I then worked out my charges and send an initial request for the refund of charges totaling £334 with no interest added on 27/03/2007 They then sent me a letter on the 05/04/2007 offering £144 as a gesture of goodwill. I then sent a letter ( from the templates library ) rejecting the sum and asked for the full amount. They have now sent another letter saying that they will not offer anymore than the £144. Questions, what do i do next? Can i add interest on to the sum requested?
  14. @bookworm, apologies but i have been a bit lax in the threads and progress stakes. i have about 5 credit card companies to burn and telewest. i will start some threads today listing the events so far. i now have a name and number for the data controller at virgin. i will publish it once i have spoken to him.
  15. thanks for the reply, however they know less than nothing. woman i spoke to suggests i should send another letter and that it can take a long time. no s***, nearly 3 months and no acknowledgement letter, not a sausage. it makes me more determined, not less, to pursue these cowboys.
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